Sunday, February 28, 2021

In 2002, my cousin(one of closest and dearest cousins to me) involved in MK Ultra from Bela Krajina lost his mind - begun to even life threaten with good reason

 His lymph node system(also lymph node system) was poisoned. He developed the worst stage cancer, but did managed to somehow survive one over the course of the next two decades(heavy chemo therapies etc.)...little he knew when screaming at me with his wife that lymph node injury with idea to cause cancer was done to me in 1996 already. 

First gland node cancer injury via surgery was done in 1996 in Belgrade with assistance of Russians - only three years after a rehearsal took place

Idea of rehearsal was to(according to Russian KGB individual involved in MK Ultra) confuse other parties involved in MK Ultra as per timing wise. I can recall they have done to someone else(OR OTHERS INVOLVED) the same in 1999(1998) and then begun to gesture Western mentors on how also same was done to me - this was done to cover ass to Donald Trump. To Donald Trump because one was given guardianship over my MK Ultra case on behalf of Western politicians(Buckingham palace and Berlin).

Saturday, February 27, 2021

MK ULTRA: How Putin and Aleksandar Vucic cancer related plan with idea to get me hospitalized fell apart upon my return from Poland to Sloveni

Video can be also seen at 
I will skip on opportunity to share my future with people like niece and her husband.


No Russian president EVER managed to accomplish to piss on American flag and American constitution, but Vladimir Putin DID(never mind FAKE European Union)

Here is how was done

I SUPPORT AOC: AOC joins backlash over Biden child migrant camp: ‘This is not okay’

To separate parents from children or vice-versa if you like IS A NEONAZI PRACTICE THAT SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY ABOLISHED. I think Biden is doing good job in respect to Ukraine, but here seen must be resolved.

PUTIN ON NEW ELECTIONS(will soon be reunited with Trump) AND NAVALNY INTO PRISON: Crazier than even North Korean Kim Jong-Un are Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic who drove North Korea(its whole world lol) insane

And if you think North Korea is far from you - think again because German Nord Stream goes on to cause more damage to Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, and many others(inside of European Union and outside of European Union) who shiver just on thought about Russian aggression. I don't like Aleksandar Navalny because one is in bed with Western NEONAZI politic, but so is Vladimir Putin who is in bed with one even more so. The two are nothing more than in competition with one another at most and for what one is demonstrating(anywhere from corruption to crime about Putin), the other one is unwilling to give/surrender as he knows that European Union is a FAKE union of states in which each has own laws/treaties(EU CONSTITUTION PERTAINING HUMAN RIGHTS OF OWN CITIZENS JUST A BOGUS WRITING) - such is case of my own.
Russian president for life is instead of worrying about West preparing for big Donald Trump's comeback in 2024 - the one that will seal the faith of many many more globally. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Lymph node cancer and what you see here go very well together with one another but not if you try to stay alive


For fathers "mental illness" that I was presented by mother upon return from Poland, I was told ALSO

 that he must act like this and if I would state that he doesn't have one, state would prove me he does(that state would gradually destroy one just to prove that he did and I was wrong about it). They created whole world of lies.

Closest associate of neighbor Andrej Uhl under MK Ultra was my mother

 Andrej Uhl and Dane Kolenc(participated tremendously a lot in Poland - speaks even Polish) - both neighbors involved in MK Ultra from day 1 and both pledged support(there is no MK Ultra game without so called support) to mother. Already bad turned for the worst.

To all the parents and their victims - to society

In individual who is subjected to MK Ultra and humiliated is never ever seen again as a normal(equal) human being because of vision that those who subjected on to physical and mental torture carry on with them - its a memory that lives with those who tortured on just what they were capable to do to one. And as such is individual a worthless human being left in 99.99% to own devices - total failure specially when/i state agencies become involved against one such as employment office(even if disregarding psychiatry and police which instructs in such criminal practices).

