Monday, December 31, 2018

Even bags where I store clothing bother them

Here is what roommate and his partners did just month ago inside the room
Was nice enough to leave them drowers/closets(store my belongings on the top of thus closet just to accommodate them), but was not good enough. Knife was used to cut hole in the bag as well as to damage one so one could fall slowly apart.
Another cut which is slowly widening..

Because Warsaw is sicker than sick !!!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Almost 1kg of sugar and some rice(whatever was left in the bag) stolen from backpack last night

No coffee for you the day before new year's day.

When they torture with unrest at night for several days on the raw(they checked also other stuff - will soon learn if newly purchased cofee was also clorinated), the outcome is backpack burglary. Will have video on thus subject coming.

I do not drink coffee without sugar. Truth is that one, however, was bought from 18 Euros which we get per person every month. Not mine actually is how I see it as of now.

Same done with watch as was last year in Belarus

When you seat at negotiation table with Russians, you only become more idioter(not stupid or idiot, but idioter) because only idiot would allow himself into the company of people who utilise along the physical torture as was my case in Slovenia the most primitive and dangerous methods seen and they count on my reporting about their activities because they are comfortable with terror governing against own population in Russia) desplay of desdain for laws/treaties and existence of human beings is what equals to Russia

I do a total ban on Russian goodies and traveling if it was up to me, but neonazi bitcoin would still find the way into your home to bail one out during sanctions.

Video - Sleep deprivation is very bad and kitchen areas exist for parties only not cooking eating

Warsaw is sick. Very sick and there is no doubt about it.


Because people no longer know what to think...

To seat in kitchen, seems like own chairs should be brought from now staff knows nothing about it(I was told to ask bureau lady about it) and I will be guilty of video recording incident even that no person was filmed. Owner will change rules tomorrow to conveniently cover yet another Russian failure in the center of the Poland.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

RUSSIAN TERROR ALERT(planned as I have explained ethnic cleansing of Croats and Slovenes from their ethnic areas) FOR BALKANS AND WHY I WILL MELT DOWN SLOVENIA INFRONT OF EU INTO BITS: Putin to award Serbian chetniks which suffered defeat from Croatian military in operation known as STORM

Poland will just have to take my side - like it or not as in question are two CHRISTIAN nations(not talking here about Muslims which seems to be thorn in hills of some in Poland even more than Russian KGB which is promoting terrorism against Poles and Ukrainians in both countries from all directions) closely related to Poles(Slovenia us known as small Poland on Balkans and belongs into Western Slavic group). Putin now publicly admits involvement on Balkans for the sake of great Serbia known previously as Yugoslavia.

Sent yesterday to Interpol with detailed letter

Police was referred to this very page yesterday and today

Here mentioned idividual is at ICC on behalf of Russia deliberately blocking case for already no less than 8 years. Case which should be of highest interest to any police department on earth concerned with Russian terrorism which involves human trafficking/ MKultra torture/ abductions/ sabotage(destruction of private property)/ forced unemployment/ persecution via local police departments and courts(Slovenia where Russia would like to re establish failed Serbian state previously known as Yugoslavia) and so on is because of this individual not obtaining any attention and is instead ignored.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Germany to recruit in army foreign nationals - No way would I allow Polish citizens to be recruited into German army


French foreign legion okay, German military however is a no no.

Give our people guns and teach them German - what else...enough damage was done in WWII alone  if we are to disregard all other wars and damage done prior to one.

You join German army, you loose Polish citizenship. End of debate.

And since you have enough money to hire foreigners in your military, you should speed up WWII reparations to Poland.




WELL, MARK P. DILLON OF ICC(Head of the Information & Evidence Unit) JUST DID AND ITS WHY I AM DEMANDING IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION(detailed criminal investigation of case as of him and to take him into custody as individual is fasting on this very case on behalf of Russia for already no less than 8 years - I was tortured physically to the brink of death in Slovenia because of him) AGAINST ONE BY LAW ENFORCEMENT - VIA INTERPOL AND IRISH/DUTCH POLICE.

