Sunday, February 21, 2021

@Tužilaštvu Unsko-sanskog kantona in respect to doktor Nikolina Balaban

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I must admit, I have no clue about who she really worked for/how and why. I cancel all previous statements in which I have gestured for you to exonerate her. Don't wish anything bad that would happen to her, however, I have no clue about her deals in Bosnia. Her urge to get me on operation table(parallel tooth problem) might have been related to totally other issues than help as I did managed to recover myself by doing exactly opposite from what I was brainwashed for the most part to do under MK Ultra. 

She does have daughter in Belgrade and have seen herself in Serbia after well anticipating punishment from Bosnia. I feel that Vucic committed crime through her and attempted to further use me to confuse Bosnian authorities with it.

    I will remain totally neutral in this case with full support for Croatian and Bosnian governments which are adhering to civilized ways of life acceptable based on equality for every individual on their territories.

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