Thursday, February 25, 2021

MK ULTRA: Andrej Uhl(neighbor who still has his car parked infront of house) destroyed me not only several pairs of shoes

 but also entire wardrobe(some 5 pairs of new pants as I will demonstrate on video). He was in 2004 acknowledged by psychologists involved in MK Ultra as mentally ill due to plane evil(they demanded him out), but not ousted from MK Ultra case - instead on behalf of Aleksandar Vucic via Slovenian now president Borut Pahor even awarded with carrying a gun. 

I have no doubt that Uhl was behind car assassination plot that took place in 2007 - not just behind stealing tires as he insisted me under MK Ultra.

Monday, February 22, 2021

I give Mr. Mark Felton 10 stars out of ten possible

Involved in MK Ultra. Beautiful family too. Extremely hardworking/intelligent and good hearted. Mark is also real British/real English who would have gone to the end of the world and back for his nation. In my eyes, he is the most reliable man Britain ever had during course of my MK Ultra case.

I like Antonio Guterres(UN boss) calling out global situation as was ignored for far too long - White supremacy a 'transnational threat', U.N. chief warns

His views very much in line with mine. Great job on his behalf pointing out at politicians on leading positions. Its also what UN was established for

It makes ZERO sense for me to report further on radiation

 There is huge difference between high and extreme radiation - while at high radiation health of injured(gland/lymph nodes area) person can very much feel one, telephone doesn't ring alarm of one. And so since Mitja Weber who played game with radiation installation all over the house(house has two furnaces, but is screwed up in a such a way that new furnace which is used due to low operating costs also sends water to boiler located next to old furnace - both have meters and other stuff that I believe explode with radiation per convenience as they stated me whoever will feel to trigger one - Putin's KGB thug told me that it will all depend on me on what I will be writing about him on my media). So, there is virtually no place to hide in this house. No up and no down as was told under MK Ultra.

For Roma people whom you have exploited in city of Novo mesto alone, I will send you a beautiful bill$$$ to Moscow, Belgrade, and USA

 You will pay them what you owe them and I will gladly add to that my humble part ;)

Way prior to Ante Pavelic and his Jesenovac, there was Karađorđević - while Croats clearly steered away from shameful past, Serbs have done and are trying their best to revive 卐 卍Karađorđević's卐 卍 legacy and this using most volent imaginable ways one could even think off

When it come to Jesenovac for which there is no excuse and what Serbian media is desperately reviving as a sand in the eyes to global public due to Vukovar massacre against Croats(actually war against 6 other nations which Serbia declared upon fall of Federation republic of Yugoslavia - biggest Serbian problem with Jesenovac is ), the only difference in my eyes between the two when comparing their WWII adventures and post WWII development on territory of ex Yugoslavia is that Croats served Hitler via Zagreb and not as Serbs attempted for them - via Belgrade known as chetnik movement. 
And(also difference between the two) that great Serbian chetnik movement which over the course of time very much exploded to very today IS ALSO taking pride in crime in Slovenia(not only or not any longer only in Croatia and Bosnia and Montenegro and Macedonia and Kosovo and in Vojvodina and Serbia alone - but also here in Slovenia) with idea to use Jesenovac for purposes as explained above and at rather than to face with truth/justice/ reality(I alone confronted them with via my MK Ultra case) and commit itself rather to peace with other neighboring nations. As far as Jews,

My condolences to Houston to which on my surprise(its nothing else that surprises me as is always the same for those in lowest social/financial standings) is that we have learned very little

 about what went on from media during actual crises. I feel as if deadly weather stunt didn't get anywhere near attention as case should have been and this especially from foreign media which ignored one almost totally. Ted Cruz/Rick Perry alike pro Trumpets are causing as much as possible damage to country what as they count will add to elections in 2024 for which Trump is getting himself readied after a very nice break.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

@Tužilaštvu Unsko-sanskog kantona in respect to doktor Nikolina Balaban

 Related to

I must admit, I have no clue about who she really worked for/how and why. I cancel all previous statements in which I have gestured for you to exonerate her. Don't wish anything bad that would happen to her, however, I have no clue about her deals in Bosnia. Her urge to get me on operation table(parallel tooth problem) might have been related to totally other issues than help as I did managed to recover myself by doing exactly opposite from what I was brainwashed for the most part to do under MK Ultra. 

