Sunday, December 23, 2018

Suicidal Hungarian fascist Orban facing huge protests in his Budapest - wants to turn his failed politic into open slavery to attract back somehow frustrated investors

At the same time Poland tops the investors prefered place as the 2nd one globally(not bad at all,Poland-ranked-No-2-among-‘world’s-best-countries-to-invest-in-or-do-business’).
Russian race baiting pill sure zipped Orban's/Macron politic as both of them are drowning in unemployment and other socio-economical problems.
From bellow article, "One of labour reforms allows employers to ask staff to work up to 400 hours per year of overtime".

Probably 400 unpaid hours of work time would be best discription of Orban's failed agenda for Hungary and its how he too could get somehow broken Hungarian economy going...Hungary is so broke(morally and as a result also economically) that even my car was towed(stolen by city Budapest on what I was blackmailed for more money than car was worth as you know) from free city parking lot in Budapest for my daring to apply for political protection(asylum) in 2017.

Orban steered also problems against Ukraine in Ukraine(also in Slovakia etc.) for the sake if the Russia not too long ago and is well known for neonazi indoctrination in region.

From Guardian

Thousands of Hungarians marched to the presidential palace late on Friday to protest against labour reforms as a rally led by spoof political party MKKP merged with a subsequent demonstration staged by opposition groups.

Passage of two laws last week backed by prime minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party angered a variety of groups.

One, dubbed by critics the “slave law”, allows employers to ask staff to work up to 400 hours per year of overtime. Another would set up new courts which critics say could be politically manipulated.

MKKP’s gathering started outside parliament, where one protester brandished a placard saying “Happy boss, gloomy Sunday”.

The Two-Tailed Dog party (MKKP), launched over a decade ago as a joke, has become a semi-serious force, using ironic humour to tackle practical issues.

“I wanted to come because I consider the Dog party to be the most serious of all in the current lineup, which is rather sad,” said Almos Edes, 26, a university student holding a sign saying ‘We promise everything’ beneath a logo of Fidesz.

Edes was sceptical of any change being triggered by the rallies, but said he had joined to make his voice heard.

Friday’s rally also took aim at grievances including regulations that have led to the departure of the Central European University, founded by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, from Budapest.

“We can finally work eight days a week. We no longer need to hassle with independent courts. Homelessness has been eliminated. Irritating foreign schools will vanish. And Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros,” said an invitation to the rally posted on Facebook.

Orban has said the protests have been partly stoked by activists paid by Soros, an accusation Soros’s Open Society Foundation has denied.

Demonstrators, subsequently joined by another rally called by opposition groups, then marched up to the presidential palace in Buda Castle, briefly blocking a bridge crossing the Danube River.

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