Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I got radiated like a mouse again this morning, but its okay

 At the end of the day, its they who pay(always and again)

MK ULTRA: Another individual along his killed brother(BOTH INVOLVED) involved in MK Ultra case identified both again from Ratež area

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps was in Belgrade more than once - in 2001/2002 threatened(dared me to just thing about mentioning deaths - conditioned me release of truth if I would mention what went on) for me to open mouths...for this very case, Lavrov, Aleksandar Vucic, and Vladimir Putin had anticipated big score.
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Comment at 1:42:38 is a must to hear - I added one to video after playing audio...

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NO COMMENT NEWS: Merkel, Macron and Putin in talks on using Sputnik V jab in Europe, says Kremlin

With so many vaccine options we have third wave coming and as you also see....

Moscow says leaders discussed possibility of shipments and joint production amid shortage of doses inside Europe

Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron discussed Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine and its use in Europe on a conference call on Tuesday, the Kremlin said.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MK ULTRA: Dentist from Novo mesto involved in MK Ultra who left me with even broken tooth for the sake of MK Ultra but not broken heart

Video can be also seen at In 2018 in FACT, my already damaged tooth was fatally damaged just prior to departure to Poland by this very dentist whom I know(and her parents) since 1996 ;) giving me 6 months or so max before portion of it would break off...Belgrade with Vucic suggesting video surveillance of clinic(procedure to which my parents will be subjected to) goes to 2010 and 2012.

Tanja Fajon je osebno prisostvovala mojemu mucenju(ZDROGIRANEMU MRCVARJENJU) z njemim mentorjem Pahorjem - mi je izsiljevala Beograjske poglede(ali ali) med potekom mucenja za ceno priznanja primera oziroma unicenega zivljenja

 glede na njihovo udejstvovanje leta 1995 proti samemu partizanstvu z mucenjem pred spomeniki namenjenimi OF, ne morem priti do drugega zakljucka kakor da se dan danes borijo za cetnistvo oziroma nacizem(Putina and Vucica) s nadaljnim pretvarjanjem in celo z dotikanjem v obmocje antisemtizma kar se mi zdi se bolj sumljivo. Pravzaprav se mi zdi kakor da bi Nemska drzava financirala celotno zadevo ker Izrael nikdar in nikoli nicesar proti nam kot Slovenskemu narodu niti ni imel medtem ko sam pa prav tako nemara primerov za katere dobro ve ne koristijo ne Izraelski drzavi ne tistim proti komur njihov sovraznik vodi gonjo.

Ni bilo dovolj unicenje 30 let zivljenja med katerim so dobro izobrazenega Slovenskega cloveka pretvorili v beraca ki je prosjacil na ulicah vzhodne Evrope za ukraden razum(pamet - sanity) po temu ko je bil obtozen raznolikih lazi preko katerih so me zaprli v Ljubljana Polje v namene mucenja...zdaj bi se pogajali za clanstvo v EU glede tistih ki so mucili in jih morda se nagrajevali z prilagojenimi lastnemu genocidu prijaznimi pogledi...lepo lepo

THEY stick to Anti Semitism because they know one best - Israeli sniper on hill waiting on you/ Israeli sniper accross the Krka river pointing at you/ Israeli van waiting for you behind curve/ you will disappear to Israel at any time and life in desert awaits you

 Netanyahu who participated dialogue in Slovenia figured out on his own who/how and why Borut Pahor and his partner Vucic invented even Slovenian Koper as per Israeli hijacking destination...all was good till truth broke out and Israel learned about what went on behind its back.

SLOVENIAN SOCIAL DEMOCRATS(party of Borut Pahor now Tanja Fajon): "Serbia is progressing on its way to European Union membership. In these efforts, we offer her full support at Evropski parlament Slovenija. "

 @Tanja Fajon - mene pa zanima kako vašo stranko ukiniti - I would like to know on the other hand how to dismiss your political party via treason mechanism which should be triggered against one as one is unconstitutional as it gets. Remove one from political arena due to her past as one opposed Slovenian independence and have sided with Serbian tanks against one and due to present during which one is using gimmick to cover-up crime against our tiny nation for the sake of chetnik regime in Belgrade under disguise of "Antisemitism" with which one hopes to manipulate American public(I understand American democrats as was told by several of them don't see themselves in other Slovenian party - was conditioned either "with them or highway for you", but will not name names). Tanja Fajon, make no mistake, is in total agreement with Aleksandar Vucic on how...

Sunday, March 28, 2021

AUIDIO IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Identified clinic of dentist involved in MK Ultra audio recording in Slovenian Novo mesto

Video can be also seen at
Translation in English language with testimony coming next.

Audio recording at the Novo mesto dentist involved in this case since a student - she graduated sometimes in 1998. She has gone as far as to Belgrade per Aleksandar Vucic's demand who also took over control of her clinic by bringing in people from other republics from ex Yugoslavia involved in case whom he conditioned better life via job in Slovenia with precondition to turn against me - he demanded total compliance from them as well..

