Friday, December 21, 2018

23 Russian families(Chechen Russians) accomplish in the middle of the Poland an important victory for Russia against me

Post Soviet Polish immigration sends me letter in which I am notified about "possibility" of loosing social assistance benefits in case of another "violation"(in post Soviet Poland, violation is to even audio record violators who live threaten you as was in my case on several occasions).
For audio recording life threats(also taking a single photo) and other bizarre behavior, I am called as agressive and the next step would be to kick me out on the street...

Accusations about my chopping holly Muslim rug to my roomate disappeared as you see and that's about it.

Chechen Russian roommate pured some chemical on cleaning carpet yesterday so one would remind of sperm(God forbid you ask one about it as I was yelled at it like animal on what he started to lough that was a joke only), small boy spits today at me at the lunch when taking food and that's about it...its all normal.

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