Monday, February 22, 2021

It makes ZERO sense for me to report further on radiation

 There is huge difference between high and extreme radiation - while at high radiation health of injured(gland/lymph nodes area) person can very much feel one, telephone doesn't ring alarm of one. And so since Mitja Weber who played game with radiation installation all over the house(house has two furnaces, but is screwed up in a such a way that new furnace which is used due to low operating costs also sends water to boiler located next to old furnace - both have meters and other stuff that I believe explode with radiation per convenience as they stated me whoever will feel to trigger one - Putin's KGB thug told me that it will all depend on me on what I will be writing about him on my media). So, there is virtually no place to hide in this house. No up and no down as was told under MK Ultra.

Its not science to do something like this, but it takes a real primitive to get it done. This primitive who promised me I will be dead at age 50 just like his father(cancer issues is why one passed away, but whole thing had nothing to do with politics in his case - he is a Belgrade boy as it gets and its how they got him on picture to my niece) does have doctoral degree do and is also specialized in using equipment for purposes of radiation measuring...

Can't go on to report about radiation to be ignored while others Musk alike are building rockets/cars makes me look more stupid than the real sickos are out there behind it all(places me bellow nobody who performs stated on their behalf). This is humiliation atop of all humiliations.

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