REMEMBERING VERY WELL: I was here(hijacked - abducted from Miami and brought to Bosnia and Serbia for terror) with these guys at the time of their totally fake incident near Sarajevo

 Brought from USA as US citizen to be a toy for criminal chetnik extermination movement against Croats and Bosnian people in Bosnia. Remember this incident very well(THEY FAKE ORCHESTRATED ONE) which however also didn't go without death threats - toward end of the video which portion is missing as one was cut out one of chetniks is talking about fascist, two commenced to concentrate on me on what Seselj redirected whole thing into goodbye but "kill blah blah" was about me personally. 

From there is no doubt Aleksandar Vucic will seat in Hague as a war criminal and a terrorist - right next to Donald Trump. Republican party might truly end its existence as was Donald Trump who befriended Serbian war criminals of which many were already convicted in Hague..
As far as Putin - Putin was in Serbian part of Bosnia at least two/three times for fact - during war indeed what means Russia engaged in most severe war against Croats and Bosnians. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal when considering Bosnia and Croatia alone - we don't have to talk even about Donetsk and other areas...

Harry who no longer has access to the Royal Family’s fortune(unlike others he provides for his family from mother Diana, the Princess of Wales's estate), lands a job as Chief Impact Officer at mental health firm BetterUp

In my eyes in my views, people have a great misconception about world concerning rich/famous. Harry seems have decided to go about his personal convictions rather than wealth of British taxpayers on which rest of the Buckingham palace members totally rely/depend on - its the people's way just as the case was with his mom. Disturbed with online disinformation era, Harry signs further for "expert investigating the “modern-day crisis” of online disinformation position.

Prince Harry secretly started tech executive job months ago

Prince Harry has been secretly working his new Silicon Valley executive job for months — and has already landed another new gig, it was confirmed Wednesday.

Friday, March 26, 2021

NIECE'S HUSBAND: MK Ultra torture went as far as inciting into throwing myself over the bridge over apartment building due to what niece's husband claimed me were brain implants impossible to get read off...

My niece's husband Mitja Weeber/Veber went at the beginnings of his involvement in MK Ultra as far to brainwash me on how natural selection must take place for the sake of better and whole thing is nothing personal again me - I cite one, "you will understand its like weed taking space of prosperous plants in need of necessary to prosper elements...weed is you...its a selection in which only best qualify for new seed".
MK Ultra torture went as far as inciting into throwing myself over the bridge over apartment building due to what niece's husband claimed me were brain implants impossible to get read off...
Video can be seen also at
Despite everything - I never ever had any suicidal thoughts on my mind and have survived even 2012 hospitalization during which I was accused of domestic abuse/labeled as paranoid schizophrenic - thrown on psychiatric drugs for which I even ask myself what in reality was inside of them as physical pain and "side effects" were those of victims experiencing chemical attacks/poisoning rather than anything else. With just a little mental illness in me(if one would exist), I would have been dead already long time ago. They tried everything and far beyond that can be tried to compel one over the edge in a single political regime.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

RUSSIAN Tu-22M3 TEAM NOT DEAD !!! IDEA WAS TO AGAIN PRESENT ME(just as Armenian Lavrov tried even via USA Kardashian) IN A LIE

 Vadim Beloslyudtsev(translated last name OF WHITE PEOPLE) was selected to participate by me personally in vicinity of Moscow I believe back even in year 1997...selected along FIRST team Putin(Muller and his other crime associates) as Russians insisted me to to help me in a white fight for Russia - they all procrastinated their death meaning that none of them is dead really. He had another female from city near his city NE of Moscow meaning that Putin retired him also from his own wife/kids. Sergei Lavrov also anticipated to discredit me via Armenian scam when warmongering Armenians even brought me to Azerbaijan with idea to bully them prior to what already was declared to them in face as new coming war....Sergei Lavrov didn't stop there - he had also Kardashinas in USA to whom I was subjected for torture(could never understand why Kardashinans and why Kanye West was into Russian trucks on his property)...Sergei Lavrov went on to further inject in MK Utra a murderous Armenian who assasinated Kobe Bryant - also participated in MK Ultra and all was 100% video/audio recorded by KGB and CIA alone as I was brought to Russia by no one else. So there you have your Ruska bajka business.  

Navalny's health now shrinking rapidly - he told me case will be if I won't side with one

 I really don't care abut either of the two options as both are the same. Russia has a lots lots of smart people(young intelligent ambitious people) and I learned to not stick nose where there is NONE OF MY BUSINESS other than whatever concerns me directly

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Upon total failure, Putinski team now into false memories in people's minds made in Germany - what screwed Putin in this case memories are factual and not erased successfully enough via electroshocks his team implemented

Private Putin's media outlet Russia today(lets call it a day after) reports everything you need to know about false memories - how they are created and how they are erased(Putin knows a lot about erased - Putin learned to use electroshocks and on how to brainwash people a lot during his KGB career). The newest news 

Bye the way - as a EU member state or as a non EU member state, I do sue Germany for collaboration in war against Ukraine lets say...actually you don't have the right to purchase oil and other products from a country which violates and threatens with safety violation to other countries in area - is actually actively engaging in acts of war against them.

