Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Buckingham palace Charles always was full of admiration for Biden - Biden existed since 1995 at the top of US Gov. exactly because of Buckingham palace

 This is not new THE ORIGINAL MK Ultra plan was to involved Biden along other Donald Trump's made billionaires(Dana White alike Hollywood actors etc.) into greater billionaire circle(Because Irish declined involvement into 卐 卍 due to being discriminated themselves in US, American German and other neonazis had to do something to lift their class in US to the level that would accepted nationwide bye Irish community and so creating Irish billionaires was the way of which one should have also been Biden), but it was Irish politicians who smelled stinking 卐 卍 rat in Biden and became extremely cautions by first rejecting his promised $500 million award for "helping"me out in my case. Biden became(after being caught by own Irish from Ireland politicians) really really politically correct - he went from housing segregationist(proven neonazi - read into opposite direction ever since. 

Just talking about original 1995 ;)

@prince Charles....thank you very much for this reminder.

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