Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sent yesterday to Interpol with detailed letter

Police was referred to this very page yesterday and today

Here mentioned idividual is at ICC on behalf of Russia deliberately blocking case for already no less than 8 years. Case which should be of highest interest to any police department on earth concerned with Russian terrorism which involves human trafficking/ MKultra torture/ abductions/ sabotage(destruction of private property)/ forced unemployment/ persecution via local police departments and courts(Slovenia where Russia would like to re establish failed Serbian state previously known as Yugoslavia) and so on is because of this individual not obtaining any attention and is instead ignored.

My name is Bostjan Avsec(owner of news site as seen bellow who goes also under name Bastian Auser) and am currently residing in Poland(have applied for political asylum) with dual citizenship(US and Slovenian). I am journalist who have exposed via case of my own the harshest acts of ethnic cleansing via heavy Russian collision(heavy terrorist activities) along with local governing bodies against our people domestically in USA as well as accross the Europe(Slovenia and beyond).   

It is amazing that above stated and much more is proven(these are undisputable facts) and an individual ranking at ICC as high as Mark is, have taken and is taking deliberate U turn on justice which is long overdue for no less than 8 years. Mark's sabotage of laws in which his duties are involved, come with astronomical costs for me as Russians continue to increasingly implement crime against me even in one of the poorest immigration system systems in Europe(thus depraving me even of most basic needs which others are due).

In case you need more detailed info for investigation of here mentioned individual, I am asking you at this opportunity to please provide me with complete complain procedure(preferably email) where I can send you more details about above stated.

More info on reported Individual can be found right here while on me personally(seen here concerns situation in Poland alone) and my case at

Know that I recognized and people and locations in country where I supposedly never ever was(CONCERNING ABDUCTIONS ALONE) and know that human trafficking in my case was more than real as I describe one in details

Thank you for help and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours
Bostjan Avsec

Ustronie 29
Tel. 48-579-822-625

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