Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When you go from zero to hero, you are quickly on 73 years old watch list !!! Where is Julian Assange of Wikileaks and why you should care !!!

Julian Assange was rather fierce enemy of mine(he was a friend and extreme collaborator of the white genocide), however, he changed enormously and for the best(not even for better, but best instead) !!!

Yes, it usually is the case that people go from heroes to zeros, but not in Julian Assange's case and this is what happens when you go from zero to hero...when you dare to stand your grounds against genocidal Rothschilds' machinery !!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: My brother Alex Jones agrees with me !!! We are in the middle of the 2016 elections' war and December the 19th is still far away !!!

Be ready America !!! Be prepared for anything and everything  !!! Real war(American civil war II) with exposed Rothschilders and their servants is closer that what you could possibly imagine !!! OIL(grease) YOUR GUNS AND COUNT DAYS TO DECEMBER THE 19TH(one bye one) !!! 


We are armed to teeth and mad as hell !!! We are the 70% of the population in America !!! We will beat the shit out of you and in the ground within days if we have to !!! YOU WILL PLAY BY THE RULES OR YOU WILL GET PLAYED BY THE RULES !!! Make sure that White house is empty and ready for new president elect Donald Trump by December the 19th of 2016 or we will be looking for you !!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sinead McCarthy and Kyle Hunt present: Between Heaven and Hell - The True Story of Whites in South Africa

There were over 90.000 whites slaughtered in South Africa during just past 23 years and there are over million of them stationed in white concentration camps as I write you winder why Rothschilds' main stream media is so desperate to get Clinton in white house after Obama !!!??? Never mind 3rd world's invasion on Europe and America...the truth is out there and her name is not written in 96% of the main stream media !!!

Rothschilds suggest that Donald Trump has a list of rapidly changing policy positions(the co called Donald's flip flops on big issues) !!! Is that so Rothschilds !!!??

 Rothschilds continue to rig US elections of 2016 !!! They are preparing to rig electoral college and are already suggesting(just three days after elections) that Donald Trump has a list of rapidly changing policy positions !!! Idea is to discourage the angry backlash from Donald Trump's supporters when rigged electoral college proclaims Hillary as the president on December 19th of 2016 and to divide and concur Donald's voters as much as possible !!!

Rothschilds have totally rigged Brexit, American(popular vote is far from legitimate), and Austrian elections in 2016 !!! They are desperate and mad at this point - willing to do just about anything !!!

Rothschilds have totally rigged Brexit, American(popular vote is far from legitimate), and Austrian elections in 2016 !!! Main stream media claims that nobody predicted the outcome of so called "elections", but I(we) did and we do know that main stream media knows that we know that they know that we have predicted the outcome !!! The proof is right here and not only for rigged US elections, but as well Austrian elections and Brexit !!! Rothschilds are wounded beast at this point and willing(desperate) to do just about anything and everything !!! THEY WILL CONTINUE TO ATTEMPT TO RIG AND BREXIT AND AUSTRIAN ELECTIONS AND US ELECTIONS(learn how and why) AND ALL OTHER ELECTIONS !!! WILL WE HAVE THE CIVIL WAR SITUATION IN AMERICA FOR THE SECOND TIME IN ITS HISTORY !!??? STOP THE BLOODSHED NOW !!! BEAST KNOWS WHAT WAR IS AND BEAST DOESN'T MIND WAR AT ALL !!! Even Winston Churchill couldn't say no to this beast during WWII and what have consequently led into war between Germany and entire West !!! Brother against brother...



PART 1 OF 3 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SILVER BULLET JUST ON TIME: World got Donald, but victory for freedom is far from over...war just begun(Satan's beast is now heavily wounded and mad !!!) !!!

