Tuesday, July 30, 2019

14 days to first pay and no desire to find next place of stay

You wouldnt have one either if they would drag you from hostel to hostel and torture you via MKultea - told you in advance on what they will do with you "if you will dare to rent and so on"...

Polush police ensured that even driving license was stollen, so no vehicke would be purchased - idea was to prevent me from storing personal belongings in one. Just as the case was with stollen wallet, building owner appeared today to ask me if I got my package which he suposedly gave yesterday to apt. 10. Package arrived on Friday(he didnt bother to notify me and at local postral office they knew nothing about one either till I started severe arguments with clerk and have demanded postal office chief's assistance which after half an hoyr confirmed my claim - confirmed because before I spoke to obe, seller from China tracked my package all the way to Poland and as much as Poles lied about one, one was delivered on Friday). Owner bullied with heated issue and wanted a handshake.

What was in package !!???? Frames for new glasses which were destroyed on behalf and via Polish police as well.


Only 10%is written on here on what they have done - cant afford to write other 90% due to employment issues. What is going on witb UN!!????

Am asked often why am here

I am here because you brought me here against my will for no less than 21 years.

Now deal with it because I have no immediate plans for leaving.

@Kaczynski - I know that truth may be painfull.

Its like this

I now fully understand importance of present and previous landlors...they are not less guilty than others who at time of search for place of stay wouldnt rent me a place do(we are talking about hostels here). I get it. Kaczynsku's police is in control. So is what Duda/ Morawiecki/ think.

Here are facts on what now:
Will not rent via exhtortion options like this. Will make sure no Ukrainian(forget about Ruskies) is even near next place.

Confession to make:
Was not in church now for at least 6 months...was seldome in church due to MKultra brainwash in Grotnikih on how I have to pay/contribue each time lots if money...the worst is that you cant dedicate prayer to lord due to constant sound in head...even worse perhaps a knowledge that someone(just as the case was in Belarus - 2017) is trying to sell your God to someone else. Praying along with people who know not better than coughing after commiting horrific crime which ruined 24 years of my life is not for me.

Go figure yourself who they are as a people/nation - whatever. There is such God that will hear their prayers("holly father, our secret is okay vecause we had to do it this way"), but that one is not mine.

MKultra is a Satanic ritual in case you didnt know. Those who participate in one are Satan's believers.

Situation with "Ukrainians" Dabrowska 20 where I stayed for a month

If this is who they are.

All of them are commers here alrwady for years and according to Zgierz police and them alone a members of Ukrainian intellegence which if truth is EXTREMELLY WEAK/FRAGILE.

Here is why how:

Day A at this place and same individual as tonight poked bag of sugar with knife have done to a bag of flower when I was making pancakes. Mocus from nose was spread all over my clothing during first handwash...clithing was thrown behind wall when drying one...main doors from building locked in the face today when I returned from Lodz...oil stolen...when I demended return of one the next dayvwas replaced with cheaper one and list of these "UKRANIANS" for which POROSHENKO knows extemelly well goes on and on. Their net is huge in Zgierz and extends to work location.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Why lack of posts on here

because I can not afford work via readers support and foremost due to lack of human rights organizations involvement in this very case.

Friday, July 26, 2019

What rental receipt looks like in Poland

Paid till July 31st. Would pay him extra for registration but was unwilling to communicate. Just two days latter I attempted to register address at local city office. When there I enquiered about possibility of doing so with owners help(either signature or lease or whatever). He asked me on phone to return in 5 minutes from city office to residence where we would meet and he would help. Once there, he instead looked at paper and left. Then situation repeated few days latter when waiting on him for half an hour in vain for nothing...another time he pushed me with car door when we conversed about job possibility and so on...

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Very important day behind me - day which marked my past and will play main role in my decision process in the future

As you know( I did not publish audio from last interview with Polish immigration yet online), I have not applied in Poland for political asylum yet as I gestured few weeks ago I would. In short, I will also not apply for one.

Today when enquiering for possibility to obtain Polish issued ID such as drivers license since Slovenian was stolen along with wallet, however, I was told by Zgierz employee which works at city hall(room 5 - dpt. for assistance to those which are denied equality residential rights - incharged for inspectors which enforce Polish laws) that I should just leave where I wouldnt have problems to register adress with governmet - out of Poland basically. She gave this type of answer after using against me bully approach which didnt differ in any way from thief which came to visit me with stollen wallet to Grotniki immigration center. I didnt need to go in details why such answer.

Thanks to her, I got answer on what to and not do which consumed from me entire month.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

Second rental owner refuses to assist with "zameldowanie" issue(report place of stay according to Polish law and as required)

Both were reported to authorities today.


If they have problem with authorities, they should solve those on their own rather than implicating in their issues renters. Or tell person in advance that one will not be allowed to report his place of stay to government.