Due Aleksandar Vucic's ethnic CHETNIK approach(OPEN - HE WAS AUDIO AND PROBABLY VIDEO RECORDED AS I WAS TOLD) encouraged by Vladimir Putin, Vucic upon realizing his error issued decree to open coverup website known as

That is correct. Serbian diamond was even audio and video recorded as was told to threaten Czechs/Pollacks sometimes in 1996/1997 claiming me on how  they are nothing and just about anything at any time can be done the same with them(entire nations - Mr. Vucic acknowledged them as non Slavic worthless) as with me.
And Serbian "MORAVA" news site was born - still, Rudi Moravec wasn't lucky enough with his cancer issues gifted to him by Putin's bodyguards.

新年快乐Greatly ignored by Western and at home in eastern Europe media - late from my side on e week, I wish Chinese a Happy New year


One of the most reputable chetniks in Serbian history vanished - Đorđe卐 卍Balašević

Spit openly on Slovenian people already in 1991(I was just 20) and on Croatian during massacre in Vukovar. His hatred against me at the beginning of MK Ultra was so evident that he gained very considerable amount of attention from American side, but just to be warned about displaying his public image.

Đorđe Balašević - Laku noć, braćo Janezi (1991.)

It would be really really good for international authorities to raid Bajina Bašta city(for my father would be a Belgrade as its where they claimed me one has second family) - there is and Serbian war criminals which committed all kinds of crimes in there and all sorts of CLOWNS. They insisted me(threatened me with) for me and for my father a transport to this hellhole by issuing fake death certificate.

MK ULTRA: Where in Daruvar Croatia bordellos(brothels) were and how those were ran - what did Aleksandar Vucic counted on

Video can be also seen at

Saturday, February 20, 2021

My father although completely demented and half blind as he and mother indicated, still stays in possession of firearms with which he life threatened under MK Ultra

 For that matter I do thank to Slovenian police which was behind it all

Professor Drago Pokorny remains in my eyes honorable guy

 He was setup inside of bordello - he did became hostage of Serbian subversive war on Croatia movement and I know so. Serbian(Belgrade) lady whom father impregnated as was told with 100% certainty was one of the females I alone expressed interest in when drugged up. Its child as Aleksandar Vucic that would destroy me. Related to

MK ULTRA IN DARUVAR CROATIA: Subversive Serbian chetnik movement in Croatia supported from Slovenia - even via family of my own(from brothels to violence)

I break down in details into exactly what role did my own father had in this "new" chetnik movement as I headed with him and his friend Drago Pokorny(professor of English)  to Pokorny's native Daruvar city in 1996.
Concerning son of cousin from Maribor(yes, him alone) only that his aunt(sister of deceased cousin - she s also my cousin) is mom of Sasha Vujacic from which side I was also threatened that THEY will also have a say from USA as per my case becoming approved or rejected...they reached USA because of my MK Ultra case and then in return conditioned with stated here and so is how it goes...famous Alfi Nipič that he has enough influence on Slovenian scene to impact other public personalities etc...
Video can be also seen at

BILL卐 卍GATES卐 卍FIXYA: Donald Trump admits he misses being president(hints at 2024 White House run) while Bill Gates expresses concern for Trump's presence on Facebook

Friday, February 19, 2021

We Slovenians - we are for Russians and Serbs brothers per convenience

 As a Slovenian if you would go to either of the two, I do consider you either as mentally ill or enemy. Nothing in between. As far as Slovenia alone, this was and continues to be nothing more than jumping desk to Europe for both - providing jobs and free $$$$ for both. A temporary per convenience station till we Slovenes serve/fulfill our purpose and disappear from map as nation and from face of the world as people/human beings because goal is indifferent from the one Hitler had for us.

