Monday, December 3, 2018

RUSSIAN TERRORISM ALERT: Crazy Russian terrorist("journalist" hahahaha) Timur Siraziev tries to get bye(only means that Kremlin backed up coward in a much more democratic country than what is Russian mental asylum is to the point when one even attempted to enter illegally British military complex - what KGB baboon did in UK, results in certain death in Russia) into British military complex/base in UK by playing stupid even more than what nature gifted him with stupidity

One look at KGB idiot and you know who you deal with...just for your either Lukashenko's Belarus or Putanowich's Russia, you are to register yourself with local police(every residence you are in - either residential or commercial hotel, you to report yourself to local police or you will face very serious problems), but Russian KGB baboons reserve the right to the opposite during war against European state known as Ukraine. 

I use term "idiot" because it is normal for Russian to discuss issues such as normal and abnormal in our countries while engaging against us with acts of terrorism as is case of my own. 
This terrorist budd should be brought to the near airport(expelled right back where he came from) and his name name/fingerprints entered in Schengen base....

Today KGB baboon and his fellows are at the 77th Brigade’s barracks gate in Hermitage, Berkshire as well as blocking Ukrainian Kerch strait on the Black Sea(related to and tomorrow they will pass gate in Berkshire - blocking also Strait of Dover !!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

A journalist for Russian-state media reportedly triggered a top-level security alert after he was observed filming outside a British military cyberwarfare headquarters.

Timur Siraziev was seen passing the 77th Brigade’s barracks in Hermitage, Berkshire, as he filmed a report for Russia’s Channel One alleging UK officials faked evidence to prove that Russia had committed war crimes in Syria, the Mail on Sunday said.

Siraziev is listed on the Russian embassy website as bureau chief for the television station and he is understood to have reported from Salisbury, Wiltshire, on the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

A senior army source said: “Timur Siraziev’s suspicious behaviour was monitored by the base’s security systems throughout.”

Siraziev told the Mail on Sunday he would not comment.

The 77th Brigade is understood to conduct cyber-attacks on terror networks, tackle propaganda online and engage in counter-piracy and counter-insurgency activities on the dark web.

According to the army website, it is a regular and reserve unit that aims to “challenge the difficulties of modern warfare using non-lethal engagement and legitimate non-military levers as a means to adapt behaviours of the opposing forces and adversaries”.

The Mail on Sunday provided an image of a leaked high-level alert issued last month after Siraziev was seen outside the brigade’s barracks, which shows the journalist’s press credentials and a car read: “Should this individual or vehicle attend any Army establishment security staff are NOT to allow admission, ensure two members of staff are present during any contact or conversation and contact local CIVPOL (civilian police) ASAP.”

The alert comes at a time of heightened political tensions between Britain and Russia following the poisoning of the Skripals earlier this year. Russia has repeatedly denied its agents were behind the attempted assassination.

The attack hospitalised a British police officer and three months later, two Wiltshire residents, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess, were exposed to novichok contained in the fake perfume bottle and Sturgess died.

Two Russian nationals were named and charged over poisoning of the Skripals. The investigative website Bellingcat identified the men as Alexander Mishkin, a doctor working for Russia’s GRU military spy agency, Col Anatoliy Chepiga, a special forces veteran.

In his reporting, Siraziev is understood to have described the case against Moscow as a hoax.

Days after the security alert, Channel One broadcast Siraziev’s eight-minute report on 77th Brigade. According to the Mail on Sunday, he told viewers: “In a forest 100km [60 miles] from London, a British army unit guards its secrets like a national treasure.

“There is a warning on the gates: police dogs. Two fences with barbed wire along the perimeter of the base. This is the 77th Brigade of the British army.”

The defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, said: “We take the security of our bases and personnel incredibly seriously. If a member of the public sees anyone acting suspiciously in or around a military base it should be reported to the police as a matter of urgency.”

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