Tuesday, February 28, 2017

United Nations and United States try to murder me desperately

Video can be also seen at:http://dai.ly/x5divb2

United Nations have instructed "Slovenian" government on how to refuse me assistance on both levels(legal and via ombudsman) on what I was told by UN how my domestic remedies were not exhausted. USA have simultaneous and systematically deleted yet again what was ultimate proof of Slovenian government abuse(refusal of legal assistance and psychiatric brutality etc.) by suspending my entire blogger account. 

USA and United Nations went further and have instructed "Slovenian" government on how to get read of me. American government is engaging in cyber attacks against me and have not only deleted downloaded blog(mentioned above), but is also refusing to assist me with one !!!


Video can be also seen at: https://youtu.be/sqSja7S-HJY
Hello my friends...its time to destroy United nations and create League of the White Nations where our destinies(faiths) will be decided by white nations solely and never again what the case was(still is) !!! Do you have case about UN yourself !!??? I would love to hear from you...have your emails to UN bounced back when you submitted claims or were you simply rejected etc.!!???

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hungarian impressions(updates)...

This is what Hungarian women look like..I have chosen the most beautiful ones for you to see because of many reasons(some were personal and others will help you to easier understand just how unique this place is)...the most beautiful Hungarian woman, however, I have met on police station where I went to report stolen car...she is just an ordinary cop in Budapest with child and someone with whom she is very happy with(I mention this because it is not unusual to meet here incredibly beautiful Hungarian woman 40/50 years old who is still by herself and possibly even without children)...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

America leading the way...toward the bottom !!!

I have no words...you can look at the time and date in right bottom corner of each screenshot and compare statistics...America is a very very sick democracy with new leader(same old same with sold soul) who will take one to the next level of sickness...

Are you fluent in Hungarian language ? I am asking you for help..audio recording of entire political asylum interview is available here...

Perhaps I have missed on something important since my Hungarian language is very very bad(know only few words in Hungarian)...thank you for your attention and help...

Hungarian government goes on human rights violation rampage against me after I file for political asylum in Hungary !!! Its war now !!!

Video can be also seen at: 


Its okay for me to get murdered because "Slovenia" is a European Union member state + retaliation for filing political asylum in Hungary follows against me...car gone and much more...pay ransom fee for stolen vehicle or your car is gone for ever !!!

Watch whole series(complete 3 of 3 videos) at http://ausertimes.blogspot.hu/2017/02/1-of-3-political-asylum-in-hungary.html

Sunday, February 19, 2017

COMPLETE 3 of 3 Political asylum in Hungary during 2017

Can also be seen at http://dai.ly/x5d4vpj
Can also be seen at http://dai.ly/x5d54rp
Can be also seen at http://video.fc2.com/en/content/201702253XNbkNWF/
45 years old and on the run for bare life to Hungary on February the 14th of 2017(what could end with single telephone call to Slovenia by Donald Trump, have had turned instead into what you

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


USE HEADPHONES OR AMPLIFY SOUND - have several recordings like this. Rigid proofs about my surveillance claim...this people should all be arrested for conspiracy(plot)