PHYSICAL(some as there are million others) proofs about above stated case:

I have recognized towns(have explained how portions those were build over years as MKultra case lasted for over 12 years) in Poland, recognized MKULTRA staff members, recognized numerous psychologists and psychiatrists, recognized random security employee in Leclerk Supermarket, recognized even random Polish pensioner in the middle of the forest who had special story to tell some 14 years ago, and so on...all in a country where I supposedly never ever was !!! My US passport and US Government can confirm in fact that no official visitation was paid by me from USA to Europe from 1995 to mid 2006.

Rather than a paywall option, I decided to offer in near future an online store with

low priced(very affordable) quality merchandise.

I am trying to avoid paywall option at all costs.

I received email from Polish state police gesturing me to stop bye at local police department

to report crimes to local(nearest) police department(obtain this way desired results faster).

This will probably cost me of stay at present location(will be transferred from here 100%) which I wouldn't want to loose due to interest in a person of choice in vicinity, but will have to be done anyways.

First one contacted in respect to Mr. Mark P. Dillon(Head of the Information & Evidence Unit at International Criminal Court) will be INTERPOL organisation

And then will brake down information even to state police departments(Netherlands and Ireland) in respect to this individual. more precisely

Actually, human trafficking and terrorism are their main concern.

Related to

Thursday, December 27, 2018

PUTIN'S PRIVATE NEWS NETWORK CALLED AS "RUSSIA TODAY" REPORTS: Islamic State in Ukraine: A Christmas present from the West – George Galloway

Its not fascist at all when you tell(brainwash people with) following:
Viktor Yanukovych to domestic and international George Galloways ahead and after Crimean occupation....
Putin NOT fascist(released just few days ago is only concerned for your well being. George Galloways didn't create blind law in respect to rape of boy in UK(they have created possibly even more - perhaps made entire rape possible) for the sake of Vladimir Putin's propaganda.
There are Nazis everywhere along the Russian border...From Baltic states, Poland, Ukraine, and all the way to China.

We are neaonazis/we are fascists !!! Moscow proudly celebrates in red uniforms day of liberation every year, so they must be on the right side therefore !!! Or is not like this !!!????


RUSSIAN TERROR ALERT FOR EUROPE: Entire Russian terrorist network uncovered DEEP(Mykolayiv region) DEEP in Ukraine

It is amazing just how far Russian terrorism expends across the Europe and where one can be encountered...abductions(hijacking), killings, bombs, and even much longer will we have president whose father in law was a paid KGB(UDBA) criminal(STASI alike assassin) from Ex Yugoslavia(Slovenia) !!??????

Counterintelligence operatives of the SBU Security Service of Ukraine have exposed a Russian military intelligence's network of assets in Mykolayiv region and detained its leader, who is now charged with high treason. 

Compared to his host, parasite doppelganger has better chances for survival - 7 years old girl asked by "president" if she still believes in Santa(not comparing Santa with Jesus, but idiot will ask tomorrow 30/40/50 etc. years olds if they still believe in one) and compared by scientists to worm parasite

Title says all:
Who is more credible(REAL) on this photo !!????? Read more at

I call it "Precious little moment when you look >>possibly<< even more stupid than what you are" although its hard hard to bit his IQ...thank you Donnie :)))...our "president" makes sure we all get entertained(enough logh) for holidays.

Lukashenko starts "heated" discussion with Putan Putanowich, but not for legitimate reasons.

Putin bows to him and whole thing looks like as if is at least a bit real...
Lukashenko obtained with gimmick even my attention. It sure sounded legitimate to me and so I made even a video in support to him(already deleted - sorry for that matter Lukashenko), but it came to me a scenario from MKultra when brainwashed on how my Polish language skills will be only used in Belarus(not in Poland - this is just how violent Ruskies were and are - police officer who howers in Polish immigration system already for many years by the name Valerio and who was involved in MKultra is worry free relaxing in a very same center as I am where he was transferred from very same center very same day as I was) where I would assist him as his assistant due to Polish minority in Belarus. 

Regarding immigration letter which I have received from Warsaw the other day

I was left speechless and even angry with approach received from Warsaw in respect to my case. Despite complete disregard for the rule of law from Warsaw, however, I have decided not to proceed with complain against Polish immigration authorities at European Court for Human rights yet. I have decided instead to first contact Polish ombudsman for human rights and then(in case nothing would resolve) EU court. 