Smart Watch just as promised case would be by Russian from Moscow with this model was modified to boost radiation before I even got one in my hands same as telephones

Slovenia - now, this is one sicker than sick place. Same as in Moscow/Belgrade. Video can be also seen at

Thursday, February 18, 2021

REPEATED Vladimir Faassen Putin "slams caveman nationalism" as detrimental to Russia, says every ethnicity should feel respected & at home in the country

I didn't have clue Ukrainians, Bashkirs, Tatars, Tajiks which mentions article are "people". What about others which are severely discriminated against due to presence of their Asian DNA !!???

Serbian war criminal Dragan Vasiljković with Austrlian citizenship involved in crime against me since 1995

Its also who brought me to Belgrade in 1995.

EUROPE MUST AGAIN FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL: Just because Germans support Russian Serbian genocide against us eastern Europeans - that doesn't mean we have to settle for one as a new normal

 Russians used to always live as we see today(they murdered their own people all over the place and that included Siberia where people/nations would disappear to - killing people in Serbia/Russia always was and will be from what we can see goes on in media) - but their normal doesn't necessary mean new abnormal for us because Germany decided so. Same as they decided Muslim radicalization(they radicalize them by bombing their homes and upon arrival to Europe, so they get desired outcome) is good for Western Europe. GLOBAL PICTURE IS BECOMING UGLIER AND UGLIER AND IF YOU DON'T GET BYE NOW WHO IS BEHIND IT ALL IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH YOU.

The one who broke European Union was the one who burned Europe time and again


Got up at 1800 hours and ready to go about new "day is night and night is day"(heard at 1920 mom and dad wishing one another a cheerful good night time) normal(tv was as usually blasting from living room enough)

 Related to

And so it goes. Putin's kids will soon explain you(since they are part of productive "society") all about Illuminatis because Putin was worried about own kids' safety - he instructed her to blah blah about Illuminatis. They learn to lie to society at early age. They privately pride themselves on how many lies that come out of their mouths society can take.

We have had and we have furnaces in this house that Putin can activate from Moscow, Merkel from Berlin, and Biden from Washington DC - or Kim Jong Un from N. Korea

It was like this all along.
Video can be also seen at
I cite, "For months, the English teacher was kept under surveillance with a secret camera installed above her bed.

Vladimir Faassen Putin "slams caveman nationalism" as detrimental to Russia, says every ethnicity should feel respected & at home in the country

I didn't have clue Ukrainians, Bashkirs, Tatars, Tajiks which mentions article are "people". What about others which are severely discriminated against due to presence of their Asian DNA !!???

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GOAL IS TO PULL DOWN CHINA(isolate one) AND DRAG WORLD INTO A GLOBAL RECESSION: The one who makes new mutations of COVID19 IS THE STRONGER ONE NOW !!! Bill Gates's plan coming to life as unstoppable.

The newest lie has it that COVID 19 mutated in China 13 times before one was discovered This claim, however, is only in line with MORE LIES as Western media also reports(all at the same time seen here what confirms nothing other than blatant false flag attack on china) on how in 2019 there was already at least 1000 cases of COVID 19 in Wuhan - not enough for previous claim to be real and when considering British, South African, and even latest California COVID 19 mutation(ALL THIS ARE MUTATIONS FROM WEST AND REAL WHILE ZERO/NONE/ZILCH CHINESE MUTATION OF VIRUS - HOW COME IF VIRUS MUTATES SO EASILY AND WHY NONE IN CHINA NOW IF ONE MUTATED THERE 13 TIMES IN THE PAST WHEN STILL NOBODY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT ONE !!????) - it becomes clear that the one who makes NEW mutations of virus is also the one who profits from one, but don't let latest order(TOTALLY TOO LATE ALONG B***S*** SAFETY MEASURES EU IMPLEMENTED AGAINST VIRUS CONTAMINATION ALSO POINTS INTO DIRECTION OF DELIBERATE SABOTAGE FOR THE SAKE OF PROFITEERING) from EU for no less than 300 million vaccines from American company Moderna misguides you....if I would take vaccine, I would want Chinese version(NO WAY RUSSIAN EITHER AS PUTIN PROFITED FROM ONE A BIG - FISHY WESTERN MEDIA OTHERWISE CRITICAL OF PUTIN SEEMS TO APPROVE ONE A BIT TOO MUCH) of one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Man who borrowed car as seen bellow to three young Russians in 1995 and 1996 was from exactly building as seen bellow

