Monday, July 27, 2020

@Black lives matter - For US minorities and freedom loving Americans

As far as Eastern Europe - you have been sold by those who are NOW hiding behind those against whom they have fought and won war against in WWII. They are used as a temporary mask - fake power of opposition till storm according to contract they have made with Germany passes bye. This storm, however, will be a long dark night which may never ever even pass bye.

Written here is not a secret to Berlin/ Brussels/ Strasbourg. 

They(West) all know what goes on(who is behind what - my human rights claims in the past wouldn't get through because they all work together) and contract they signed was not signed with opposition, but instead as stated above in 2015(5 YEARS AGO) by those who inherited power after WWII.

They even hoped I would be man they would hide behind(this is why Poland) as the case was in the past, but this never ever will be the case.

I wish you best of luck and foremost courage.

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