There are politicians here in Poland eager to tor apart whatever is left of Poland and wouldn't want nothing more than complain to land on EU court - use one on behalf of foreign politic as a personal blackmailing instrument against pro Polish partisan(patriotic) parties/people who are unwilling to bow in front of RussoGerman politic.

Related to

Mark P. Dillon, Head of the Information & Evidence Uni, of International Criminal Court will be reported to the police now

simply in grounds of deliberately delaying urgent criminal procedure(we are talking about proven hjacking/abductions, MKultra torture, destruction of private property, and much more - its what matters/concerns police/law enforcement) and even for assisting Russia(Serbia) in genocide against targeted European Union/US citizen who have proven his case with hard core facts. 
Mark P. Dillon admits on his report to have delayed and even reflected my case(THE HARSHEST GENOCIDE CASE AGAINST CITIZEN OF EUROPEAN UNION AND OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) from court for no less than 8 years !
What next...

Video - Kaczynski's pedophilia issues on behalf of KGB in Poland(1998/2019)

Video can be also seen at

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How much does pedophilia subject touches residents of this immigration center and Debak....

They were given MKultra technology used for either creation of pedophilia  or purposes of human trafficking(what Kaczynsky and Russians along with Trump hoped for the most) by Russians in the centre of the Poland with assurance of future repetition of event under real circumstances...

Then go and figure out yourself whose share is in what.

Very very nice video coming next ;)

Coming next will be video on Kaczynski's pedophilia issues

Will reveal techniques about paedophilia which Kaczynski's crew have used underMKultra in this very centre and in Debak near Warsaw. Will explain in details whole ordeal because "people no longer know what to think".

Have a happy hollydays Mr. president. I will go into your most private details for people to understand hidden genious(a real potential) in you and your associates. I think you got very little credit so far for your accomplishements.

According to video, I will also get you a free court invitation.

NOZ ZICA SREBRENICA - What Kadirovs in centre are advocating as Muslims makes to me as much sense as cleaning last year's snow on a summer of 2019

Advocating as Muslim thisž,_žica,_Srebrenica people, makes you look very very strange  - not only in my eyes, but also in eyes of others(incl. Real Muslims) who came to same conclusion as I did. And last, nor would Christ or Allah pay attention(answer prayers) to people who act in opposite from what Bible or Koran ask from them - would you yourself answer calls to someone who engages in criminal behaviour and keeps calling your name attacked the front gate of your home !!!?????

 I don't think so...with supporters like this(some trace straight to Moscow and to Kadirov), you can only hide under the bed and begun to pray for yourself...
Why would any real Muslim support beasts like this is out of my ability to understand. We have plenty supporters of what you see here in Slovenia(from POLICE, judicial system, psychiatry, state employment agencies, and even on the top of the state - Borut Pahor as well as Milan Kucan were/are both stounch supporters of animals sen here and both got support for supporting animals from Kaczynsky brothers as well as from Milos Zeman - the two gave green light to Serbs for new ethnic cleansing against Croats, Slovenes, Kosovars, Bosniacs, Macedonians, and even Montenegrin - The two gave green light to above mentioned Slivenian beasts to even reclassify Slovenian nation from Western Slavic group into Southern Slavic group - ethnic cleansing scenario repeated from Adolf Hitler's book)

As result of animals supporting animals, we have today war in Ukraine, underground war in Slovenia, which soon will grow into open one(if Ukraine falls, Russia will given total support to Serbia for recreation of what used to be Yugo Slavia/Serbia) against Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

@Andrzej Duda

  • Good laws are more important than no laws - you have accomplished that, but actions(they speak loud and clear for my case) are even much more important than good laws(its where you totally failed)

  • You are a total sellout in my eyes(you assisted foremost Russia, Trump/US, Israel, and even beyond to get read of me)  and laws can also be reversed(it wouldn't happen the first time and Poland should be well aware if it).

  • Laws are written with human hand and in this case not even clean one. Good laws protect people, and the WORST laws(only a camouflage) look like good laws and kill people.

Your answer from two months ago how case like mine doesnt fit under your jurisdictions will now be considered as final.

They torture and at the same time threaten that social benefits(that you could be thrown out on the street at ant time if complaining) could be stopped at any time

I have a proof as last letter from Warsaw stated exactly as written here.

