Tuesday, February 9, 2021

In 2001, Angela Merkel rushed from Germany to Novo mesto with her medical team to save my life

 Cancer symptoms exploded in my body to level that suggested very near end for me. Nobody from Slovenia told me anything about it - nothing to worry....stuff like this is as safe as possibly can be in here. Very inconvenient truth for Russia and Serbia who got idea to perform surgery(harm surgically lymph node in left arm) on me after my school mate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorazd_%C5%A0tangelj and friend as was told under MK Ultra suffered failure of his gland node and had to surgically have one removed.

Sometimes in 1986 when in school for mechanical engineering technicians, Gorazd begun punching game in arms - just for fun and out of blue to prove me how one as a biker is tougher than boxer(he was biking and I was boxing at the time). Well, it proved itself that bikers don't have arms as strong as boxers as I suffered no consequence at all - continued with normal over 1000 push-ups per day/5/6 km marathons per day training...nothing ever till sometimes in 2001 or even as far as 1998 as explained WHEN THROWN ON A SURGICAL TABLE IN SERBIAN BELGRADE to perform on me whatever they deemed was necessary via fake alibi as explained above. AMERICANS ALONE(forget about Russians) GATHERED EVERY DETAIL ABOUT ME UPON ARRIVAL TO NOVO MESTO AND SUCH WAS THE CASE WITH SCHOOLMATES SPECIALLY THOSE THAT COUNTED.

In 2001 according to German team(not that I would be grateful for that matter as I shouldn't even be anywhere in Europe or near - I ongoing carried heavy backpacks for staff members and often times backpacks which straps were unequally adjusted with idea to harm my spine), THEY wanted to sign my life already away as one of the casualties as cancer cells exploded in my body to super alarming level....Russo Serbian normal was not so normal or I should say it was REJECTED as they insisted to West for one becoming yet another casualty. I was just too much important for German government. Rushed to Ljubljana and rehabilitated in Slovenia back to normal under strict guidance of German doctors.


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