Trdinova ulica 3, 8000 Novo mesto

As soon as I changed header from blog, WHO dogs went into "accelerated investigation mode"(witch hunting) against China

I am sure you remember this one

Very next day, mother took responsibility also for what described as directed energy attack - claimed me that apple fell on stairs after she cleaned them

 I doubt she have done it as I did security door check at 2400 hours that same evening. 

As I was going to take photo of apple(cut in perfect geometry - done by knive 100%), she grabbed and ate one in front of me. Its all audio recorded. Related to

And off course barricaded by gas bomb doors downstairs which I also discovered during yet another directed energy attack at early morning hours and for what I blamed on Andrej Uhl, but she took responsibility for it as well claiming me in the morning that she has done it for father not to escape(that is old age and doesn't know what one is doing) since she couldn't find key to lock doors - also audio recorded.

Russian German pipeline - you can consider it deal done as US is not in it to stop deal/instead just to boost German reputation in eyes of Russia

Global plan goes on and one is totally unstoppable.

Nothing is being settled between myself and SLOVENIAN psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje

 And nothing will be till we settle this on court of law.

"Not everybody has a case manager such as Radovan Karadžić" is what psychologist Daniel Smith(REX) stated me during MK Ultra over and over to remind me

 Who held psychiatric map of me

When I asked American psychologist Daniel Smith(REX) whether this is good or not that Karadžic is my case manager he stated me, "its bad in every sense to be a patient of psychiatrist, but if I would have a choice in between I would prefer of all psychiatrists to be Karadžic's patient meaning that nothing is wrong with me".

Karadžić studied neurotic disorders and depression at Næstved Hospital in Denmark in 1970, and during 1974 and 1975 he underwent further medical training at Columbia University in New York.[9][24] 

Slovenian psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje who knew ALL ABOUT IT(even about my father visiting Daruvar in Croatia where engaging in sexual orgies along his camrade PROFESSOR Drago Pokorny during which I instead was tortured in side streets of the city by Serbian minority) yet chose to see it as I cite psychiatric Cveto Gradisar who came to pick me up in Austrian city Klein St. Paul in 1997/1998(Cveto Gradisar was a psychiatrist who came to hospitalize me in 2012 - came for a "visit" in our house as he stated), "Why don't you want to come to your home in Slovenia...ohhh, why"....

I will issue separate video on Daruvar issue.

Psychiatrist Kaps from Novo mesto(he was assigned to me as psychiatrist by Ljubljana Polje as well) who also had me, however, obtained anywhere from his wife(she was introduced to me in 1996 during MK Ultra and I expressed interest in her on what Kaps took over) to $$$ needed to first expand wife's portion of residence which two inherited and then even build his new house and weekend(weekends are small houses in wain yards in Slovenia).

Monday, February 15, 2021

IDENTIFIED VIA MK ULTRA PUTIN'S DEAD FOREST NEXT DOOR: First bark beetle dead forest creation in Dolenjska region by Russians - just 4 kilometres from home in Slovenia in 1995

Video 1 of 3 can be also seen at

Video 2 of 3 can be also seen at

Video 3 of 3 can be also seen at
Back at employment center in Miami(once returned back to US), Americans would flash me with "memos"(papers for which I was told when brought to Slovenia under MK Ultra would be used to remind me of Russians on how their acts were with consent with Russian state alone, so I should just give in for my sake marry mentioned girl from Moscow) 

Bulgaria: So called "Nationalists"(nationalist translated by West equals to nazi because nazis fear nationalists the most) honor pro-Nazi general with flowers