Within two/three hours of even less my publishing video about Navalny Putin, three Russians airmen involved in MK Ultra and serving on a front line(Russian nuclear bombers) were murdered in retaliation while Kim Jong Un cheered his completely insane mentor in Moscow by firing missiles

 Brutal - Vadim Beloslyudtsev(would travel through Moscow to bit north east of Moscow like Ivanovo/Иваново - Yuzha Южа area as I was at his home as well - totally opposite direction of from where he was killed in Kaluga area) became involved in MK Ultra immediately upon completion of training for pilot of Tu-22M3 bomber(he was a trained pilot and have worked previously in other two Russian airbases, however, with I think MIG airplanes) and have instead of advancing his service(he was doing training at that point - probably 1998) proceeded to become test subject in Poland just as the case was with Hollywood actors lets say Charlie Sheens/Vin Diesel/Paul Walker etc... upon his completion of hunger games in Poland best to his abilities to present Putin in brightest light possible, he insisted on continuation of training for nuclear bomber despite as Russian side gestured were offers to him inside of Russian government - he was assigned permanent to Tu-22M3 by Putin. Putin who in 2017 begun to threaten me with I cite, "if you ever state again a negative word against me your friends will begun to die as I planted for everyone of them a deadly mechanisms - in Vadim and two other friends you have case, it will be a catapult seat that I will utilize to get them killed".

I was then taken on a runaway by what was younger pilot(most likely man who did fastened his belt and survived while other three didn't have time - its what he insisted me case will be and there is nothing he can do as military in Russia is held to perform as told at gunpoint) and demonstrated me how plot will be done. insisted me that Putin has ability to catapult via Bluetooth that nuclear bombers are equipped with such devices in case pilots need assistance or if performing against instructions/mission. He ended with tears in his eyes asking me to please not write "bad" about Vlad...

On Vladimir Putin just so that I wouldn't forget death threat of those who embraced me, did orchestrated via Lavrov/Medvedev incident on a runaway - talking about 2017 in which everyone did survived at Airbase "Shaykovka" Авиабаза "Шайковка...

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Let Russia get to Europe through China if one is interested in trade or whatever. They will get smart("normaller" as they act stupid on purpose) fast. 

European Union member states which "think" should be done different must be sued and financially penalized(destroyed) to degree to understand what genocide is.

THERE IS YOUR NAVALNY(MK Ultra): Everything you need to know about 3rd Russian option known as Alexei Navalny - also involved in MK Ultra since at least early 1996

Vladimir Putin accepted payments in form of donations from West - as much as I mentioned Buckingham palace(they since 2005 refereed to me infront of their business people in GB as a police officer and the one to fear the most) in video, payments were according to them alone(prince Andrew/ Elizabeth/ Charles) mostly coming from overseas - US direction.
Video can be also seen at

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Če se Slovenska cerkev hoče vpletati v politiko Slovenskega naroda. naj se registrira kot politična stranka

 Gre enako za Slovensko policijo. Ne gre več samo za stranke - gre za tiste ki bi morali služiti interesom ljudi neglede na njihove politične opcije a so namesto nje izbrali pot politikanstva katero še vedno podpirajo. Kaznovani pa so bili zaradi takšnih spletk najbolj tisti ki so v človeku videli človeka - tisti ki so hoteli pomagati. Takšne stvari pa vodijo v popolen razkroj družbe in posledično države čigar posledice opazujemo. 

Putin in Vućić sta se prišla v Slovenijo skupaj posrat na Slovensko zastavo z katero-obkatero sta se po sranju prav tako obrisala svoje riti

To zadevo  je Slovenska policija nadobudno opazovala - jo je zakuhala s tem da jo je opazovala četudi bi zanemaril dejstvo da je bilo iz njene strani več kakor samo opazovanje.

THEY WOULD DEVOUR JESUS'S CARCASS IF THEY COULD: Leadership of Slovenian WWII neonazi collaborators calls for so called "WWII reconciliation declaration" upon my torture accusation against Slovenian traitors who tortured at memorials of partisans for the sake of SERBIAN CHETNIK AND RUSSIAN WHITE GUARDS MAFIA state

To make myself clear - when it comes to torture at Slovenian partisan memorials(done to me between 1995 to 2003 - went on for no less than 8 years) there evidently is no difference between those who continue to see themselves in Borut Pahor(leader of torture) and those who push forward issue of so called "reconciliation"("reconciliation" is just a lie used to push forward failed WWII nazism - its an attempt to revive one as there can't be any reconciliation between those who attempted to erase this nation and those who stood up into defense of one during most critical moments in its history). It wasn't only Slovenian church which is pushing nazism forward and collaborated with one during WWII, but Janez Jansa, Polish Morawiecki would like to play with Italian fascist Salvini and Hungarian Orban too

They all see politics and not human beings...they see value in betrayal at costs of human lives as is also totally evident out of COVID19 which despite all accessible vaccines and preconditions is exploding(funny when considering that at one point was according to theur media even declining) across the European continent. This isn't only about what they have done to me at memorials dedicated to partisans, but as you see, against you and your families too...its where/when we the people loose and they(lies) win.

