Saturday, February 20, 2021

MK ULTRA IN DARUVAR CROATIA: Subversive Serbian chetnik movement in Croatia supported from Slovenia - even via family of my own(from brothels to violence)

I break down in details into exactly what role did my own father had in this "new" chetnik movement as I headed with him and his friend Drago Pokorny(professor of English)  to Pokorny's native Daruvar city in 1996.
Concerning son of cousin from Maribor(yes, him alone) only that his aunt(sister of deceased cousin - she s also my cousin) is mom of Sasha Vujacic from which side I was also threatened that THEY will also have a say from USA as per my case becoming approved or rejected...they reached USA because of my MK Ultra case and then in return conditioned with stated here and so is how it goes...famous Alfi Nipič that he has enough influence on Slovenian scene to impact other public personalities etc...
Video can be also seen at
This was for me so far the most disgusting part of MK Ultra to complete/report on. Uglier than ugly memories clustered my mechanism for several days as I contemplated on presenting information received during MK Ultra. Information given out in this video was heavily conditioned with issues from variety of institutions/organisations and even individuals alone which participated in case for lengthy amounts of time.

The mistake I have made in my life was failing to call police at age 10 - thats when there still was time to act. Mistake I will never ever forgive myself.

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