Have found two guys to have single rooms in this cmplex so far, but they wouldn't even transfer me to a room with another non Russian individual.

Will charge Polish government also with sleep depravation torture during political asylum procedure in Poland

This was yet another one of my roommate's nights.

Nights(was changing cloths, walking back and forth, moving bed) like this are used to ruin entire day - prevent one from studying and exercising.

Brutal approach toward me from Warszaw, but from sellouts I didn't expect any different anyways.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Suicidal Hungarian fascist Orban facing huge protests in his Budapest - wants to turn his failed politic into open slavery to attract back somehow frustrated investors

At the same time Poland tops the investors prefered place as the 2nd one globally(not bad at all,Poland-ranked-No-2-among-‘world’s-best-countries-to-invest-in-or-do-business’).
Russian race baiting pill sure zipped Orban's/Macron politic as both of them are drowning in unemployment and other socio-economical problems.
From bellow article, "One of labour reforms allows employers to ask staff to work up to 400 hours per year of overtime".

Poland nothing more than a dumb farmland to Trump

Farmers are nobodies just as women are nothing more than sexual objects to be exploited for sex to him...related to

Everybody wondered why this/how come...explanation is explained in the article. I cite Trump, "if you will decline return to US, then I will sing you a will never become nothing in Poland, you have no idea how many would want to get out and in your shoes etc. etc..".

I was even asked on Monday in Warszaw why I have and home come I didn't give my US passport to Polish Immigration(off course I did gave both passports to them when I applied for protection in Poland, but its important to ONGOINGLY remind just how great Trump's Towers are).

Its a great thing Trump has on his side president Duda for whom I believe would make much better president in Israel, so news like " we will station US troops and just bought oil from US"(quantity and quality doesnt mater; private pocketing does) can be transmitted for the sake of both(they both need news like this as popularity is super low in both cases).
Trump's admiration for the country(incl. US) and people goes as far as pockets are deep. Is not the only one as you see.

I am a normal person who would like to establish for himself a family life here in Poland, but entrapped in world of political beasts which engaged in MKultra torture and then even in most severe news censorhip in the history of the human kind. No less than 23 years of my life was stolen from me like this.  

Read thecrest at

Polish state already answers, but not to court subpoenas(yet)

Broken jar with salt all over the sleeping in hallway instead in his room(because I will be homeless) where he stayed up to now alone and so on...

Actors called for blah blah meeting outside etc...

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Note to Poland

You exercised MKultra in Poland against me between 1998 to 2006. I was brought occasionally back to Poland all the way up to 2015 to confuse on issues.


You will get ICC(nothing is over there) and EU court invitation for torturing E/US national for the sake of both: 1) To steer him in racism and 2) To ten him into uncivilised animal for resale purposes. In both cases you represented Russian interest against human being. Prior to this, you have gone even as fa as reclassifying Slovenian nation from Western Slavic group into Southern Slavic group.

People in centre are paid actors/Russian agitators which were also used under MKultra for racism purposes.

I WON !!! @thank you...

We are not animals here in Europe you know

We were past what you see here long time ago...
And that includes RUSSO fascism issues which you have supported and continue to support. Will be listed in complain that you tried to exercise both options against me(something you have accomlshed in the past - stear people into hatred/Nazism).
20 pars of socks destoyed like this and all you get is a nasty response from immgration, its time to take series actions against state.
Your letter will get a proper response. That I guarantee you. Will give you a good idea where country is situated.

Will take Polish state to European Court for Human rights

Socks which I have bought just three weeks ago and ware them 3/4 times the most have halls, was attacked by three children today in front of security guard(my pants are as result dirty as I was kicked everywhere - I was spit at by 11 years old who was instructed in such act by adults in dining room), and much more...well, I decided not to turn into gypsy this winter despite my external appearance. Polish's state conduct toward me is beyond criminal and I decided to make end to it now.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Called as aggressive because I dared to audio record those who life threatened

Not because I would do or say anything to anyone... sure makes sense to me.

