Saturday, December 29, 2018

RUSSIAN TERROR ALERT(planned as I have explained ethnic cleansing of Croats and Slovenes from their ethnic areas) FOR BALKANS AND WHY I WILL MELT DOWN SLOVENIA INFRONT OF EU INTO BITS: Putin to award Serbian chetniks which suffered defeat from Croatian military in operation known as STORM

Poland will just have to take my side - like it or not as in question are two CHRISTIAN nations(not talking here about Muslims which seems to be thorn in hills of some in Poland even more than Russian KGB which is promoting terrorism against Poles and Ukrainians in both countries from all directions) closely related to Poles(Slovenia us known as small Poland on Balkans and belongs into Western Slavic group). Putin now publicly admits involvement on Balkans for the sake of great Serbia known previously as Yugoslavia.

Poland will see situation with me eye to eye because in a case of failure to do as required by EU constitution and basic human ethics, Germany will push one(Germany will simply substitute one in her duty to serve other brotherly nations) out of Slavic space on Balkans and EU internal affairs.

Slovenia is nothing more than Kaliningrad #2 which with its genocidal against natives practices doesn't fit anywhere even close into civilised European Union society and your duty as relative of one is to prevent yet another bloodshed on Balkans as well as German initiative(Croats already have and that they have/will chose Germany as their preferred partner..... if you don't get involved this time as much as is already late, you will be out for good...outlined and marginalised as a state/nation into nothing more than German subservant) in world of Slavic affairs concerning both countries.

As you know, tiny Croatia(beside Storm operation), have bitten the crap out of big Russian(Putanowich's currupt interference in world of soccer) team on latest world cup. Seems like new Hitler took loss very personally.

Thank you Putin !!!!


It is then that the detailed plan of Putin's visit, scheduled for January 17, will be known, the report added.

Citing "unofficial diplomatic sources," the newspaper states that representatives of the Russian president's protocol, media relations, as well as members of his security, will arrive here on January 12.

The article also states that it is possible that Putin and his host, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, will visit some place outside Belgrade - "on the route along which passed columns of Serb refugees in 1995 while leaving Croatia because of the military action 'Storm'."

"Such a step would symbolically mean that the Russian-Croatian relations are not good, as Zagreb is attempting to present them, and it would honor the victims of (Operation) Storm", the diplomats explained, according to Danas.a

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