Friday, February 26, 2021

To all the parents and their victims - to society

In individual who is subjected to MK Ultra and humiliated is never ever seen again as a normal(equal) human being because of vision that those who subjected on to physical and mental torture carry on with them - its a memory that lives with those who tortured on just what they were capable to do to one. And as such is individual a worthless human being left in 99.99% to own devices - total failure specially when/i state agencies become involved against one such as employment office(even if disregarding psychiatry and police which instructs in such criminal practices).

Such victim must show teeth in return unless he is willing to eat from trash bin for the rest of his life. Cancer(one of the worst diseases) has by far much higher survival percentage rate than victims of MK Ultra - something disgracefully not admitted by even human rights organisations. Probably less than 1% is survival rate for victims of MK Ultra.

The highest degree of violence are victims of MK Utra experiencing(its what state counts) right in the circles in which they participate(rather are compelled to participate in) in family circles. 

In my case, I have had all kinds of people(from politicians to private individuals) conditioning me issue with family claiming not too disclose - asking me not too get into as it would cast shadow on them(if you will we will not be capable to help you) - asking me not too because they got personally involved with them and so on...

My parents/family members - they see me through different eyes as if reading book about people infected with some sort of rabies...poised to repeat their mistakes they made from MK Ultra and its what ads to general atmosphere outside of the house where a lots of violence went on - and its exactly why. For this very same exact reason(as the main reason), government in Poland also compelled into stay inside of areas where violence went on. Its MK Ultra system used for victims to see world not in alights(in a negative light as one beguns to trigger only negative emotions about one) as they should.

My gesture to MK Ultra victims is NEVER STAY next to those who were involved in one against you if you see them continuing with what they promised you under MK Ultra. They live illusion(lie which I would acknowledge even as schizophrenia - they see things which they dont exist, but see them because are told to see it to accomplish whatever they chartered for themselves) while you have to stick to reality(toward survival) regardless of how harsh circumstances are. MK ULTRA IS BY FAR THE WORST CRIME THERE IS. WORST THAN LEUKEMIA, WORE THAN CANCER AND WORSE THAN ALL DISEASES COMBINE.

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