Russia Says It Will “Retaliate” against BiH If They Take Steps to Join NATO

I have no clue how Russia could retaliate against Bosnia(and other republics of failed Yugoslav federation) more than what already did as we all fought silent war against Russia not Serbia alone(Russia caused massacre in Bosnia and Croatia via military and in Slovenia via terror while Montenegro kicked one out to prevent Serbian coup d'etat on state), but now Russia threatens to retaliate directly against Bosnia - this time actually news is written about Russian threat from Russian embassy to Bosnian state in Bosnia

Must remind Putin due to threats to have his forces based very very very far away from Bosnia at present. Will have to cross Ukraine and Hungary at least to get here(I wouldn't bet on sea option as is even worse)....however, there already is a military base in Bosnia with US flag on it.

It was week earlier when North Korean lunatic Kim Jong Un(Putin's apprentice) threatened Americans with good night sleep... seems like some already are loosing sleep ;) It must hurt when you watch real time those who embraced you in the past as Slavic brothers/sisters shutting their doors straight into your face in Moscow and so it goes for those who embrace mass murderer Vladimir Putin.

Russia Says It Will “Retaliate” against BiH If They Take Steps to Join NATO

Friday, March 19, 2021

REPEATED: I was told by Novo mesto locals who at one point watched INSANE PUTIN TEAM at the memorials dedicated to partisans and killed by nazis Slovenian hostages TO REMIND one that even names of dead partisans and dead hostages presented obstacle for them

RepeatedRUSSIAN GANGSTER STATE IN INDEPENDENT SLOVENIA: MK Ultra Humiliations in 1995 at memorials dedicated to WWll partisans in Slovenia

Here is how Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic penetrated into newly reestablished independent Slavic state across the eastern Europe - got me even directly involved against those. Must say Donald Trump was(STILL IS) a great tool for two totally by gangsters controlled regimes.
Video 1 of 2 can be also seen at

Video 2 of 2 can be also seen at

A real mental patient Vladimir Putin serves Biden(just as he did to Barak Obama with pigeon/banana/) a cold reality on genetics of Biljana Plavšić - Serbian chetnik also involved in MK Ultra

There is no doubt Biljana Plavšić/ Radovan Karadžić/ Slobodan Milošević and other mental patients were affiliated via this very case with Vladimir Putin personally. I cite bored and insane Biljana Plavšić who repeated me words from MK Ultra(can be seen on Wikipedia as well) such as "genetics genetically deformed genes" which she attributed often to Bosnians and Croats "Serbian nationalists were unable to negotiate with Bosniaks due to genetics...It was genetically deformed material that embraced Islam. And now, of course, with each successive generation it simply becomes concentrated. It gets worse and worse. It simply expresses itself and dictates their style of thinking, which is rooted in their genes. And through the centuries, the genes degraded further"...

Thursday, March 18, 2021

I void everything negative stated about Clinton family

 Dark political MAFIA neonazi powers silenced one, but he made and order on Balkans. Sent signal to Moscow on time. Its why we exist...

RUSSIAN GANGSTER STATE IN INDEPENDENT SLOVENIA: MK Ultra Humiliations in 1995 at memorials dedicated to WWll partisans in Slovenia

Here is how Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic penetrated into newly reestablished independent Slavic state across the eastern Europe - got me even directly involved against those. Must say Donald Trump was(STILL IS) a great tool for two totally by gangsters controlled regimes.
Video 1 of 2 can be also seen at

Video 2 of 2 can be also seen at

As a result of criminal conduct

 Numerous people left national liberation front organisation. It took years before it's leadership realised they desecrated organisation and country with such conduct - not before German state begun to laugh straight into their faces. Related to

In 1995 when brought from USA to Slovenia

 The torture at the memorials dedicated to partisans was done by psychiatrist from Novo mesto who came to home in 2011 - Cveto Gradisar. Cveto Gradisar and two other individuals whom he involved with idea to lie about me to neighbor Miro Berger...operation was done on behalf of Russian government via Ljubljana.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

It became very clear to Polish IT crew and others from abroad in Slovenia, that niece's husband Mitja V/Weber was up to no good once he insisted me repeatedly(despite being warned by others NOT too) also on how to place hard drives high up on trees

 They had game going with test subjects known as "hide hard drive with data on it" or one will be taken away once you are either hospitalized or pushed into river Krka(if not pushed perhaps fall in it via broken bridge since leaving them inside the room meant only modification of software - problems to the degree impossible to operate windows).

SHRINKING POLAND(outside and inside its borders): The Belarusian General Prosecutor's Office initiated an inspection of Polish schools throughout the country. Textbooks were confiscated.

GROWING SMALL REAL FAST: Due to failed neofascist FORT TRUMP's politic of Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki, and their mentor Kaczynski, life now becoming hard for Polish minority in Belarus. The problem Polish youth(in this case its youth) is experiencing, however, is not concentrated only in Belarus - its inside of the Poland where fascism penetrated as well...rather than to keep schools open and get young going, Polish neoncons concentrated via well established COVID19 corruption concept to keep them closed - push forward instead great agenda for the sake of $$$$$ financed from West and private corporations in which field of psychiatry,420452,psychiatria-dzieci-i-mlodziezy-rozmowy-u-prezyde will dominate along private security services/police....turning young Poles into future vagabonds(this is what "long distance learning did already") wondering Europe in search of work(in hope for hope as about 7 million jobs were lost across the EU due to COVID19 game and more ae about to disappear) and in hope to avoid the worst at home mentioned a bit started with women's abortion rights - their rights on general and its what now expands onto other areas of which global reputation of Poland suffers THE MOST !!!!
Seen here most likely will expand to also other countries bordering Poland as trust is not only lost at Belarus neighbors, but also elsewhere...lie has a short legs ;) kłamstwo ma krótkie nogi. Related to

