Thursday, November 3, 2016

Corrupt and tyrannical British government blocks the will of the white British people who have won state held Brexit referendum !!!

My poster which I have used to promote freedom of native white British people vs Marxist Zooropa !!!

To understand what is going on, lets first learn what article 50 is and what are functions that High Court in UK can or can't perform !!! Lets learn from beginning to the end per what exactly is going on(who, how, and why)...

Lets see:

What is article 50 !!?

Article 50 is withdrawal from the European is the legal and political process whereby a Member state of the European Union (EU) exercises its right under the Treaty on European Union (TEU) to cease to be a member of the union.

What is High Court in UK !!?

Her Majesty's High Court of Justice in England (the High Court) consists of three branches(divisions):

---the Queen's Bench Division(will handle supervisory jurisdiction over all inferior courts and its Administrative Court is generally the appropriate legal forum where the validity of official decisions may be challenged. Generally, unless specific appeal processes are provided, the validity of any decision of an government minister, inferior court, tribunal, local authority or official body may be challenged by someone with sufficient interest by judicial review in the Administrative Court of the Queen's Bench Division. A single judge first decides whether the matter is fit to bring to the court and if so the matter is allowed to go forward to a full judicial review hearing with one or more judges. In addition, the Queen's Bench Divisional Court hears appeals on points of law from the Magistrates' Court[5] and from the Crown Court.[6])

---the Chancery Division(The Chancery Division (housed in the Rolls Building) deals with business law, trusts law, probate law, insolvency, and land law in relation to issues of equity).

---the Family Division(will handle personal and family related affairs...personal human matters such as divorce, children, probate and medical treatment).

Back to the story:

From seen above, it is obvious and not difficult to conclude that UK STATE is using as a anti democratic instrument(tool) against British people what is Queen's Bench Division court option !!! HOWEVER, THE ONLY TIME WHEN THIS HIGH COURT DIVISION WOULD COME TO LEGALLY PLAY(can be triggered) IN BREXIT CASE IS IF THE BREXIT REFERENDUM WOULD BE PROVENLY CONDUCTED IN ILLEGAL MATTER(if serious voting violations would take place prior/during or after referendum which did NOT !!!)

DOES ANY COURT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE PRIORITY OR POWER OVER PEOPLE'S WILL(the outcome) OF BY STATE HELD REFERENDUM OR ELECTIONS !!!? I HAVE NOT HEARD FOR SUCH CASE YET - EVER !!! IN FACT, THIS WAS NOT THE CASE EVEN IN THE SOVIET UNION(that is when and where it was enough that people knew how elections were held...Joseph Stalin stated, I cite "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."..the point is that people at least knew that USSR was USSR..not a democracy, not a dictatorship, but instead a tyranny !!!) !!! 


AND WHILE MAIN STREAM MEDIA(nothing else than 72 years old leftish/communist propaganda = vacuum world of lies and dementia) IS REPEATEDLY SUGGESTING WHAT ARTICLE 50 IS(they lie about it as well), MAIN STREAM MEDIA FAILS TO EXPLAIN WHAT IS EXPLAINED HERE OR HOW SOMETHING LIKE ARTICLE 50 CAN BE BLOCKED(nope, parliament doesn't have the right to decide against the outcome of the people's elections/referendum...parliamentarian losers are there to only earn free money or get free ride in another words and obey will of the British majority in this case) BY HIGH COURT OF THE COURT PROCEDURE ITSELF THAT WOULD HAVE LEGAL GROUNDS TO STALL ARTICLE 50 !!!

Well...that pretty much explains that UK is no longer or ever was a democracy during past 72 years...things get unfortunately worse for British people and then even worse !!! UK is not only not a democracy as the British government is trying to sell lie to the world that one is, but is also not a dictatorship because written rules are not even rules as you see here !!! UK IS UNFORTUNATELY A TYRANNY !!! A JAIL OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE SAME AS EUROPEAN UNION IS A MARXIST JAIL OF THE EUROPEAN NATIONS !!!

I also believe that it was not 51.9% of British who chose to leave the EU, but in fact much much more !!! British government have faked European(Brexit) referendum just as US elections are faked !!! I probably don't have to explain to you how those are rigged, but have you paid special attention to so called public polls in which main stream media have repeatedly reported for months ahead of debates that Clinton is in lead for 6/7% till one week before the debates when they would suggest that Trump is catching up to Clinton and is even 1% ahead of her on what(after the debates) they would again begun to suggest how she is ahead of him for 6/7%(READ HERE to understand how it is done) and so on !!!??


What else is new in UK !!!???

Well...Prince Harry is publicly dating ugglier than uggly negress these days(making a free commercial for Clinton and against Brexiters)....not what he sees on her, but instead how he manages not to see is the question of to be or not to be - is what William Shakespeare would say....pretty disgraceful and disgusting behavior I must say, but hey...we learn best per who is what in key moments and critical times as the one described right under this very article !!! DON'T WE !!!!???