If USSR was on the map today, it wouldn't make whole a lots of difference between what I experienced from Polish immigration when applying for political asylum in one during 2018 and between what used to be like before fall of the Berlin wall

Beaten up by directed energy weapons, spit into the food(compared one with s***) by groups, have clothing and other items stolen/destroyed(two androids destroyed - laptop charger destroyed twice within month, new tablet purchased just three weeks ago already destroyed), my religious items affected and my religion called a religion if fagets(today by Chechen roommate), and so on...nice :))))

Related to

23 Russian families(Chechen Russians) accomplish in the middle of the Poland an important victory for Russia against me

Post Soviet Polish immigration sends me letter in which I am notified about "possibility" of loosing social assistance benefits in case of another "violation"(in post Soviet Poland, violation is to even audio record violators who live threaten you as was in my case on several occasions).
For audio recording life threats(also taking a single photo) and other bizarre behavior, I am called as agressive and the next step would be to kick me out on the street...

Accusations about my chopping holly Muslim rug to my roomate disappeared as you see and that's about it.

Chechen Russian roommate pured some chemical on cleaning carpet yesterday so one would remind of sperm(God forbid you ask one about it as I was yelled at it like animal on what he started to lough that was a joke only), small boy spits today at me at the lunch when taking food and that's about it...its all normal.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

My roomates deny Polish immigration's allegation on how I destroyed their praying rug

This was allegation which I have faced yesterday in Warszaw. It was expected of me yesterday to even admit destroying their religious rug.

Since I have seen rug in one piece today without slightest harm done to one, I have asked them how come that one is not destroyed...have mentioned accusation which I have faced yesterday in respect to one in Warsaw and was told that no one stated on how I destroyed one.

Norwegian mom who fled with her baby a murderous Norwegian child welfare services, lands in Poland

Notorious Norwegian child services exposed one more time for their inhumane approach toward its citizens and foreigners lured to Norway...
Is there anything worse in this world than a young mother and her baby pushed into hiding(exile in this case) for bare life by the government !!????? 

Well folks, its happening today...and its happening in Europe and even in a country where politically motivated Nobel prizes are handed out....

Poland rightfully RAGES at Macron’s fascist French disaster - Surprisingly calls him ‘EUROPE’S SICK MAN!’

FRANCE is the “sick man of Europe” and its problems could have a devastating impact on the European Union, Poland’s foreign minister said, citing the “yellow vest” anti-government rebellion and last week’s jihadist attack.
Paris and Warsaw have been at loggerheads for years with France openly criticising Poland’s controversial judicial reforms, which it says threaten the independence of the judiciary. Jacek Czaputowicz told the Polish television channel Polsat News: “France is the sick man of Europe – it is dragging the bloc down – while Poland is a bright spot [in Europe]. The terrorist attack proves that something is not right in France, the protests over the past weeks, President Macron’s withdrawal on state reforms – it’s sad. 

Was also told by Polish immigration dpt. yesterday that Polish state can

stop me granting social assistance at any time. 

A bit cold outside, but okay then.

Poland makes fuzz about gas purchase, but goal here is to clearly bail Donald Trump out of muddy waters - The signed deal should provide for ONLY 15 percent(and nothing more than that - even this is questionable) of Poland's daily gas needs over the next 20 years.

In realistic sense, Poland will remain dependant on Russia in terms of energy and THE situation of my own(degraded to the human status bellow the immigrant from the third world) orchestrated by Kaczynski on behalf of American traitor known as Donald Trump(criminal knew how he will find himself in the future in watters as explained here as his arrival on political stage was expected - my case most likely was used to even exhort politicians across the pond) will not improve any time soon. Not for me, but not for him either(as long as I will stay alive somehow)

I will drag you and others to the court. One thing is certain, I will continue to remind world about who and what you are.

In Warszaw exactly what I suggested case would be(most likely transfer) the day earlier

Was accused by my roomates of destroying holly Muslim(where they pray) rug and being aggressive toward residents(Russian Chechens) of Grotniki's immigration center(incl. children who used to chase me down the hallways and in other areas - can be seen on video just how "aggressive" I was with them)

For above listed claims, immigration didn't provide any proofs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tomorrow heading to Warszaw

Will be transfered with almost 100% certainty.

Appointment was scheduled by Polish state.