Kremlin's "critic" got too many things wrong(most important he omitted) on his two hours long movie - I my eyes, nothing but cover-up for Vladimir Putin and those who helped(from West) Vladimir with crime

 Those are well aware of stated above and so eternal Russian story of "tsar, Lenin, Stalin" is in best interest to repeat. I will not let go as damage caused to me in 1995, 1996 was simply too big. These non Russian state heads also threatened me with "otherwise" if not accepting Navalny as substitution for Putin(both sides demanded compliance with lie), so I know I am 100% right about stated above and 100% right about stuff I do. Related to

This movie is a cover-up for Putin and foreign interests per whom Navalny is s popular.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Driven insane by Vladimir Putin, North Korean Kim Jong Un uses his sister to threaten Americans with "night rest" issues - talks about "stink"

 If in Joe Biden's shoes, I wouldn't think twice about connecting myself with China and totally rejecting Russia on every inch of the way. Its Vladimir Putin who supports emotionally a lunatic on northern Korean peninsula - not China which is prohibited from helping North Korean refugees even with employment. China had to deal with both issues of which none is in her interest. Chinese police officers according to North Korean refugees who run across the boarder often due to starvation issues are scared to catch their North Korean brothers/sisters engaging in illegal work in China as for them, it means return into certain death.


US has far more in common with China when compared to Russia - Russia is legging far behind anyone due to mentality issues which Vladimir Putin is using against own people - not only N. Korea/Iran - two countries crazy enough to rely on lying lunatic.

N Korea warns US not to 'cause a stink' before Seoul meeting

WAS IT INCREASED VOLUME OF EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS I SENT OUT THAT HURT BUTT OF LOCAL PSYCHIATRIST: I wonder what exactly hurt local psychiatrist(police/state employment office) for him to get at me today in a such a abrupt way

 Its not crime to submit employment applications to potential employers or is it !!?????


 And how is your 13,14, and 15 pension payments coming along !!???? What have you accomplished so far in Belarus which is now as a result of Duda/Morawiecki/ Kaczynski lost for good !!???? How is your virus situation treating you(you can see where whole thing is going now with jabs necessary for new viruses) and how are your women treated and how is world around you(Ukraine looking at you - in another words what are chances for long term prosperity in Poland which would guarantee you a survival on a long term !!!????

Love the new virtual office I created out of old room.

 Mother protested to this for some 10 years, but bed was thrown out last night - perhaps one of the things that disturbed local psychiatrist who stated me under MK Ultra I cite, "you write about me for already some time, so....". Love the view on local Krka pharmaceutical too as one adds to productive environment and despite fact that individual in-charged for sales in this factory who at first insisted me on how I work in his department objected latter what Americans insisted me under MK Ultra also to complete...I cite Aleksandar Vucic who observed this portion of MK Ultra, "if you place American flag on here you will be considered as an enemy etc...."

Krka sales department where I was brought on several occasions under MK Ultra this way obtained(don't know for how long do, but they did have one) English speaking individual from GB at one point - other than that, they hired permanently Russians involved in MK Ultra.

I would rate this factory as the nastiest of the nasty experience concerning MK Ultra.

Same room, but all new experience in one ;) Yes, they played with furniture inside of the room under MK Ultra back and forth....two different worlds in one person labeled as mentally insane after declining to have anything to do with MK Ultra issues for no less than 16 years(its why I delayed and refused to have anything to do with one for so long - not because I wouldn't remember as they bullied) !!!

Not allowed to drive father to local state operated health center

 Conversation ends with(I opened garage to take car out) mom posting herself between myself and father(turning back toward me and boosting her size infront of him blocking him exit at the toilet) and yelling at him on how his dentist Novljan will call back to see if he can be assisted. After I warned her about her threatening posture and father's right to visit hospital she replies with, "I no longer can take this will go into home for elderly" on what father also confirms with "will go to home for elderly". Then mom begun to extort with I cite, "will see what you will do when we are away since you are financially broke".

MK ULTRA: At state health center in Novo mesto(dentists department) was told by female dentist under MK Ultra how

 at the end I would come to them as everyone does I cite her, "small dentists do small jobs, but eventually everyone at one point and time when big job is needed comes to us". Yes, they had me at one point in there too.

Father insists for months already to have pain in his teeth - his dentist chosen by mom and him(private clinic involved also in breaking my teeth saga) suggests him at times to take pain killer pills

 Most of the time, however, I bring him into their clinic for teeth repair - took him there at least 5 times since return from Poland(within 6 months) even that he no longer has any teeth left - has implants and denture prosthesis.

The only one with truly broken(since Poland) tooth is myself. This are provocations(I never complained to them about anything concerning myself concerning either teeth or gland nodes or whatever as they are all issues psychiatrists involved against me with anticipation to gain control over me).

