Wednesday, July 22, 2020

If I were black, I wouldn't either

In a country so racist - in TX where racism is 5 times the national level, I would also say same as black FEDEX driver did unless I would have body cam on me which would protect me enough from customer possibly claiming on how I either pushed him, hurt him in some way when attempting to pick him up from floor at his request.

She has enough money for camera - why not for her father's care, so he wouldn't be falling around house...and who can tell me what might have been between the two already in the past !!???? You did correct black man. Stick to professionalism(stay out of trouble) till they give you other instruments(body-cam is a must for FEDEX drivers) needed to cover your ass as they say in US. Related to

Old WHITE MAN didn't ask him yo call for assistance which am sure he would - he wanted him to pick him up and thats a no no in my book for black people(specially the way they are treated - considering degree of racism/hatred in US) as well. Written by no longer so white man. 

@America - you crossed borders of everything normal in this world and for this irreparable damages that polarized country(not world ohh no - world became united instead) (on every millimeter) you have to thank to your filthy president seating in W.H.

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