NAZI EQUALS TO RACE(OPEN BORDERS OS WHAT THEY WANT WHICH WOULD RATHER BE REGULATED BY RACIAL PURITY VS STATE) WHILE NATIONALIST ACCENTS HIS/HER FOLKLORE/NATIONAL ORIGIN RATHER THAN RACE. TWO AT NO WONDER WERE BIGGEST ENEMIES IN WW2. Its a mistake Western media deliberately chooses to confuse - lie about. Nationalists you have all over the world incl. in non white countries such as China, India, on African continent etc. while nazis rule predominantly in white world accenting their white racial purity. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Will Elon Musk offer Vladimir Putin a South African AWB membership !!????

Well, Putin already has Dutch son in law Jorrit Fassen(married to Mariya Putina and two know off official record(off main stream media news) very well one another , so I don't see why not. 
Putin also ensured Russian farming opened competition wide to South African "white refugees"(Apartheid farmers exposed to "White Genocide" in South Africa where Musk is from) which are plentiful of financial resources(financed by Germany/Holland, UK, USA etc. to excel in just about any environment when compared to natives and regardless of how harsh one may be since there is not enough land for them on the West to "survive").

Saturday, February 13, 2021

For inciting in racial violence as Trump repeatedly committed during his presidency, one should have been charged with hate crime long long time ago - for inciting into insurrection, Trump should have been arrested and charged with TREASON against people of United States of America

 but they are instead buying your time(systematically sealing your faith)

DONALD TRUMP'S VICTORY IN 2024 GUARANTEED: Sky News reports, 'Make America Great Again has only just begun'

I agree. And I told you already two weeks ago there truly will be NO ONE TO STOP HIM in 2024 or ever after. 

Related to Donald Trump is more likely than not taking a "well deserved break" only prior to his return - but there will be no one to stop him next time
MAKE NAZISM GREAT AGAIN GOES ON(its a global thing) !!!

Former US president Donald Trump has been found not guilty in his impeachment trial.


Although the final vote came in as 57 "guilty" and 43 "not guilty", the Democrats did not reach the two-thirds majority they needed to secure a conviction.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Putin was good at building two things

 #1 Totally outdated when concerning West, assault weapons and 

#2 Building neonazi reputation for Russia(included domestic violence against freedom oriented Russians, but most important is today's global image of Russia) with aimed hostilities(went as far as open territorial war against Ukraine) against other Slavic nations

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Car in Slovenia(VW Polo which I sold in 2018) was sold to me via MK Ultra procedure and purchased via people involved in MK Ultra procedure

 Same was with stocks sold to me via Slovenian NKBM(bank) once they launched company out on stock market. It was nothing but a robbery from beginning to end.

Slovenian government brainwashed me on purchasing stocks in Slovenia and buying/selling currencies upon return from US to survive(ACCOMPLISHED VIA BEING BLOCKED ON JOB MARKET) - did this even prior to my return to Slovenia.

OSAMOSVOJITELJI ALI IZDAJALCI: Zakaj nas tako sovrazijo vedo sami - ni bil samo Pahor je bil prav tako Lojze Peterle, Janez Jansa, Jelko Kacin in ostali

Kacin in Peterle sta ob ostali lazeh(glavna laz iz zgoraj omenjene skupine leta 1995 ko sem bil priveden v Slovenije je bila ces da Nemci, Americani in ostali ustrajajo na temu da se se ne nudi pomoci ker gre za denar - se pravi tisti ki naj bi bili po njihovih besedah Slovenski zavezniki) ustraja na svojih hcerkah ces da naj bi omozil$$$$ katero....ko pa so lazi prporcionalno z casom in nasiljem eksplodirale v skrajnost so leta 1999 slednji mozje izustili ces, "zdaj pa je prepozno in ne moremo vec pomagati ker si zagresil preveliko stvari"(vsemu temu kar so tujci gradili prot meni so pozneje dodali se svoje lazi tako da so lahko utemeljili svojo izdajo komurkoli so pac bili dolzni jo utemeljevati) pa pomeni da v nikomur od omenjenih nikdar ni bilo nicesar Slovenskega - samo dve neslovenske skrajnosti.