They both participated in MKultra as willing to help, but seems had totally other plan$$$(NOT SO MUCH PROBLEMS WITH AUTHORITIES WHEN CONSIDERING THIS VERY FACT, BUT THIS ISSUE IS RESERVED FOR EU COURT) coming along. Ohh, well.

This owner just like the other one prosperred very well(not as the first one from Grotniki who made millions out of my case - one became wealthy because of my case, but still he made money) and tells a lot about Polish system as whole. Kaczynski planted his own people in the case and is creating his own story. Question is if someone like rzeczpospolita exists in Poland on the first place. Whole thing looks more and more as COSA NOSTRA and this is what Kaczynski dreamed about. Becoming dictator in Poland.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Never liked Walesa who developed conspiracy theory to destroy real truth about plane crash in 2010 and truth is here

Both were implicated in MKultra and both are pigs involved in 2010 Katyn plane massacre. Zaskakujące słowa Wałęsy o Kaczyńskim. „Ja go kocham jako człowieka”

Plane crash investigation delayed for no less than 9 years...where in the world is that possible other than in Poland !!???? In the face of the today's world.

Cant help myself but to think over and over about

stollen mp 3 player by lady infront of her house(she cried just how she will help under MKultra to Americans) and stollen sd card via stollen wallet where I had stored videos and audios about MKultra proofs - many from people who trully wanted to help. Police which have stollen wallet sent instead of investigating(decline to file case) thug with stollen wallet at center where he lauggedin my face and extorted for more money and became motivated in my telephone with which I took photo of thug.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

First job and then visit to Lodz airport for Polish political asylum purposes

Money in number one here now.

UN have done nothing so far in respect to this case.

Large area all the way to Zgierz Lakes identified

natives confirm my story accounts(who cares about buildings, its people which confirm my accounts about what went on in Zgierz and why etc.).

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Second Ukrainian roomate identified - moved in today

Accross the street people and building owner as well as what buikdinbg was used were identified several days ago - day before I moved in here just by observing buildings and people - when you walk bye or drive byeand you kniw who is whast is all audio recorded.

Pointed out from where gentleman in Ukraine is(10km proximity if his town) and close to his proffession(he also has license for drivinbg trucks and have worked on them, but is a mechanic by professdion what I consider as close enough).

Friday, July 5, 2019

Wife of new roomate recognized yesterday

She lives in Lodz and as I returned from Warsaw, I described him his wife for what he gave me confirmation(surprised).

This was done on second day of my stay in this hostel.

Was told by Polish immigration when requesting for passport yesterday that I didn't even apply for political asylum in Poland but instead for international protection and as such couldnt be even considered since I am EU citizen

Passport was returned to me. Was told Slovenia a very safe great country while Poland is being discussed a lot in EU.

Told that I can apply for Polish political asylum only in respect to protection in Poland only and for that matter that Polish government alone has to benefit from within.

Political asylum in Poland will be therefore my next step. Monday or so and rzeczpospolita(not you Kaczynski/ Morawiecki/ Duda) will be deciding about one.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

About anger

Have seen a lots of people in my life to live in anger. Father was one...Trump is another one...have seen workers and people on daily bases to live life in anger.

Well, anger is a tremendous weakness which I cant afford.  Weakness because one is related to mental instability(inability to rationalze situations properly - frustrations, shame), laziness, and so on...

Iam a fun guy to be arround who however will not allow to anyone imply above issues via viollence into my life. If you do somehow manage to penetrate through my system, you most likely will never see me again. Its just not the way for me and will never become part of me.

Tomorrow Warsaw(Taborowa 33) and then full time job

Will get passport tomorrow. Things worked out for me very well so far despite all. Pleased with new place.

From tomorrow on, I will stay in Zgierz city in hostel

where I was systematically compelled via economic struggle(theft of wallet with ids, theft of bike, destruction of equipment, and other financial issues on which Polish system worked very hard on).

I will be staying in fact in room with an individual who presented himself as double agent(Ukr. and Russian) under MKultra when guided thgroughout Zgierz hostels by Russians - core idea was to get me out of Zgierz at all costs. Individual presented under MKultra yet another Polish ind. who gestured on how he already assisted in abduction to Russia and will do so for the right money again.

Valerio(Belarus) along with other Russians which freely incited in paranoia under MKultra, however, gestured on how they will have at least guy two in every hostel thgroughout Lodz/Zgierz that would be affordable for me.

This is not joke...I have recognized today employees owners of hostels and hostels back to 2003...hostel owners further fear from renting me because of Zgierz police involvement and have again proof in hands for here stated...rooms avcailable for rent became unavailablke for the rest of the year when I appeared...

Here is my new place where I will stray from tomorrow...is a very very good affordable place in my opinion - center of city embedded with job opportunities and its what I need. Russians did nothing but incitement in paranoia with their Polish police collegues. 2017 Warsaw Terespol Warsaw Lublin Lvov Minsk Vitebsk was same s****.

Very happy for new place...