Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US elections 2016 just as Brexit was, are rigged by the ROTHSCHILD's gangsterbankster family !!! THIS WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEHIND CURTAINS DURING VOTE COUNT ON ELECTIONS NIGHT !!!


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Here is what is happening:

First of all, recent British Brexit was a totally rigged preliminary step toward realization of totally rigged US presidential elections of 2016 !!!

This is how Rothschilds(originally from UK, but spread all over the western hemisphere - they control 96% of the main stream media worldwide - READ HERE) have done it already and what Rothschilds will attempt to perform against USA and then UK very today(within next 24 hours) !!!

Rothschilds have first rigged Brexit as stated above(READ HERE to learn how) by suggesting the outcome of one as if only 52% of British people voted for one(it was well above 65%, but if you admit people that it was 65%, you can't negotiate deliberate future and past sabotage which will be and was performed against British people) is a blatant and disgusting lie !!! In UK, over 85% of the population is still white and whites want desperately out of European Marxist Union which is used to exterminate native white British population with invasion of the 3rd world's rapefugges(what you see on Rothschilds' main stream media are well pre-selected white individuals or groups of white individuals who act on behalf of New World Order's an example, there is about 3% of the population that is homosexual and the Rothschilds' media makes it look as it is at least half of the population that is homosexual etc...same is with minorities) !!!

But the rigged US election 2016 problem didn't start with started a bit earlier when Rothschilds have managed to rig Austrian elections !!! This is when and where mental breakdown or subliminal control(psychological warfare against whites) of Western hemisphere population via main stream media have begun to destroy what Rothschilds have well anticipated will be first historical US elections defeat for Rothschilds if not rigged....

In Rothschild's owned Austria where self elected president half Jewish Heinz Fischer with his wife Margit Fischer (100% Jewess by the name Binder whose family escaped from Austria to Sweden to avoid Nazi Germany on what they have returned to Austria) was installed till 2016 by Rothschild family personally(this was the price of "liberation" for European countries - Israel utterly approves who presidents are going to be in Germany and Austria specially - others obediently follow orders or risk becoming you remember Jews Merkel and Sarkozy !!??), by Rothschild rigged Mr Van der Bellen had won 2,254,484 votes to native Austrian Mr Hofer's 2,223,458, or 50.3% to 49.7%. !!! Do you see cunning resemblance to Brexit and what media is selling you today on 2016's elections date in USA(it is always 50/50 which is tremendous lie) !!!?? Austrians have caught rigging in Austria which could under no circumstances be hidden despite Rothschilds' main stream media and his installed government !!! In fact, native Norbert Hofer(called "right extremist nazi" by Rothschilds's main stream media because one have had have fought against 3rd world's invasion on Austria and Bellen for the sake of the invasion on Austria) of the Freedom party came a clear first with 36% of the vote in the first round of Austrian elections on April, 2016 while communist(aka "liberal") Alexander van der Bellen, backed by the Greens, who garnered 20%(therefore a bit less than half less of what Hofer got !!!) was second. NOOSE TIGHTENED FOR ROTHSCHILDS' VAN DER BELEN IN SECOND ROUND AS ONE WAS PRONOUNCED BY A RIGGED WORLDWIDE PRESS AND RIGGED GOVERNMENT AS A WINNER OF AUSTRIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ON MAY, 2016 !!! THE NUMBERS THAT ROTHSCHILDS HAVE THROWN ON THE TABLE(Rothschilds' hidden cards in the sleeves) THIS TIME(72 years old news folks) AND FOR WELL ANTICIPATED BREXIT AS WELL AS USA ELECTIONS AHEAD, WERE THOSE SIMILAR TO BREXIT THAT FOLLOWED AND WHAT YOU HAVE WITNESSED MAIN STREAM MEDIA HAVE BRAINWASHED YOU WITH THROUGHOUT ENTIRE US 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN !!! ROTHSCHILDS(the most powerful gamblers in this world worth no less than 500 trillion USD according to google alone) JUSTIFIED BELLEN'S VICTORY IN FRONT OF THE WORLD FOR NO MORE THAN 0.3 % !!! THE NAME OF THE ROTHSCHILDS' GAME WAS TO HACK(play with) US ELECTIONS 2016 VIA TINY AUSTRIAN ELECTIONS AND BIGGER BREXIT(Rothschilds' architect would use rigged Austrian elections and Brexit to compel world into belief that new 50/50 phenomena is "normal" in all new mad world) ISSUE(this type of gambling or what is also called speculation is known also as a "big game" fishing among world's political elites who almost never loose - they never loose because they are first which ever way you turn...they even own white nationalism - READ HERE to learn how) !!! And yess...On 8 June, FPÖ chairman Heinz-Christian Strache brought a 152-page appeal(WELL ANTICIPATED BY ROTHSCHILDS APPEAL) to the Constitutional Court. Strache charged that more than 30,000 votes had been prematurely tallied, more than 50,000 votes had been counted by unauthorized personnel, and over 500,000 ballots were invalid. Other charges included minors and non-citizens having been allowed to vote. On 1 July, since Hofer had lost to Van der Bellen by 30,863 votes only and the Court found that more than twice that number (77,926) had been affected by breaches of the electoral code, Constitutional Court head Gerhart Holzinger ordered that the second round be re-held !!!

