Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Killary Clinton and main stream media launch new subliminal manipulation attack on US population with hope to somehow steer consciousness of the US voters into self admitted defeat just 7 days prior to election day in 2016 !!!

Donald Trump have had minimum 65% approval rate throughout entire 2016 elections vs Killary Clinton, so how could he be ahead now(7 days prior to election day) what liberal outlet claims is one point(1%) !!!???

Lies lies and lies and off course crime = main stream media = vacuum world of lies and dementia !!!

What was/is main stream media's strategy !!? Simple, but very effective - even Donald have had his weak moments at times...Repeat the lie how Clinton is ahead of Trump 4% till one week prior to US debate(s) and then claim that claim that he is ahead of her for just one week....after totally rigged presidential debates(read here) in which main stream media was and is deeply involved per US Gov., repeat the lie again that Clinton is ahead of Trump for 6/7% while publishing her all over the news as smiling...

This time is no different...main stream media who was caught lying and engaging in anti constitutional(beyond criminal) rigging of US elections is now using as an a lie this type of lying known also as autosuggestia(autosuggestion is a hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through repetition of verbal/written statements to oneself in order to change behavior...however, deception is this time done via use of repetitive written lies implemented against general population by main stream media as seen in this very case !!! This type of manipulations belongs into category related to subliminal manipulation tactics = READ HERE AN EXAMPLE) to deceive public per truth about 2016 elections(it have had happened already before, but this time matters !!!) !!! 

In fact, I anticipate(my personal forecast) that main stream media will most likely release another attack(even if totally baseless or nonessential, they will sensationalize one out of proportions and desperately claim that this is it) on Donald Trump just prior to election day and then again claim how Kilary Clinton is leading for 4/5 % again(meaning that they will reserve day or two the most for people to absorb Trump's 1% lead news as seen here and then release again some bogus news again against Trump on what they will begun to claim how she is again in lead...new news released against Trump will take place therefore according to my calculations on about November the 3/4 and their lie how she is again ahead of him on polls will follow on 6/7th = on 8th is the official election day..SCAM AFTER SCAM AFTER SCAM !!!)....

Autosuggestion is a psychological technique that was developed by apothecary Émile Coué at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a form of self-induced suggestion wherein the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of an individual are guided by oneself. This technique is often used in self-hypnosis.

Where and what now Killary(main press or vacuum world of lies and dementia) !!!???

This free article was written and prepared for you by Bastian Auser


From Libeal news(manufactured lies) outlet known as independent.co.uk !!!

Donald Trump overtakes Hillary Clinton for first time since May in ABC poll

Republican now has a one point lead in election that is too close to call, according to major survey

Donald Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton to take a single percentage point lead in a poll by ABC, the first time he has done so since May.

Though the result remains within ABC's margin of error, the broadcaster said the leaders changing places was a noteworthy moment with just a week to go until election day.

ABC has had the two candidates virtually neck-and-neck for the past week, with aggregated results suggesting Ms Clinton was ahead by just 0.4 of a percentage point.

But enthusiasm for the Democrat candidate has slumped after the FBI revealed it would be opening up a new investigation into a set of emails sent during Ms Clinton's time as Secretary of State.

It makes the election too close to call, based on ABC's poll alone. Among the other runners, Gary Johnson dropped to a new low of 3 per cent and Green candidate Jill Stein polled at 2 per cent.

The network, which surveyed across the country, has not had Mr Trump in the lead since he was +2 in a hypothetical run-off against Ms Clinton back on 23 May this year.

Then, Mr Trump had just secured the GOP nomination, while Ms Clinton was still engaged in a fight for her place with Bernie Sanders.

Most polls also showed a spike in support for Mr Trump in late July, though ABC was not among those who had the Republican taking an outright lead.

It should also be noted that even this close to an election, a poll on voter preferences is not necessarily indicative of the final result.

ABC noted that Mitt Romney was one point ahead of Barack Obama in a comparable tracking poll in 2012, while John Kerry was also +1 against George Bush a week out in 2004.

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