Zakaj NEBOM nadaljeval z pridobitvijo dokazov o MK Ultri od Slovenskih privatnikov/delodajalcev

#1 Ker nikakor nebom dajal Slovenskemu zavodu za delo razlog za zlo;in katerega je speljal proti meni od casa osamosvojitve Slovenije - z prokrajsanjem pravic do dela me je "Slovenski" prislil v izgon iz Slovenije leta 1994. Se je pa ta takoimenovani "zavod za delo" iz bivse Jugoslavije prelevil v laznjivo podjetnistvo preko katerega je nameraval svoj zlocin(etnicno ciscenje) prikriti ces da bo omogocil finaciranja podjetnikom ki bi pomagali z dokazi o MK Ultri.

#2 Ker je zavod za delo izlocil iz procedure iskanja dela oziroma delovnega trga celo z tem da me je preko policije in psihiatrije ozigosal kot umobolnega po dolgotrajnem blokiranju do delovnih mestv Sloveniji - se je pa zavod preko svojih usluzbencev v Novomeski obcini spustil celo v psholosko in fizicno nasilje saj so mi njega osluzbenci grozili isjanje deal tako na svojih uradih za iskanje dela kakor pri socialni podpori katera je dostopna za nezaposljene.

#3 Med mucenjem so jim celo usle besede ces da "unija finacira program" tako da ce bi mi bilo omogoceno delo preko podjetnistva v samozaposlitveni smeri, Slovenska drzava nebi izgubila niti centa...

#4 Ker Slovenija ki je celotno stvar zakuhala z tem da je ni pravocasno ustavila in jo namesto celo podpirala/ podpihovala LAZI(lazi so posledicno postajale vecje in vecje zame pa manjse in manjse moznosti za prezivetje), NI PRISPEVALA K resitvi popolnoma nicesar kar bi sodil je iz mojega vidika vredno upostevati omenjeno zgoraj.

THEY ARE ONLY BUYING YOUR TIME WITH BIDEN: Whole thing heading(expanding) into clearer and clearer neonazi mega maga war plan for global domination(nothing ever stopped with or without Trump) - Russia is onboard - make no mistake about it

@human rights organisations and courts for human rights etc....

From 9/11 wars to stolen US elections in 2017/2021 and all the way to Coronavirus and even assault on US Congress...what do you think next step will be !?????
Within hours I posted truth, one became less deniable(at this point even inconvenient to further hide)

REPEATED MK ULTRA - I was recognized along Americans in 1996 1997 and on(SINCE) 4 kilometres from home in Slovenia(near Novo mesto)

Video can be also seen at 

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Will Only Be Acquitted For 1 Reason

Many criminals were acquitted via my high profile MK Ultra case - the real reason Clinton has on her mind is knifing United States of America in her back. Related to which I have just posted right now - hour ago basically.

REPEATED MK ULTRA - I was recognized along Americans in 1996 1997 and on(SINCE) 4 kilometres from home in Slovenia(near Novo mesto)

Video can be also seen at 

Another directed energy attack leaving me behind even signs of presence inside house

This is not how you get sleep - its how you get killed.
Video can be also seen at
Chances for me to catch guy working for police(this is police job - individual who entered house most likely is neighbor Uhl - either he or his son or someone else from this circle) using micro cameras and googles as was told case will be  to move all over the house while using directed energy weapon are exactly zero.

MK ULTRA - I was recognized along Americans in 1996 1997 and on(SINCE) 4 kilometres from home in Slovenia(near Novo mesto)

Video can be also seen at

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Is inside of heads of Russian and Serbian politicians ONLY.

Thats the only place in respect to "IF" and this very case.