Although "new since 2017 for parents", dentist Matjaz Recelj and his wife became involved in this MK Ultra case already in 1996 if not even 1995.

Monday, March 15, 2021

I AGREE WITH ELTON JOHN: Vatican can't, but I personally do support of what God unmistakably believes is the right of every individual.

Vatican is no one to judge against people based upon their sexual orientation(specially due to vandalistic hidden behind walls pedophilia/adultery related crimes in which one is involved heavily - something of what GOD DOESN'T APPROVE as is not his legacy to use instruments which tends to depict itself in his image while inflicting psychological and other harms to socially vulnerable) and if Vatican must discriminate, then state must distance itself from traditional church related marriage to the degree that one wouldn't impact quality of gay driven couples via certain social benefits that are deriving from traditional matrimonies. You are different for me and in my book when hiding crime inside of your closet - not when openly married as a gay. In this world, there simply are good and bad people, but for institution to stick to so many bones in the closet(included those from WWII) and for so long is very very unusual. Women's rights are under siege in Poland(where Pope John Paul II was/is from and with what he would very much disagree - protest against) because of church if you would like to know and its much more that goes on...

Evil tried to conquer this world on few occasions, but God had each time different plan for one - making one freer and freer each time(you know, nobody wants to have his/her/its existence controlled)...


Monday's news that the Catholic Church won't bless same sex unions did not go unnoticed by Elton John.

Popolnoma podpiram Gospo Violeto Tomić - popiram pa prav tako vse mlade ki so prišli na ulice izrazit občutek veleizdaje proti njim

 Uničenje javnega šolstva preko nekakšnih virusnih igric NE GRE !!! Pred mesecem dni sem vidu par mladih študentkov(mlada dekleta ki so čakala na prehod preko luči semaforja) in takoj razumel da je bil namen virusa prav tako(morda celo glavni namen saj spreminjaje mladih v potepuhe je jemanje volje do življenja prav tistim na katere breme bomo padli prav vsi) uničenje javnega šolstva za voljo privatnih ustanov po Trumpovem receptu(Trump je bil tisti ki je učil barabe po celi Evropi in svetu kako do hitrih zaslužkov preko šolstva in celo drugih javnih ustanov - z uničenjem le teh). Jemanje mladim voljo do življenja seveda pomeni eksplozijo psihiatrije, varovalnih organov(zasebnega varovanja ne samo policije) in sploh vsega česar se je svetovna družba v potrebi za preživetje hotela zgodovinsko otresti - revščine. GROZLJIVO.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

STAY FOCUSED: With determination(not little luck), Harry will manage to avoid all drama you Charles(Andrew) brought to family

 @Charles - By staying focused on life as matters, Harry will easily overcome wherever you and numerous others have failed. Its an easy principle you see - you walk down the street AND are to busy thinking of your spouse rather than noticing others...

You browse job/news related internet the another words don't s*** where you eat and don't eat where you shit. Its choices we make each second that determine who we are, not number of halls(if you look closer they all are the same and some will even leave you dead broke and it goes same for the balls)

ITS CALLED RESPECT: To be honest about it, Charles deserves a really good slap(PROBLEM IS HE IS TOO OLD FOR THAT) for his infantile(idiotic) behavior toward Harry - a public apology to Harry would be a start

Because Harry is adult individual worth not less than Charles or anyone else for that matter. 

@Charles - this is a spoiled brat type of behavior. Only those who have gone through nothing have balls(audacity) to challenge normal. And I pity Piers Morgan who went as low as it gets to stand on the way as the last obstacle to an individual who did everything to correct his mistake from the past by assuming all responsibilities for one so he can fit best he can into world as is. 

You see, there are many(most kids do have and adults too) who have others watch over them as they grow up and as adults and its how their mistakes stay hidden under the surface and there are few who have no one to prevent mistakes from becoming public embarrassment - there are none, however(trust me I know so as I have seen with my own eyes all the sides in this world) who wouldn't make mistakes.

To ignore own son's phone calls is yet another low act of cruelty(it is uncivilized/barbaric act in fact) in my eyes as one is on other side of the ocean away from what should have been otherwise family.
Different wrapping, but same s*** on inside if you ask me and if one only could....

I side with Meghan and Harry and when it comes to British(media bubbles about British specifically - its all about Brits)

 I deem for them to be one of the most civilized(tranquil - polite and in some cases even TOO tolerant) people there is. There is huge difference between British and Scottish(there is no business guy worth $omething that wouldn't come across my MK Ultra case - my case opened silk road for Scotland to Ukraine and Poland and beyond while I was left behind in cahoots for dead - I will tell you today's Scotland is made via this very case and its how much royals pushed one forward when compared to rest of the Britain), but media which is misrepresenting facts at large via FAKE POLLS is not paying attention to stated.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Serbian gangster chetnik state is laughing with contempt on rule of law and behind one is a Russian state something little to understand and consider for your own well being wherever is that you are.

As far as Serbian state for me choice is clear

 Will use European Union as a proxy to deal with one. Nothing ever directly and those who do, I consider them and will consider them as a supporters of hateful gangster state which ultimate goal is to exterminate remaining Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian population(not nations, but population).