I am proud to say that the final bullet(silver bullet) that was fired in Rothschilds' operations of 2016 US elections was fired from my gun(read my blog bellow this post titled as "US elections 2016 just as Brexit was, are rigged by the ROTHSCHILD's gangsterbankster family !! !") !!! The message was strong enough and just on time(just as they begun to "count" results - BANGGG !!! If they would rig elections entirely despite article with which I have exposed them just prior to voting "count", they would have made enormous commercial for the Rothschilds's direct involvement in US elections only !!! Totally rigged elections would repeat just like in Austria as America would have never ever accept the course of the criminal outcome to which we have witnessed throughout entire presidential campaign of 2016 and Rothschildergangsterbankster family would be butt hurt on the spot multiplied with number 100 !!! THERE IS NO WAY FOR ROTHSCHILDS TO DENY ANY LONGER THEIR SATANIC AND NOW EVEN DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN WORLD'S POLITICS !!!) !!! 

Congratulations you have Donald Trump, however, do know that we are far from over...the war for freedom just began and without your  personal support(involvement), Donald Trump is not gonna make it !!! Celebrate today(elections were heavily rigged against Trump despite his victory = Donald Trump have had minimum 60% support throughout elections and that is a proven fact - see my blogs for details), and move on toward final victory from Rothschilds' slavery tomorrow !!! You must pay your dues(taxes) to your ancestors and to your progeny or they too will be born as slaves !!! I will also say that man who have done more for Trump than anyone else during this elections was and is Alex Jones !!! Together we did and we will defeat empire of Satanic evil !!! FREE HUMANITY !!! RELEASE THE LION !!! We are coming Austria..we are coming Brexit !!! We are coming world and foremost, we are coming South Africa !!!

Here is the message from Alex Jones with which I highly highly approave !!! Thank you Alex...and thank you for everything that you have done for us.


Ohhh yes, the GRAND WIZARDS OF SATANISM(Rothschilds and their servants) already begun their old rituals against the world(you can easily tell that by watching this news that beast is mad...beast is heavily wounded !!!):

US elections 2016 just as Brexit was, are rigged by the ROTHSCHILD's gangsterbankster family !!! THIS WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEHIND CURTAINS DURING VOTE COUNT ON ELECTIONS NIGHT !!!


Bold text is linked to external articles.

Here is what is happening:

First of all, recent British Brexit was a totally rigged preliminary step toward realization of totally rigged US presidential elections of 2016 !!!

This is how Rothschilds(originally from UK, but spread all over the western hemisphere - they control 96% of the main stream media worldwide - READ HERE) have done it already and what Rothschilds will attempt to perform against USA and then UK very today(within next 24 hours) !!!

Rothschilds have first rigged Brexit as stated above(READ HERE to learn how) by suggesting the outcome of one as if only 52% of British people voted for one(it was well above 65%, but if you admit people that it was 65%, you can't negotiate deliberate future and past sabotage which will be and was performed against British people) is a blatant and disgusting lie !!! In UK, over 85% of the population is still white and whites want desperately out of European Marxist Union which is used to exterminate native white British population with invasion of the 3rd world's rapefugges(what you see on Rothschilds' main stream media are well pre-selected white individuals or groups of white individuals who act on behalf of New World Order's an example, there is about 3% of the population that is homosexual and the Rothschilds' media makes it look as it is at least half of the population that is homosexual etc...same is with minorities) !!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump won US elections in 2016 with minimum 60% voters' support !!! GAME OVER BABY !!!

Facebook determined that Donald Trump have beaten Killary Clinton for 10%(I think it was more) on US presidential elections in 2016 !!! 

60% voted for Trump and only 40% for Clinton !!! That is if we can trust extremely liberal Facebook that was everything but friendly to Donald Trump's supporters(my estimations are and were throughout the entire campaign that Trump have had and have minimum 65% support among US voters) !!!

Here are the proofs(taken day before elections date):

12 million Facebook  supporters for Trump


Barely 8 million for Clinton !!!

THE FORBIDDEN NEWS(Obama/Killary's skeleton in the closet news): You will not be slaughtered yet my dear whites...not yet...wait a bit longer...

Was the message to his black violent and blood thirsty South African crowd regarding remaining 4+ million whites from genocidal maniac and leader of political party known as Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) whose name is Julius Malema...