Momma of Meghan Markle(Prince Harry's new lover), Doria Ragland is on the left side....I have watched this rich boy for quite a while now and have concluded that he doesn't really know what his purpose is in life...on several occasions, he was totally lost during his trips to South Africa where he have done nothing for white and heavily genocided minority while expressing totally evident admiration for negresses !!! Who knows...perhaps fact that over 90.000 whites were killed in South Africa by black savages during just past 23 years and that over one million of them(whites) are stationed in white South African concentration camps(aka "squatter camps") as I write this article(today), arouses his penis...I wouldn't be surprised at all !!! He is stupid enough not to understand that his mom(whose fan I am not nor I ever was) was killed in a freakish assassination plot committed by liberals and exploited to full potential by liberal media(same to which we witnesses today in US elections) to blackmail royal family into total submission(I have rigid proofs for my claims and will record video on this subject) !!!

Prince Harry will protect his tribal lover from evil America...just say and you got it honey...Canada is waiting on you and your bros...Canada needs your kind to grow the economy...

Meghan Markle is a Hillary Clinton's supporter and admirer since should be too !!! Learn and become part of ever-changing revolution led by main stream media(just being really really sarcastic)...

Prince Harry in his best or will be Meghan Markle only a unfulfilled Harry's sexual fantasy of what you see here !!?? Hey, Harry...there is still time for you to change your mind...

Thank you for reading this through...educated audience is my best companion....this free article was written and prepared for you by Bastian Auser


Here is the typical main stream media article(72 years old Marxist diarrhea) for you if you wish to pollute your brain...

What is Article 50 and why is it key to Brexit?

The Treaty of Lisbon, signed in December 2007, is the European Union's most recent constitution - and Article 50 makes provision for countries that want to leave

The UK has voted for Brexit - and ever since it looked like we would vote Leave, commentators have been talking about Article 50.

Today, the High Court derailed Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to trigger Article 50, saying MPs will need to vote on it first.

But what exactly is it and what does it mean for Brexit?

Over half of voters in the EU referendum (51.9%) chose to leave the union, but it is not as simple as just waving goodbye to Europe.

No state has left the European Union before, although Greenland did vote to quit the EEC.

How the UK goes about its conscious uncoupling after its 43 year relationship is governed by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

In October, Theresa May told the Conservative Party conference that she planned to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017.

But today the High Court put a spanner in the works by ruling the PM does not have the power to start Brexit proceedings without first allowing MPs to vote.

So what is Article 50 and how will it work?
The Treaty of Lisbon, signed in December 2007, is the European Union's most recent constitution - and Article 50 makes provision for countries that want to leave.

It sets out the exit process but is deliberately vague – meaning member states could be forced to enter into long negotiations to thrash out the terms of any deal.
Even the photo was taken by Rothschild's Routers(can be seen on the bottom right side - Jew Rothschild owns Routers). 

Immediately after Article 50 is invoked, a two-year window begins during which Britain will be expected to enter talks on plans for its relationship with the rest of the Union post- Brexit .

Topics on the table could include the UK's access to the single market, travel arrangements and what will happen to people from EU countries who are working or living in Britain.

But it's not all smooth sailing – all 28 member states have to unanimously agree to the terms of a deal meaning the negotiations could take years.

In the meantime Britain is still bound by the obligations and responsibilities of EU membership.

A senior EU official said: "The Article 50 process is a divorce: who gets the house, who gets the kids, who gets the bank accounts.

"It is spouses, instead of working through lawyers, throwing dishes at each other."

In a joint statement issued in July, EU leaders Martin Schulz, Donald Tusk, Mark Rutte and Jean-Claude Juncker said: “We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be.

“We have rules to deal with this in an orderly way.

“Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union sets out the procedure to be followed if a Member State decides to leave the European Union.

Have your say in the comments below

“We stand ready to launch negotiations swiftly with the United Kingdom regarding the terms and conditions of its withdrawal from the European Union.

“Until this process of negotiations is over, the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, with all the rights and obligations that derive from this.”

The High Court ruling
On November 3, campaigners led by hedge fund manager Gina Miller, won a High Court fight to give MPs a vote on Brexit and derailed Theresa May's plans to invoke Article 50 before March 2017.

The Government has announced it will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.
By main stream media fabricated(glorified) negress Gina Miller who wants to look smart in front of the cameras doesn't even have a f**** clue what Article 50 is...they just need her on this photo to promote wrong impression about so called "minorities"...they could choose millions of other nags for this very occasion, but hey...she fits the hysterical nuisance...the bottom line is that Marxists in UK don't give up and they even count that you my friends will....they believe that they will even manage to steer out of this situation as victors...

Three of England’s top judges gave the historic ruling today after a costly three-day hearing.

The High Court ruled the Prime Minister did not have the power to trigger two-year exit process Article 50 before a vote in Parliament.

Introducing his judgement, Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said: “This is a pure question of law. The court is not concerned with and does not express any view about the merits of leaving the European Union. That is a political issue.”

He added: “The court expressly accepts the principle arguments of the claimants. The government does not have the power of prerogative”

Mrs May was relying on the ‘royal prerogative’ - which a team led by investment fund manager Gina Miller said was not enough to ignore elected MPs.

Anti-Brexiters celebrated the news on Twitter - and even some Leave voters are happy about it.

One man admitted he voted Brexit but hoped the decision could 'correct his stupidity'.

But not everyone was happy about it.

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader who led the Brexit campaign, took to Twitter to say: ""I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand."

Others also claimed that the ruling was a betrayal for the majority who voted.

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