Even more so because if there wasn't for NATO intervention on Balkans, we(nor would Croats, Bosniacs, Slovenes and many others) wouldn't even exist any longer and Russian state had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH it.

Nope - my father is NO war criminal as Aleksandar Vucic insisted me inside of this house via Serbian patriotic song which his artist and mental patient Baja Mali Knindza dedicated to me according to his own words

Ever since this song was brought to house, father(according to his words) didn't see himself connected to chetnik regime in any way - its when he became scared for his ass. He did his stuff against me due to his criminal character(urge for violence and sexual excitement which they offered one in return for crime) and a lot due to FEAR from Serbian chetniks who had free pass inside of our residence 24/7 and 364 days a year - how not since those were foremost assisted by Ljubljana and Russian state.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Payment to Vladimir Putin's PERSONAL private account was made via Swiss banking system in what I believe were two payments

 First 1/4 of million Euros and another 1/4 or 1/2 billion Euros. Putin had a private banking account in either Switzerland or Germany - perhaps both. He did shared some of the money with his colleges in Moscow. Related to Year 1999 and then again another payment or even payments. Sometimes in 2000 or 2001 Putin and his team begun to contemplate on how to hide stated here...first payment most likely was done via Thun, Switzerland and second one probably Zurich - third one(if not first two as well) did have everything to do with German bank and its why I assume Putin had a private German bank account.

SO FASCIST THEY TURNED BRITAIN APART FROM SCOTLAND INTO ISLAMOPHOBIC ISLAND OF MADNESS: The "Royal" family is the most fascist - racist neonazi family in this world - nothing what Williams claims

Best proof is his wife whom he hardly somehow selected as these strangers don't feel at home in England/Britain. Their home as they claimed since 1995 were/are Scotland and Germany. Their DNA as they claimed is NO ROMAN - PURE GERMANIC(Related to INSTEAD - Scotland due to unwanted facial characteristics British have since.

They drove entire Britain insane with racist issues(unemployment via which top management positions withing main financial institutions were switched with Scots or racist anti British bigots) to the point one exploded in hatred and at the same time utilized via Vladimir Putin totally BOGUS(its when you had those old Russian military planes and ships passing next to island) outside threat which was used to unify one under new rules - with knife under the throat basically. To get NWO going, they paid Vladimir Putin on his personal account about half a billion Dollar in year 1999 upon return from Canada - New Scotia to me completely precise about it.

Vladimir Putin also had his "AngloSaxon scum" thing going to push anti British sentiment for the sake of purification in UK within native British portion of population. It was ALL PAID IN FOR WITH CASH. Its how Putin started and its why so many Slovenian people were murdered(poisoning issues) in early stages of my MK Ultra case - Putin sort of blackmailed them with death of Slovenian or more will be dead by giving them even excuse(alibi) for $$$$ what followed next.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

EVENING WALK: I told you about Polish Pope John Paul II and myself - I told you facts

Polish Pope Pope John Paul II who was in our Novo mesto house(not only in tiny Novo mesto city as his goal for arrival to this city was myself whom he desperately wished to help - BUT ON A VISIT INSIDE OF OUR PARENTS' HOUSE IN NOVO MESTO), did left invisible yet impenetrable physical proof behind.
WRITTEN ON STONE IS: Church of Maria's birth was renovated during visit of Polish Pope John Paul II in Lord's year of 1996
Polish Pope Pope John Paul II came to Novo mesto at least twice(passed through), but I think even three times. Not reported anywhere.

My accounts are supported with proofs - facts. Theirs with media. They answer my questions(requests) with censorship, violence, and ignoring matter through and through hoping for THE worst.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

REPEATED AS ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS ON THIS BLOG: A failed YUGONOSTALGIC Grandfather and uncle from my loving niece(on her father side) - Lojze Golob and his son Matjaz Golob - were first to welcome Slobodan Milosevic and his team of serial killers in Novo mesto, Slovenia since Slovenian independence and this in year 1995

These two were a ultra violent schizophrenics who didn't only incite in violence against me, but also engaged in one. So you can understand why niece was so prone toward chetnik regime in Belgrade all this time. The two changed mind about Milosevic/ Karadzic and all other serial killers(these are actually classified by United Nations as mass murderers who caused and incited in genocide of Kosovo, Croat, and Bosnian population) they hosted inside of their home after Milosevic was found guilty of genocide on international tribunal in 1999.

It doesn't get more disgusting, but this is truth which I hope will also find its way to Belgrade city/not only Moscow.

Aleksandar Vucic(now Serbian president) for story to be even more horrific as he will testify if caught alive, INCITED IN HATRED AGAINST ME IN YEAR 1995 IN CITY OF NOVO MESTO WHERE HE BROUGHT ME EVEN VIA MY EX GIRLFRIEND - not only community(God help you if you didn't see his way - horrified Novo mesto people had to lie or otherwise - they basically had to believe in own lies and lie or simply DIE its how violent chetnik show with Ljubljana's assistance was in Novo mesto city in 1995).

With stated here, I hope to have cleared every suspicion about myself as per the type of person some tried to depict me as.