This was not the the first time that statements like would come out of Malema's fact, he is known about publicly inciting in killing of South African whites for already decades !!! No different from Malema, is South African criminally insane president Jacob Zuma !!! Both have and continue to incite in killing of white minority and are now even mentally preparing black savages for total onslaught of whites in South Africa !!! Hear words of today from black savage yourself:

Malema addressing a growing crowd in New Castle

While leaders of black savages are engaging in what you see right here and videos bellow and in the country(Mandela's Rainbow nation) where over 90.000 whites were already slaughtered during just past 23 years while million of them are stationed in white concentration camps(aka Squatter camps), whites are policed beyond anything you could possibly imagine...there is no such thing as freedom of the speech for them...wrong word can easily land noose around your neck...this is what have had just happened and continues to happen to white elderly diabetic lady who have used politically wrong choice of words to describe black habits(to learn about her past or what genocidal South African government have done to her, click HERE or to see another example of extreme hatred toward whites just for using politically incorrect language click HERE...there are many and way to many cases against whites like this) in South Africa:

Monday, November 7, 2016

ROTHSCHILDS wants you to vote for Clinton and forget about Brexit !!!

British Prince Andrew(non convicted paedophile and Rothschild's servant) involved in new Donald Trump controversy...

Bold text is here linked to external articles.

Non convicted pedophile Prince Andrew, who was involved in pedophilia scandals together with his American rothschildean compadre and convicted pedophile Epstein, have stated that that Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election, together with leaving the European Union, would “tear things apart.”..


Corrupt US Government retaliates immediately for my exposing them and their favorite criminal Rothschild's boy David Duke !!!

CIA(aka "Facebook") retaliates immediately for my releasing the truth about criminal and corrupt US Government....quite the opposite from blocking me(I am blocked for 30 days from using Facebook) Rothschild's boy David Duke is allowed to post on his wall as pleased(go to his wall and see yourself)....while my youtube accounts and those of many other white nationalists were deleted, his never were...he have used our struggle to promote himself for the sake of $$$$ so he could(as you have seen) cause more damage to those who support him.... 

David Duke was not the only one who have swindled his white supporters of hundreds of thousands of Dollars by lying to them how he was in emergency situation for 6 years(he have also stolen the tens of thousands of US Dollars from average American taxpayers as he failed to report income sent to him via mail for 6 years), but it was in fact US Government ho have offered Duke deal to instead of getting 10 life sentences for his criminality to get instead 15 months in Texas penitentiary + the option to become a hero(so called political prisoner) after released...after my releasing the truth about US Government(Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations were involved in this plot/collusion against people of USA), Rothschilds(CIA = Facebook) have retaliated immediately(11 hours latter) by blocking me from posing for 30 days on Facebook(including page Washington Marching Against Genocide of Whites in South Africa etc...I am not allowed to even communicate with anyone via messaging system).... Here you can see how, who, and can see what pretenses do they use to retaliate for reasons totally irrelevant to what truly hurts can see how CIA's criminal brain operates...well...they do admit being criminals this way no different from gangsters seen in movies. This is the truth and nothing else but truth about so called Land of The Free where they have on banknotes written I cite, "IN GOD WE TRUST" !!! Let whole world see the shameless truth about US Government...thank you for watching...

Have JUDAS David Duke managed to finally cause enough damage to Donald Trump, so media could use one as an alibi of rigged elections' outcome against Trump !!??

Have JUDAS(Trump's public image assassin) David Duke managed to finally cause enough damage to Donald Trump, so media could use one as an alibi of rigged elections' outcome against Trump !!?? Is David Duke working for Rothschilds !!!?? Why is Obama protecting and have protected David Duke !!?? How much is Washington rigged !!??? How much is US Government corrupt !!?? 

There are two videos bellow as well as the video that demonstrates just how much Rothschilds protect David Duke from being exposed to the world...David Duke's copies of original documents are also here for you to examine....

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Corrupt and tyrannical British government blocks the will of the white British people who have won state held Brexit referendum !!!

My poster which I have used to promote freedom of native white British people vs Marxist Zooropa !!!

To understand what is going on, lets first learn what article 50 is and what are functions that High Court in UK can or can't perform !!! Lets learn from beginning to the end per what exactly is going on(who, how, and why)...