When not only your religios symbols are trashed but also direction of life you are moving

Dedek Mraz = Dead Mraz(how I will freeze - no love for you) was actually audio recorded ;)

Chechen Russian individual(not seen in this video, but in the earlier one) who claimed to have links with Polish police have used via MKultra person of my interest to desecrate my religious symbol("she will accept you as normal if you detest normal reactions when one is removed from you") , insult my Polish language skills, rediculed my stay in gym, and have used her alone by suggesting the environment where unavoidable stuff is done(her involvement).

God bless Polish unity and who deserved what

"Thank you" will never be enough for you...

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Separate video will be dedicated to Belarus incident for

You to understand whole ordeal. It is possible that Polish gov. officials did share material with Russians in respect to me case(spec. because Americans were involved with Russians - they trained Russians on how to properly use MKultra); however, just to make sure whole thing will be revealed.

Because people no longer know - Poland 2018

4 of 5 
Video can be also seen at 

5 of 5 
Video can be also seen at
In this 5 documentaries, only 6 days of my 4 and half months stay here are described :))) What keeps me afloat is love for this country(people - memories from the past mixed with real picture of today). I can't imagine other country than Poland any more(not in my life time I guess).

Friday, December 14, 2018

Strange tears of yesterday replaced with reality of today

Became "people no longer know what is happening"...

Well, they will know what was happening. No place here for Islamo Judean Russian terrorism...human trafficking in heart of Poland and so on.

Your prayers for Canadian(will never ever see one either - make no mistake about that) baby in local church worked well...

Was told under MKultra that I will be finished if I fail this time - " your last chance"...

What exactly is fail and where(what one looked like - It looked like a fat lie served to her and to people) was chance !!?? Just wait to see parts 4 and 5...

Because people no longer know - Poland 2018

Polish human trafficking explained because "Because people no longer know"...just how far is Polish immigration(forget about RussoChechen terrorists and see wha is happening outside of tis terrrist base in Grotnikih) alone invoved in human degradation in my case.
1of 5 Because people no longer know - Poland 2018
Immigration chief age about 37 suggested me several years ago his sister(yes I can point her out on photo), how would I know about his sister if there was no MKultra case...
2 of 5 Because people no longer know - Poland 2018
Psychologist employed at this facility directly involved in case for the sake of the Russia... 3 of 5 Because people no longer know Poland 2018

3 of 5 Because people no longer know - Poland 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Second android telephone was possibile destroyed last night and am now left without any telephone in Poland

Nothing to communicate. They have done this(if they only depleted battery) before, but seems that this time telephone is finished.

Came back from Zgierz last night, placed the phone on charge, and have used earplugs to hush madness on a hallway. No way I could power one this morning...I have no way to even communicate on the telephone or internet as a result.

What if not terrorism !!?????

Sunday, December 9, 2018

With stolen telephone, all that passwords were stolen as well

Two sim cards etc...very very cool.

My 47th birthday was beautiful despite everything

 Dziękuję wam bardzo🍭🍾🍽️🥂🤣🍮🍫

You want to make browl and bother with pitty Android thefts is okay for me

Go ahead, I stay concentrated on collection of MKultra proofs instead ;) works for me. Thank you

Yet another attempt to undermine me crashed with fortification(more MKultra proofs) of my case.

ANOTHER MKULTRA PROOF: One android with brand new charger stolen today during organised browl

Video can also be seen at 
During browl in which few families have feuded against me, I was escorted to psychologist's office to avoid "fatality"😂...owner lady guaranteed me as safe place a school which I could use instead of gym...ohhhh, this bad bad "Chechens"😂

Have deleted video #2 by mistake and I don't care about more proofs because I have no time to waste...things should never gotten as far as this.

Video can also be seen at 

Male psychologist who was here before this lady(she works at this place for 7 years as psychologist) somewhat reminded facially on male owner if the building and I would 100 percent recognize one from photo 

He also(beside Warsaw's) a degree in UK(Oxford/Cambridge whatever) and I claim for this to be yet another MKultra proof.

In Poland

They have only learned how nothing can or ever will stop me from going forward. Till my last moment, what you see here will not stop. Don't fear to go homeless after being stateless for no less than 12 years.

Time 11am

Time lost this morning alone 3 hours...

