Sunday, December 23, 2018

Poland nothing more than a dumb farmland to Trump

Farmers are nobodies just as women are nothing more than sexual objects to be exploited for sex to him...related to

Everybody wondered why this/how come...explanation is explained in the article. I cite Trump, "if you will decline return to US, then I will sing you a will never become nothing in Poland, you have no idea how many would want to get out and in your shoes etc. etc..".

I was even asked on Monday in Warszaw why I have and home come I didn't give my US passport to Polish Immigration(off course I did gave both passports to them when I applied for protection in Poland, but its important to ONGOINGLY remind just how great Trump's Towers are).

Its a great thing Trump has on his side president Duda for whom I believe would make much better president in Israel, so news like " we will station US troops and just bought oil from US"(quantity and quality doesnt mater; private pocketing does) can be transmitted for the sake of both(they both need news like this as popularity is super low in both cases).
Trump's admiration for the country(incl. US) and people goes as far as pockets are deep. Is not the only one as you see.

I am a normal person who would like to establish for himself a family life here in Poland, but entrapped in world of political beasts which engaged in MKultra torture and then even in most severe news censorhip in the history of the human kind. No less than 23 years of my life was stolen from me like this.  

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