Lets see:

What is article 50 !!?

Article 50 is withdrawal from the European is the legal and political process whereby a Member state of the European Union (EU) exercises its right under the Treaty on European Union (TEU) to cease to be a member of the union.

What is High Court in UK !!?

Her Majesty's High Court of Justice in England (the High Court) consists of three branches(divisions):

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Killary Clinton knew about questions ahead of presidential debate and did not report criminal misconduct to authorities !!!??? ARREST HER IMMEDIATELY !!! ARREST HER TODAY IT IS YOUR JOB - YOUR DUTY !!!

A public question for FBI !!! Since Clinton received questions ahead of the presidential debate(READ HERE) and have failed to report such criminal misconduct to authorities, shouldn't she be arrested and IMMEDIATELY charged with felony and if not - how so !!!??????
Clinton is 100% GUILTY !!! Clinton committed minimum a criminal PERJURY in this case alone(her felony also involves betrayal against USA) !!! Perjuries are punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment !!! ARREST KILLARY CLINTON NOW - TODAY !!! IT IS YOUR JOB - YOUR DUTY !!! Please read and learn about

How long are we going to watch FBI/CIA and main stream media to cover up the truth about and for the sake of criminal felon Killary Clinton who happens to be even 2016 presidential candidate !!!????

Voting machines in US 2016 elections are ALREADY rigged !!!

Excellent video on rigged voting machines from  Alex explains how those are exactly hacked !!! 

You may be wondering what the term “black box” means. A “black box” system is non-transparent; its functions are hidden from the public. Elections, of course, should not be black box systems. With voting machines, all political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors.

A Soros-linked voting machine company has included a source code which enables the machines to be rigged by skimming the percentages and tweaking the numbers using hidden decimal points.

Killary Clinton and main stream media launch new subliminal manipulation attack on US population with hope to somehow steer consciousness of the US voters into self admitted defeat just 7 days prior to election day in 2016 !!!

Donald Trump have had minimum 65% approval rate throughout entire 2016 elections vs Killary Clinton, so how could he be ahead now(7 days prior to election day) what liberal outlet claims is one point(1%) !!!???

Lies lies and lies and off course crime = main stream media = vacuum world of lies and dementia !!!

What was/is main stream media's strategy !!? Simple, but very effective - even Donald have had his weak moments at times...Repeat the lie how Clinton is ahead of Trump 4% till one week prior to US debate(s) and then claim that claim that he is ahead of her for just one week....after totally rigged presidential debates(read here) in which main stream media was and is deeply involved per US Gov., repeat the lie again that Clinton is ahead of Trump for 6/7% while publishing her all over the news as smiling...

Will Donald Trump press criminal charges and file the law suit against satanic CNN which was in it since very beginning of presidential campaign to seal his and America's faith in freedom !!?

This is how by JEW(spawn of Satan controls 96% of world's media) controlled main stream media tries to rationalize(cover up for their owner or to deter attention away from real liabilities - blaming it all on messenger Brazile and not the one who have released the information to Brazile) the involvement in 2016 US presidential elections... 

I think he should !!! Does it get more satanic than by JEW(read here to learn how JEW took over CNN) operated and owned CNN !!? I don't think so...

Do you folks remember CNN boasting for weeks about Donald's tape from 2005 !!? Do you remember CNN boosting(promoting) with lies Clinton while at the same time it was the CNN that have supplied Killary Clinton ahead of the presidential debate(very likely all other debates as well) with prepared questions !!!?

Just waw...not surprised as I know what JEW(owns 96% of the world's media) can, does, and have done to the world and America with his media bias...

Hey Satan...where is your front page story today !!!?? You were sarcastically loud even about Donald's suggesting what was and is more than obvious = rigged US elections and him not accepting the outcome of rigged 2016 US elections...WHERE IS THE FRONT STORY ABOUT YOU CNN WHO WAS(from very beginning) AND IS INVOLVED IN RIGGING OF THE US ELECTIONS TODAY !!!? Where are you CNN !!????