Tuesday, February 16, 2021

"Not everybody has a case manager such as Radovan Karadžić" is what psychologist Daniel Smith(REX) stated me during MK Ultra over and over to remind me

 Who held psychiatric map of me https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radovan_Karad%C5%BEi%C4%87

When I asked American psychologist Daniel Smith(REX) whether this is good or not that Karadžic is my case manager he stated me, "its bad in every sense to be a patient of psychiatrist, but if I would have a choice in between I would prefer of all psychiatrists to be Karadžic's patient meaning that nothing is wrong with me".

Karadžić studied neurotic disorders and depression at Næstved Hospital in Denmark in 1970, and during 1974 and 1975 he underwent further medical training at Columbia University in New York.[9][24] 

Slovenian psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje who knew ALL ABOUT IT(even about my father visiting Daruvar in Croatia where engaging in sexual orgies along his camrade PROFESSOR Drago Pokorny during which I instead was tortured in side streets of the city by Serbian minority) yet chose to see it as I cite psychiatric Cveto Gradisar who came to pick me up in Austrian city Klein St. Paul in 1997/1998(Cveto Gradisar was a psychiatrist who came to hospitalize me in 2012 - came for a "visit" in our house as he stated), "Why don't you want to come to your home in Slovenia...ohhh, why"....

I will issue separate video on Daruvar issue.

Psychiatrist Kaps from Novo mesto(he was assigned to me as psychiatrist by Ljubljana Polje as well) who also had me, however, obtained anywhere from his wife(she was introduced to me in 1996 during MK Ultra and I expressed interest in her on what Kaps took over) to $$$ needed to first expand wife's portion of residence which two inherited and then even build his new house and weekend(weekends are small houses in wain yards in Slovenia).

Drago Pokorny not to be mistaken with Doctor of science chemist Miso Pokrny who objected any such wrongdoings and attempted to "help me"("help me" in my case was as Drago stated to Daruvar minority, "grab him he will get money - get him girl and money will stay here" - hard gesture from my perspective since I have seen whorehouses and beautiful girls whom father used to screw myself - none of which would be accessible to me prior to marriage I guess - the whole thing was administered by Serbian chetnik movement which supplied women for the sake of prostitution from Serbia - Aleksandar Vucic once bordello was busted by Croatian police decided to move one closer to Serbian border - according to him extremely important because he would have Serbian client visit in Croatia and its where he learned a lot about what went on beyond borders of Serbia and also got opportunity to grab some Croatian/Slovenian businessman for his balls/setup) via his own daughter.

Immunity from criminal persecution DUE TO THIS VERY CASE SO HUGE THAT Karadžić evaded capture in Austria/Italy

There were reports that Karadžić evaded capture in May 2007 in Vienna, where he lived under the name Petar Glumac, posing as a Croatian seller of herbal solutions and ointments. Austrian police talked to him during the raid regarding an unrelated homicide case in the area where Karadžić lived but failed to recognize his real identity. He had obtained a Croatian passport in the name of Petar Glumac and claimed to be in Vienna for training.[61] The police did not ask any further questions nor demanded to fingerprint him as he appeared calm and readily answered questions.[62] Nevertheless, this claim came into doubt when a man named Petar Glumac, an alternative medical practitioner from Banatsko Novo Selo, Serbia, claims to have been the person the police talked with in Vienna.[63] Glumac reportedly bears a striking resemblance to Karadžić's appearance as Dragan Dabić.[64] Dragan Karadžić, his nephew, claimed in an interview to the Corriere della Sera that Karadžić attended football matches of Serie A and visited Venice under the name of Petar Glumac.[65]

FOR SERBIAN WAR CRIMINALS, LOOK IN PLACE NO OTHER THAN BAJINA BASTA(Bajina Bašta). I personally DO NOT BELIEVE Karadžić today is locked/imprisoned due to seeing how system works inside of European Union institutions alone. As was told, Bajina Basta is a place where NO ONE can come unreported and you know how that goes....

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