Thursday, February 18, 2021

EUROPE MUST AGAIN FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL: Just because Germans support Russian Serbian genocide against us eastern Europeans - that doesn't mean we have to settle for one as a new normal

 Russians used to always live as we see today(they murdered their own people all over the place and that included Siberia where people/nations would disappear to - killing people in Serbia/Russia always was and will be from what we can see goes on in media) - but their normal doesn't necessary mean new abnormal for us because Germany decided so. Same as they decided Muslim radicalization(they radicalize them by bombing their homes and upon arrival to Europe, so they get desired outcome) is good for Western Europe. GLOBAL PICTURE IS BECOMING UGLIER AND UGLIER AND IF YOU DON'T GET BYE NOW WHO IS BEHIND IT ALL IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH YOU.

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