Thursday, July 25, 2019

Very important day behind me - day which marked my past and will play main role in my decision process in the future

As you know( I did not publish audio from last interview with Polish immigration yet online), I have not applied in Poland for political asylum yet as I gestured few weeks ago I would. In short, I will also not apply for one.

Today when enquiering for possibility to obtain Polish issued ID such as drivers license since Slovenian was stolen along with wallet, however, I was told by Zgierz employee which works at city hall(room 5 - dpt. for assistance to those which are denied equality residential rights - incharged for inspectors which enforce Polish laws) that I should just leave where I wouldnt have problems to register adress with governmet - out of Poland basically. She gave this type of answer after using against me bully approach which didnt differ in any way from thief which came to visit me with stollen wallet to Grotniki immigration center. I didnt need to go in details why such answer.

Thanks to her, I got answer on what to and not do which consumed from me entire month.

Was told on immigration interview almost month ago by my case manager that Poland will never charge Slovenia via my case and will even endict herself if forced to protect course not. I was Slovenia which acted against me on vehalf of Poland and it was Poland which acted against me on behalf of Russia.

Thast I would isolate myself against international community after Poland which participates in her program(Dublin protection) have violated its principles, doesnt even cross my mind. If I would take such radical(MKultra schisophrenic view) approach after being severely abused here, one would most likely consider me as completelly insane.

Kaczynski made yet another error in line. The biggest one of them all was done by Zgierz police which insisted under MKultra on how they will help me as long as I will not go against Donald Trump and threatened on steps they would take against me if neccesary to protect him - incl. with shooting.

We will see who will get lost where and how and when. I have a bad record behind me. Fought a lots of wars. Lost I have none. I am the last one who leaves work/ nobody is ever left behind on my shift(first one to come to your rescue).

Video is already done and will post one online tomorrow.

People all over the world take for granted the right to obtain state issued ID based on their address. I dont seec why I wouldnt - even more so since its a law in Poland to register your place of stay as foreigner.


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