Saturday, July 18, 2020

I was born free and am free man

The one who doesn't understand this concept CAN'T understand concept of undermining if abused by MK Ultra because lies used turn one into obeying/compliant bot tend to take complete control over his/her mind.

Trumpsters speak and understand one language better than all others - its called "crush or be crushed"

Don't get me wrong, its most important one if you are ever to make any friends with people(calculators) like this.

My sincere condolences to family of Mr. John Lewis whose death cause(real cause of his death since we witness epidemic of deaths in black community specially), I didn't make peace yet. Was involved in MK Ultra with his wife/his neighbors and his death left me speechless. I deem for one to be a national tragedy, but warn black, Hispanic, Asian, and those concerned fro minorities to keep alert while grieving. Trump begun to even abduct protesting Americans from streets what I see as ultimate attempt for Coup D'etat.

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