Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Very next day, mother took responsibility also for what described as directed energy attack - claimed me that apple fell on stairs after she cleaned them

 I doubt she have done it as I did security door check at 2400 hours that same evening. 

As I was going to take photo of apple(cut in perfect geometry - done by knive 100%), she grabbed and ate one in front of me. Its all audio recorded. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/02/another-directed-energy-attack-leaving.html

And off course barricaded by gas bomb doors downstairs which I also discovered during yet another directed energy attack at early morning hours and for what I blamed on Andrej Uhl, but she took responsibility for it as well claiming me in the morning that she has done it for father not to escape(that is old age and doesn't know what one is doing) since she couldn't find key to lock doors - also audio recorded.

Mother played MK Ultra on me(I know she enjoyed it and I think she actually enjoys it today as far as feedback - disregarding me completely) with Andrej Uhl as I explained and who still has his car parked here. Perhaps funny to some and just perhaps as whole thing appears to me(I am probably not alone) - totally insane insane behavior.

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