Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Poland is life - Every Russian is a potential terrorist and most if them are

And I want to celebrate one with Polish people because they embrace(no woman like patriotic Polish woman for my taste) their beautiful ethnicity.
Russian terrorism(heavy racism mixed with terror which frequently involved life threats/abductions) must be thrown out of Europe and world. World must reject and condemn one as much as possible.
This doesn't fit well with who we are and more importantly with what we want to become.

Borut Pahor - Slovenian Serbo Russian fascist racist who attempted to first play with his KGB buddies (includes those from Poland who re introduced families and individuals back into immigration system) dirty racist card by imitating what you see here(click for Zabjak) in this exact environment(aha, he and his colleagues have also presented me to the world as such after torturing me under MKultra for few years "only" - since 1985) and even take whole thing to a next level - it's called human slavery(very profitable) via abductions just as the case is with Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was killed in Turkey, but whose body they still haven't found...
Borut Pahor after whom street next to the lake was even named here in Grotnikih

I got loughter in my face from KGB boy(loser mention word "sick" as I passed bye - meaning that someone was sharply reminded of what went on here and more) from Minsk for stated in video http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/12/toalet-bag-ripped-appart-and-warning-to.html , but it was just a very neuritic response on his behalf to my witnessing as I am capable to reveal a bit more about MKultra ordeal which went on between 1998 and 2006...Polish government went on to suggest not only how I would be denied the right to file asylum in Poland but also gestured on how I would become dependant as unemployed on circumstances which would involve frequent interractions with present residents from center outside of the center...how they would "help" me and how in the end wouldn't have other option left than to depart with them out of Poland to mid East...something that Belarus government tried in Belarus with Israelis, but have failed. Same old same...

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