Monday, December 3, 2018

Due to years long lack of financial support, Auser Times no longer is free option.

Due to years long lack of support for "THIS"(click) very page, Auser Times no longer is free option.

I am tired of exposing to public the ultimate truth about where whole thing is taking to(and myself for your sake against top politicians), and get less than nothing(nothing other than persecution) in return.
I am therefore pleased to announce that from December 3rd of 2018 on, very affordable paid option of this news site will be offered to you readers.

Dogs/cats on Facebook, and even terrorists as seen above have financial support. I therefore do not see anymore on why I who was subjected to the harshest case of MKultra, most severe forms of physical and mental torture, and to the forced unemployment on two continent for no less than 23 years would see different for myself.

Where do you go for moral support when all news outlets out there close this very option and people who dare  - just as the case is in Ukraine.

Thank you for considering Auser Times where I do more than just journalism.

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