Monday, February 1, 2021

Proof Slovenia have far too much money is a self employment law

You must admit it makes ZERO SENSE to be self employed in Slovenia unless you are well well established and whoever have written law must hate this very nation to death. Yeah, you must pay seen bellow weather you make any sales(income) or not and this every month - its where you go broke before you even start...if you are blacklisted on employment market in this country, you best choice is to either run out of one(what most people do and its why so many do on what those are replaced with foreigners from selected countries) or face mental hospital issues in case you family has income somehow - and off course homelessness. Easy to understand based on sen bellow Slovenia is North Korea inside of European Union(nobody has anything like this against own population).

Obligatory contributions for social security in Slovenia

Slovenia has emphasised the importance of social security ever since it gained independence. Moreover, social security is a cornerstone for the values enshrined in the Constitution. Social security contributions in Slovenia include contributions for pension and disability insurance, health insurance, employment and maternity allowances.


Contributions for social security for self-employed persons are paid from the insurance base, which is regulated by the Pensions and Disability Insurance Act.

Social contributions are payed to Financial administration of Republic of Slovenia. Self-employed persons take on social contribution payments when they register their services in the national registry of self-employed persons. The rate depends on the level of insurance. The minimum calculation base is 60% of the average salary.

Self-employed pay the next contributions:

  • Contribution for Pension and Disability insurance
  • Contribution for health insurance
  • Contribution for insurance for Parental Protection
  • Contribution for Paternal Protection
  • Contribution for Unemployment insurance

Minimal social contributions for self- employed:

Contributions for Pension and Disability insurance24,35%237,70 EUR
Contribution for Health Insurance13,45%131,29 EUR
Other contributions together
(Paternal Protection and Unemployment Insurance)
0,40%3,92 EUR
Contributions together:38,20%372,91 EUR

Social security contributions are taxes in the broad sense of the word. The essential difference is that social security contributions provide an indirect service, whereas taxes are nonreciprocal. The contributions are structured according to the corresponding service: pension and disability insurance, health insurance, employment and maternity allowances. Correspondingly, the recipients of the contributions are the Institutes or Offices for health, pensions, disabilities etc., not the national budget.

The social contributions system demands payment by all persons with an income. The aforementioned types of contributions represent various levels of insurance. The obligatory minimum is determined by the law, yet there are additional optional types of insurance, which are predominantly contract-based. The payment scheme differs, depending on the work-type relationship:

  • Employment contract,
  • Self-employed persons,
  • Other contractual relationships (service contracts et. al.),
  • Student work.

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