Thursday, February 18, 2021

We Slovenians - we are for Russians and Serbs brothers per convenience

 As a Slovenian if you would go to either of the two, I do consider you either as mentally ill or enemy. Nothing in between. As far as Slovenia alone, this was and continues to be nothing more than jumping desk to Europe for both - providing jobs and free $$$$ for both. A temporary per convenience station till we Slovenes serve/fulfill our purpose and disappear from map as nation and from face of the world as people/human beings because goal is indifferent from the one Hitler had for us.

@Putin&your Navalny.

@Russia and Serbia - you keep your sorry ass for your leaders Vucic and Putin. They need more compassion than I do. As far as I a concerned, you will remain in this case as right. 

The way your people talked to me under MK Ultra, its not even how you treat animals.

When 6 out of 7 nations joined in one federation(what Yugoslavia was) got things dead wrong(whole thing ended with bloodshed), you know that single 7th nation is not the friendliest one on earth.

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