Monday, February 22, 2021

My condolences to Houston to which on my surprise(its nothing else that surprises me as is always the same for those in lowest social/financial standings) is that we have learned very little

 about what went on from media during actual crises. I feel as if deadly weather stunt didn't get anywhere near attention as case should have been and this especially from foreign media which ignored one almost totally. Ted Cruz/Rick Perry alike pro Trumpets are causing as much as possible damage to country what as they count will add to elections in 2024 for which Trump is getting himself readied after a very nice break.

People died in this horrible Texas WEATHER STUNT 

Stunt like stunt you know which goals are to psychologically harm people as much as possible in most awkward elefantish way and its what makes whole thing more dangerous - MK Ultra and other crimes as even acceptable as people no longer know what NORMAL is - what to stand for and openly fight against. For me this are acts of fascism.

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