Happy 47th birthday to me

There are some extremely dangerous people in Washington DC and Moscow for whom life is just a game(nothing more than what you see here)...who needs breakfast on his birthday in a new country where you threw him via unprecedented violence anyways :))

Video can be also seen at

Donald Trump referred to his victims as "masochists". We will see whose phantasms will end how Donnie...I will renew ICC claim and ensure this time to be examined by right people - will demand detailed decision from one regarding last answer. We are far from over and closer to your end than ever before.

Repeated videos by YouTube which is the core cause if genocide against me

As you know, YouTube censors my videos for already no less than 12 years(they steal my income by censoring number if views and presenting me to the world with such circumstances as even insane option). This is what Jewish Netanyahu's state contribution to my existence(beside MKultra torture) was/is. Related to choked for no less than 12 years.

Middle finger, figue, kurva and soy calling after deleting me videos photos from Android by father of 13 years old

Individual who ruined my electronic equipment is using his children(even 10 years old) to cause problems - seems is motivated in challenging and is probably(most likely) video recording his provocations. 

Death threats followed mention provocations in the gym by yet another "bites the dust blah blah"(indicated desire to cut my throat after security escorted him out, but changed his mind after I offer him in the face to hit me). Is a very "qualified browl pretepac fighter" I understand  whom I should fear or throw myself in a mud with to measure physical strength to satisfy some's primitive instincts.
Facebook(second) account was also deleted from my androids.
Yet what "angers"(not really - I am far beyond "angry" issue right now as I know what is all about) me the most is the loss if time dedicated to this b.s.(I am punished big time as a result my Polish language skills suffer - this will cost me on job market in near future).

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Proof about how watching Russian state TV makes people really stupid : Belarusian Played Angry Ukrainian In Russian TV Report Slamming Euromaidan

Insane Russian desamination of political schizophrenia has no borders/no limits..
MINSK -- A young Belarusian has told RFE/RL that he is "totally ashamed" that he agreed to play the role of a disgruntled Ukrainian in a new report broadcast in November by Russia's state-owned Channel One....

There is hope for this young man, but none for the insane idiots that caused killing spree in Ukraine and Europe...

Lying, deceiving, and killing across the Ukraine and home in Russia, institutionalising(placing them on forced unemployment etc.) Russians for having their say and so on...the all new same old same Kremlin's politic....

MINSK -- A young Belarusian has told RFE/RL that he is "totally ashamed" that he agreed to play the role of a disgruntled Ukrainian in a new report broadcast in November by Russia's state-owned Channel One.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Last night I prayed for all of us(I always pray for Poland).

Kiedy wszystko się skończyło, wielu widziało w jej pięknie inne niż według nich upragnione standardy (nieudacznicy przegrywający chcieli widzieć, bo już nie była potrzebna), ale ty Polska, któremu również chcę dać życie, wyjdzie tylko mnie tyle, ile możesz zainwestować w nią i jej dobre samopoczucie (szczególnie bezpieczeństwo). Ona zadecyduje o tobie tak daleko, jak jestem zaniepokojona, tak jak moje życie jest i będzie całkowicie w jej rękach (nigdy więcej nie chciałem czegoś więcej w moim życiu).

When everything was over, many have seen in her beauty other than according to them desired standards(whateaver losers wanted to see as she no longer was needed), but you Poland to whom I want to give my life too, will only get out of me as much as you can invest in her and her child's well being(specially safety). She will decide about you as far as am concerned as my life is and will be totally in her hands(never wanted anything more in my entire life).

Israeli citizenship offered to her in case of need is not your problem Poland, man just 50 meters from center who was left without wife and daughter,however, is.

Izraelskie obywatelstwo oferowane jej w razie potrzeby nie twój problem Polska, człowiek zaledwie 50 metrów od centrum, który pozostał bez żony i córki, jednak jest.

Big PLUS for old Netanyahu here...we must be concerned more with who does what and not with who looks like what.

This was the girl who introduced in me interest for Poland and this is the girl whovreminded me what is wort to live and die for in 2018. Never seen/knew anyone more beautiful and  patriotic.

To była dziewczyna, która przedstawiła mi zainteresowanie Polską i to jest ta dziewczyna, która w roku 2018 wskazała mi, co znaczy żyć i umrzeć. Nigdy nie widziałem / nie widziałem nikogo piękniejszego i patriotycznego.