What should have been repeated Austrian elections already on November of 2016, was rescheduled instead to December(right after US presidential elections and with no coincidence - well designed Rothschilds game) !!! What should already have been Brexit, was(crises of national awareness) immediately postponed to two year down the road and just few days ago(in November) even suggestions appeared that one was blocked as if high court UK would have the right to block British national referendum outcome(READ HERE what really took place and how) !!!


Totally rigged US elections of 2016 which Donald Trump have already won well ahead(READ HERE to see HOW) of elections, will be(already were as you were subliminally manipulated by main stream media) simply repeated rigged Austrian elections and the rigged Brexit !!! The Rothschild's repeated rigged 50/50 outcome will this time led into what is known as Electoral College(READ HERE what this monster is) process scam which will with your acceptance of rigged 50/50 outcome seal your faith 100% !!! It was all designed as described above to psychologically break you down on every step of the way(plan was to do as described above and beat your mind with uncertainty on what official US Government stamp via Electoral College on the rigged deal would seal your faith world and not only America for infinity...) and this is the Satan's game that will continue to go on unless stopped !!!

The Rothschild's victory agaisnt America will be used as a historical cornerstone(deciding turning point against whites worldwide) for all New World Order that Alex Jones have talked to you about(and have managed to expose one like nobody else) and as a result of which he was severely scorned by Rothschils' main stream media !!! The Rothschilds' rigged victory in America will be fortified as designed in December(one month latter) by rigged Austrian elections which will repeat(remember how Norbert was called a racist/nazi and so is Trump !!!??? Rothschilds' "free press" will suggest that nazis were defeated again after US elections took place and that new free world is on horizon) !!! NEVERBREXIT(the Brexit's lalaland) will follow...Brexit that will never take place(the battle for the Brittain will be lost gradually/systematically as Rothschilds not only will install new servant in the White House, but UK will be also isolated from the rest of the world already totally controlled by Rothschilds = what European Union is !!!! Good bye guns, good bye freedom !!!) !!!

This is how was and is done folks !!!



Can you notice(not only spot, but also understand) the difference between poster above and the one you see here !!!?? If you do, will help you to stay alive, but only if you take a stand !!! A STRONG STAND AND NOW AMERICA !!!

Could that be somehow stopped or have Donald Trump made any mistakes !!!??? He have made at least two crucial mistakes !!! It seems to me that he negotiated with corrupt FBI what he never ever should have...he very likely have negotiated 1) arrest of the Killery Clinton after she have committed felonies and grand treason just 6 days prior to US elections' date(READ HERE and HERE for details) and secondary, Donald have made mistake when he missed his second opportunity or to demand publicly immediate arrest of Barack Obama who have publicly incited illegals to appear at the voting machines and vote for Killery Clinton(Obama was/is in fact so assured in fall of the America that have knowingly committed high treason in-front of the you understand now what is going on !!!??) !!! Criminally insane and beyond corrupt FBI and CIA who were all along in the game to only protect own top officials and their masters, have instead stabbed Donald Trump one more time(instead of arresting Clinton as the case should have been, I assume that Donald was offered by these two government organizations better deal) with providing official clearance from crime charges for Clinton just 2 days ahead of elections date stating to American public that she is even cleared of all charges and good to go !!!

READ(case #1)

---Will Donald Trump press criminal charges and file the law suit against satanic CNN which was in it since very beginning of presidential campaign to seal his and America's faith in freedom !!?

---Killary Clinton knew about questions ahead of presidential debate and did not report criminal misconduct to authorities !!!??? ARREST HER IMMEDIATELY !!! ARREST HER TODAY IT IS YOUR JOB - YOUR DUTY !!!

WATCH(case #2):

The only solution to what you read here is the NRA which by the way(I have also realized as I have researched/investigated well - each and every option) is already extremely surveillanced and controlled by CIA(what Facebook) is !!! Facebook's NRA
(National Rifle Association) groups are hard to if they do not even exist...government is planing very likely a shutdown of those Facebook groups(CIA have banned me yesterday from Facebook for 30 days - READ HERE) if emergency situation develops after elections day...NSA does the rest...just so you know guys what is happening...this last also tells me that Rothschild will go all the way to the end as explained here which is nothing new for me !!! I have warned you about it already several months ago...every bit of it is a Rothschilds' nightmare against the world come through !!! IT IS NOW OR NEVER AMERICA !!! ACCEPT THE SATAN(what word Rothschild represents) AND CONTINUE TO WHAT THEY SAY IS "DIE TRYING"(72 years old rat race news), OR SIMPLY FIGHT BACK NOW !!!


Thank you for reading this through with me...this free article was written and prepared for you by Bastian Auser...

Please keep in mind that as you read this, there are over one million whites(Dutch, Belgian, British, French, German, Italian etc.) whites stationed in white concentration camps throughout South Africa and that over 90.000 of them were slaughtered during just past 23 years !!! Imagine what their future will be according to the Rothschilds and what will follow after their news(prohibited truth) arrives to America/Europe where they frequently run for dear lives !!! 

Today, you will run to America for life and tomorrow, you will face the same problem in America(or Europe) that you are facing it today in South Africa !!! Where will you all run after-tomorrow in the world 100% owned by Rothschilds !!? We are all in it together as you see !!!

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