Saturday, July 25, 2020

Photo of another American involved in MK Ultra - these people signed for service in foreign countries(China/Russia etc.) via MK Ultra test subject program in Poland

I was used as a dummy while placing them through creepy obstacles during which everything stated on my news site(not anywhere even near as severe, but it was used) including myself as a subject for them to see what can be done to a drugged up human being was used to prepare them for work in China(became assistant of American manufacturing businesses and even owner representatives at times even owners if they got married to wealthy spouses).

Here is the photo of American(either his or his doppelganger's photo who would look 100% as he did) who participated in MK Ultra. Had a very very German last name and was(still is) as neonazi as it gets. He had a partner who, however, was NOT neonazi - instead a very nice/police person seen more or less as bellow.

These people were all at this very address inside of this very residence and any photos of myself and them together are WANTED.

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