Sunday, December 9, 2018

Middle finger, figue, kurva and soy calling after deleting me videos photos from Android by father of 13 years old

Individual who ruined my electronic equipment is using his children(even 10 years old) to cause problems - seems is motivated in challenging and is probably(most likely) video recording his provocations. 

Death threats followed mention provocations in the gym by yet another "bites the dust blah blah"(indicated desire to cut my throat after security escorted him out, but changed his mind after I offer him in the face to hit me). Is a very "qualified browl pretepac fighter" I understand  whom I should fear or throw myself in a mud with to measure physical strength to satisfy some's primitive instincts.
Facebook(second) account was also deleted from my androids.
Yet what "angers"(not really - I am far beyond "angry" issue right now as I know what is all about) me the most is the loss if time dedicated to this b.s.(I am punished big time as a result my Polish language skills suffer - this will cost me on job market in near future).

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