Friday, July 24, 2020

Trump placed Americans with disabilities(MK Ultra participants) on VA support(retirement)

Regardless of how young they were.
In search for job, words of psychologist Daniel Smith came across me, "make sure you explain you were searching for job in US and in Poland for someone else in US for yourself"(Trump's son out of wedlock Chris from Colorado was the one who took me on his job search when in Poland - always - he worked in almost every and each of these companies and many others as his father wanted him to get totally familiarized with manufacturing process in Lodz - Americans became experts in knowing Poland).

Angela Merkel stated me, "Poland no way will escape". Was unsure about few others(economical takeovers), but 100% certain about Poland.

Germany even used Poland when abroad to gesture Asian nations and others just how strong one is. Presented itself as a rightful owner of Poland to them by pointing out business they own here.

Paying rent for torture purposes and searching for job for myself and others - literately. 


The answer is I MYSELF ONLY and this became a proven fact. British assisting Buckingham palace were certain they got me - certain I will not make it...certain I am finished. WRONG !!!

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