My tail much stranger than the one of Harry Potter...and it's real. Not a fiction

Not going to Zgierz to get most important things done

You don't go about stuff like this at 8am to town distanced two hours "roommates" nicely eat my life away and this day bye day.

Not miserable but do want to documents what goes on here.

It is difficult to go and get some sleep under circumstances as seen in my videos

Islamic prayer to Allah by my "roommates" at 0530am, should be a form if help to me to get up earlier in the morning - yet another provocation/lie...something I was deprived off and not helped.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Members of international community inform me about what most likely will be transfer to another immigration facility

Borut Pahor retaliates fast after I explained in previous video about his racist race cards(Russian divide and conquer game).

I also explain what Eastern European politicians were and are up to...

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My roommate admitted in conversation with new Irani roomate that he too

Was a police officer in USSR....whatever.

Poland is life - Every Russian is a potential terrorist and most if them are

And I want to celebrate one with Polish people because they embrace(no woman like patriotic Polish woman for my taste) their beautiful ethnicity.
Russian terrorism(heavy racism mixed with terror which frequently involved life threats/abductions) must be thrown out of Europe and world. World must reject and condemn one as much as possible.
This doesn't fit well with who we are and more importantly with what we want to become.

Toalet bag ripped appart and WARNING to the Polish state

Related to

Arab Jewish nation is not of my interest, but I hope both will take in consideration my MKultra case which multiple governments have exercised against me.

@Borut Pahor...there is nothing more pathetic in this world than male which denied it's inner(deepest) needs based on fears of what others would think, nothing more pathetic than a cheater who cheats his beautiful devoted wife and son with someone for whom he claims Is discriminated by another individual who is same member of the nation as he is - all this while engaging in genocide against one and even planning on genocide of his own nation - looser went as far as reclassifying our Slovenian nation into another ethnic group and so on...Hitler me, but not rejected by other members of Slavic community...

Poland is where I found God's presence greater than anywhere else...and for Poland(not for liars, but people who want to celebrate life-existance) I am ready to give my life(it's where I will stay for good and bad).

Second food container never used now destroyed

BREAKING: Germany backs Russian invasion on Ukraine(will pay to very well Putin for Slavic corpses) - Germany to back Russian gas link despite Ukraine tensions

Obviously if NATO is to meet, actions should be considered not only against Russia, but also against the one which is financing Russian aggression on Ukraine(aggression against entire Eastern Europe as what we have going on is also present on the territory of ex Yugoslavia as well as in Poland, Czech rep. Slovakia and so on). Germany which burned entire Europe just 73 years ago, seems to have found her way back to the past against Europe with even more aggressive, but indirect approach. 

Nobody should be AGAIN FORCED picking in between Hitler and Stalin and here mentioned should be discussed on NATO meeting if organisation is serious about global security(stability).

RUSSIAN TERRORISM AND NOT NEED FOR HELP: Sweater obtained from Polish Caritas was added to clothing for "poor refugees" from Russia

I would somehow not settle for this type of attitude and wouldn't allow myself to even wear anything contaminated with one. They earned it along with other destroyed items. However, who was the one who reintroduced terrorists(MKultra TERRORISTS reinforced by personal KGB team of Vladimir Putin which attended 1998-2006 international meetings between West  and East - reinforced to extend that horrified to death even owners of the place alone into total compliance with Russian terrorism in Poland) into Polish immigration system is the topic which just begun to develop.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Pay wall not functional and was removed for now

  • but I will be back with decent option.

RUSSIAN TERRORISM ALERT: Crazy Russian terrorist("journalist" hahahaha) Timur Siraziev tries to get bye(only means that Kremlin backed up coward in a much more democratic country than what is Russian mental asylum is to the point when one even attempted to enter illegally British military complex - what KGB baboon did in UK, results in certain death in Russia) into British military complex/base in UK by playing stupid even more than what nature gifted him with stupidity

One look at KGB idiot and you know who you deal with...just for your either Lukashenko's Belarus or Putanowich's Russia, you are to register yourself with local police(every residence you are in - either residential or commercial hotel, you to report yourself to local police or you will face very serious problems), but Russian KGB baboons reserve the right to the opposite during war against European state known as Ukraine.