@Vladimir Putin(he insisted me with this cartoon under MK Ultra)

In 2001, Angela Merkel rushed from Germany to Novo mesto with her medical team to save my life

 Cancer symptoms exploded in my body to level that suggested very near end for me. Nobody from Slovenia told me anything about it - nothing to worry....stuff like this is as safe as possibly can be in here. Very inconvenient truth for Russia and Serbia who got idea to perform surgery(harm surgically lymph node in left arm) on me after my school mate and friend as was told under MK Ultra suffered failure of his gland node and had to surgically have one removed.

Sometimes in 1986 when in school for mechanical engineering technicians, Gorazd begun punching game in arms - just for fun and out of blue to prove me how one as a biker is tougher than boxer(he was biking and I was boxing at the time). Well, it proved itself that bikers don't have arms as strong as boxers as I suffered no consequence at all - continued with normal over 1000 push-ups per day/5/6 km marathons per day training...nothing ever till sometimes in 2001 or even as far as 1998 as explained WHEN THROWN ON A SURGICAL TABLE IN SERBIAN BELGRADE to perform on me whatever they deemed was necessary via fake alibi as explained above. AMERICANS ALONE(forget about Russians) GATHERED EVERY DETAIL ABOUT ME UPON ARRIVAL TO NOVO MESTO AND SUCH WAS THE CASE WITH SCHOOLMATES SPECIALLY THOSE THAT COUNTED.

In 2001 according to German team(not that I would be grateful for that matter as I shouldn't even be anywhere in Europe or near - I ongoing carried heavy backpacks for staff members and often times backpacks which straps were unequally adjusted with idea to harm my spine), THEY wanted to sign my life already away as one of the casualties as cancer cells exploded in my body to super alarming level....Russo Serbian normal was not so normal or I should say it was REJECTED as they insisted to West for one becoming yet another casualty. I was just too much important for German government. Rushed to Ljubljana and rehabilitated in Slovenia back to normal under strict guidance of German doctors.

Photo of Kosovo individual who was resident in our Krka village for several years - well, he and others(was few of them in our village) awaited me in German asylum in Giessen where I filed for political asylum in 2009

I took photo of him after he cut his own hair and prior to giving me an opportunity to trim him.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Buckingham palace - now that is a drop in the ocean in respect to size of my case which and numerous others have build their future

 just a children(heavily misguided - criminal) bothered with inconvenient truth of the one who made them.

How Harry met Chelsy Davy !!???? Simple...

 I expressed when brought to South Africa for MK Ultra(I told you the first one who got ahold of me via MK Ultra in US was South African AWB), interest for her aunt and there you have it. Related to this is how. Yeah, I happen to know family personally via MK Ultra involvement.

Its not difficult to understand why/who - With over 106,000 fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins University data, Britain has seen the deadliest coronavirus outbreak in Europe

Most certainly during such virus outbreak, there will be other variations of virus(far deadlier), government would release as needed. South Africa(as I explained you time and again for several year on row) was/is number 1 target of Buckingham palace abroad.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Inside this room, radiation meter never ever went bellow 40 - well, it dropped today to as low as you see here(sound blasted all night long in my head after mom told me furnace blew up somewhere in Slovenia and killed family, but I am used to it)

This stuff is done remotely. Frequency(radiation) in this room never ever drops bellow 40 - at least never did till today.
Video can be also seen at

Here is also whom Austrian German government have involved in MK Ultra - I was supposedly a racist because I didn't please German Austrian government by marrying beautiful lady(and then even her niece) way back in 2001/2002 when brought to Austria from Germany

Its that other side that collaborated with NEONAZISM for the sake of $$$$ and often times out of plane ignorance/stupidity/foolishness.
Lady,I understand, secured many jobs for her countrymen/ladies due to horrific "Slovenian beast" who heart her feelings since he didn't only declined to marry them, but have drugged up sent them back to their m@#%%#$% land.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

@Russian KGB

Let me help you become real government agency and return Russians Russian money seating in Putin's pocket. I will offer you complete inside(a real testimony) on Vlad's killing/corruption of your own colleagues and not only truth to Russians about how Russia gained technological investments(not thanks to Putin) from abroad.