Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Toalet bag ripped appart and WARNING to the Polish state

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Arab Jewish nation is not of my interest, but I hope both will take in consideration my MKultra case which multiple governments have exercised against me.

@Borut Pahor...there is nothing more pathetic in this world than male which denied it's inner(deepest) needs based on fears of what others would think, nothing more pathetic than a cheater who cheats his beautiful devoted wife and son with someone for whom he claims Is discriminated by another individual who is same member of the nation as he is - all this while engaging in genocide against one and even planning on genocide of his own nation - looser went as far as reclassifying our Slovenian nation into another ethnic group and so on...Hitler me, but not rejected by other members of Slavic community...

Poland is where I found God's presence greater than anywhere else...and for Poland(not for liars, but people who want to celebrate life-existance) I am ready to give my life(it's where I will stay for good and bad).

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