Thursday, December 27, 2018

Mark P. Dillon, Head of the Information & Evidence Uni, of International Criminal Court will be reported to the police now

simply in grounds of deliberately delaying urgent criminal procedure(we are talking about proven hjacking/abductions, MKultra torture, destruction of private property, and much more - its what matters/concerns police/law enforcement) and even for assisting Russia(Serbia) in genocide against targeted European Union/US citizen who have proven his case with hard core facts. 
Mark P. Dillon admits on his report to have delayed and even reflected my case(THE HARSHEST GENOCIDE CASE AGAINST CITIZEN OF EUROPEAN UNION AND OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) from court for no less than 8 years !
What next...

What other than case will be resubmitted to International Criminal Court(will file complain against individual at very same court as well with court's administration unit) and above mentioned individual will face police charges via his Irish(appears to be from) Dutch(operates in Netherlands) police departments, will report case also to the United Nations(him as well) and see if more can be done in respect to answer which was delivered to me three days before 47th birthday. Will also enquire from police investigation into his personal accounts in respect to this incident as individual couldn't be more criminal than what he is.

Nothing will ever change in respect to my case till justice will be served. It is disgusting(beyond disgusting), however, that I am compelled to waste my life at age 47(MKultra lasted for no less than 11.5 years and revelation of one for no less than 12 years) without even family of my own(what ultimate Serbian Russian goal was) as seen here - by resubmitting complaints to courts which are drowning in corruption.

@Germany...where is your 600 million Euros which you have declared to me in the face in front of politicians/business people(and infront of my own family) in 1998 you would pay me if I would do as I have done !!???? Am asking the same question British Royals and United States of America which went as far as gesturing no less than 200 billion Dollars which would be used through to me to lift Poland(second package and also what spooked/alarmed controlling Russia when I appeared in Poland which have absorbed/stolen first package from Poland - spooked/alarmed because they want second package to themselves as well).


The last but not the last...Polish people should think deeply about what is written here. I made it and will make it for myself and the one I want, however, if you as a nation want more - you will have to do your part ENTIRELY(my gratitude to you for what you've done for me as a people is eternal, but my capabilities as far as reaching access to court as a human being and as you see on the above letter are highly limited by criminals who would just not let go) and come up with video/audio recordings of MKultra case...something I am begging for already some time(I told Mr. Marcin already what situation is and where whole thing is heading and have told other MKultra staff members the same)...politicians will not let go either as they fill with this very case private bank accounts and create seemingly profitable(they create state deals which are due one way or another and portray them to public as profitable for the country to convince somehow those who would and want to step forward with more proofs related to this case - its a lie/cheat of me and nation in which I want to invest my life) interstate deals.

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