Saturday, February 6, 2021

Here is also whom Austrian German government have involved in MK Ultra - I was supposedly a racist because I didn't please German Austrian government by marrying beautiful lady(and then even her niece) way back in 2001/2002 when brought to Austria from Germany

Its that other side that collaborated with NEONAZISM for the sake of $$$$ and often times out of plane ignorance/stupidity/foolishness.
Lady,I understand, secured many jobs for her countrymen/ladies due to horrific "Slovenian beast" who heart her feelings since he didn't only declined to marry them, but have drugged up sent them back to their m@#%%#$% land.

Its this type of stuff that gave Donald Trump and German neonazi politic a boost.

I don't know how much she would enjoy if I would appear and many others alike in her country pulling her drugged up on leash and claiming against her discrimination so her government would grant me and my family special favors, but this is what this was and was not the only case like this. ON ONE SIDE NEONAZI AND ON OTHER WHAT YOU SEE HERE AND MYSELF IN BETWEEN.

I don't blame her for stated, but do blame German Austrian government for it.

Austrian and German states were traditionally on extermination legacy against Slovenian nation with Austria consuming as much as 200% of Slovenian territory(at least twice the size of Slovenian you see today). With fascist policies which required Slovenian nation to abolish Slovenian language and even plan to erase Slovenia by resettling Slovenian nation to now a day's Slovakia and Serbia prior to total annihilation. Numerous Slovenes endeup in German concentration camps or on fronts where used as a cannon fodder in front lines. Again, I don't blame her although conduct like this leaves no place for neutrality for anyone(ITS ACTUALLY LIKE FORCING US EASTERN EUROPEANS INTO LINES ON NAZISM AS THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS WHEN SUBJECTED TO MK ULTRA PRACTICES REGARDLESS OF STANDS WHICH WE TAKE IN REAL LIFE) for but do blame German Austrian government for causing me numerous traumas during MK Ultra ordeal.


As far as lady and her relatives, I wish I could help them all. I know its not easy - its why we should all stick together with one another as we mean less than nothing to them(Asian or eastern European its all the same to them - we are nothing more than obstacles on their way to conquer this world).

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