Thursday, February 11, 2021

Car in Slovenia(VW Polo which I sold in 2018) was sold to me via MK Ultra procedure and purchased via people involved in MK Ultra procedure

 Same was with stocks sold to me via Slovenian NKBM(bank) once they launched company out on stock market. It was nothing but a robbery from beginning to end.

Slovenian government brainwashed me on purchasing stocks in Slovenia and buying/selling currencies upon return from US to survive(ACCOMPLISHED VIA BEING BLOCKED ON JOB MARKET) - did this even prior to my return to Slovenia.

It was not only Skoda from Poland that seller and his friend were involved in it. It was in Slovenia that went on same even much worse.

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Nothing in book of violence is that CHETNIK Slovenian state didn't used against me

Its why US Government brought me in here on a first place.

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