Slobodan Milošević

While Bezos invests in race(rather into spying on you) with INSANE "speedy drone deliveries" - Chinese AliExpress instead invests in YOU by ensuring that small Fort Trump ANDRZEJ DUDA/ MORAWIECKI ALIKE scavenger politicians wouldn't steal YOUR time/money any longer

We have these pity criminals all over the place and not only in POLAND, but news about automated package pickup stations(Paczkomat - Parcel lockers) is this time coming from Poland first. Hurt as always are the poorest withing society - those who can't afford to pay twice as much as can be purchased for overseas. China says not any more.
World is a simple have two groups of people - the working segment of society willing to pave its way with honest work and scavengers - thieves who lie, steal, and kill. Such is the case with worker in China/India and other ends of the world willing to pay costs of living also with waiting on something otherwise can't afford.
They let you try(make it affordable for you few times ta most) on what you pay for it for the rest of your lives and future generations.

I will not back down in respect to my own store....

"Store" idea was started in Poland(immigration camp) in 2018 with what I attempted were commercial adds to somehow survive till obtaining residence - it didn't work out as add companies displayed even porn adds on here and didn't pay out a single cent ever...once semi crippled, I was scammed into opening my own shop(2019 - Poland) via engine oil manufacturing company involved in MK Ultra which sold me engine oil for personal vehicle Skoda Felicia for less than what their offer was once I registered my own company with idea to resell their products in bulk quantities to stores - that almost left me with huge bill,  but I cancelled company on time...then another attempt took place(2020) once I went for creating real online store on independent blogger platform(store is created, but not open just yet) just to realize(reminded of brainwash of what will be if not going legal) just how complicated is to get things done the legal way - the obstacles of shopping cart without registered company and reminded of controlled world of internet sales where even someone else can sell your products advertised on your site while you get nothing in your pocket...

The day after(video recorded just now on March 9th, 2021) - some of what followed on news in respect to 1995 posted yesterday

Father destroys infront of me brand new mp3 audio recorder after one opens package delivered to me from China. Is laughing having good time while destroying one and mentioning Mr. Boris Andrijanic whom I mentioned  earlier on my news site on March 3, 2021 in article titled as "HAVE IT YOUR OWN WAY:))) Slovenian pharmaceutical company KRKA I waited for this recorder to come since 2018 after numerous never ever arrived or arrived(one did, but didn't audio record) destroyed.
Video can be also sen at 

"The guy who runs that outfit" is since yesterday myself <== its what I started yesterday and its what Joe Biden along entire US Government administration knew case will be already sometimes in 2005. Its why I was also taken by US Government to Delaware and New Hampshire - state tax free states for which they anticipated I will first start company via virtual business address. US Government knew about what my chances in respect to survival will be in Europe once they totally cut me from US job market(blacklisted me and expulsed me from US via forced unemployment in 2006 and again in 2008/2009 as I returned) and have come to realization in worst bid to support RussoSerbian genocide to even orchestrate me the way to earn money and get caught via online business running in US from abroad.

To be more specific on Slobodan Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic, Vucic and others who collected SIDE payments from Slovenian companies since 1995

 Milosevic and Karadzic targeted also Renault company known locally as a IMV or Revoz. Renault cars production is taking place almost right accross the street of Lojze Golob and his son Matjaz Golob in Gotna vas Novo mesto - BUT SLOVENIAN UDBA BOYS STILL OPERATING FROM SHADOW AS A TERRORIST GROUP AGAINST SLOVENIAN INDEPENDENCE WITH BORUT PAHOR IN ITS LEADERSHIP TOLD THEM TO BACK AWAY FROM IT AS COMPANY IS FRENCH - they instead pushed in their hands companies from Trebnje, Grosuplje, Ljubljana region. 

Americans KNEW about stated here(knew and know everything) and have insisted me that Krka's pharmaceutical CEOs(two of them) were totally qualified for court in Hague due to their criminal conduct against me what points out that Krka Pharmaceutical had much to do with it - Krka Pharmaceutical collected since 1995 technology from West otherwise totally accessible to one via my case(from production machines to licenses for production of medications) and begun to secure market in Serbia/Russia through one.

Monday, March 8, 2021

A failed YUGONOSTALGIC Grandfather and uncle from my loving niece(on her father side) - Lojze Golob and his son Matjaz Golob - were first to welcome Slobodan Milosevic and his team of serial killers in Novo mesto, Slovenia since Slovenian independence and this in year 1995

These two were a ultra violent schizophrenics who didn't only incite in violence against me, but also engaged in one. So you can understand why niece was so prone toward chetnik regime in Belgrade all this time. The two changed mind about Milosevic/ Karadzic and all other serial killers(these are actually classified by United Nations as mass murderers who caused and incited in genocide of Kosovo, Croat, and Bosnian population) they hosted inside of their home after Milosevic was found guilty of genocide on international tribunal in 1999.

It doesn't get more disgusting, but this is truth which I hope will also find its way to Belgrade city/not only Moscow.

Aleksandar Vucic(now Serbian president) for story to be even more horrific as he will testify if caught alive, INCITED IN HATRED AGAINST ME IN YEAR 1995 IN CITY OF NOVO MESTO WHERE HE BROUGHT ME EVEN VIA MY EX GIRLFRIEND - not only community(God help you if you didn't see his way - horrified Novo mesto people had to lie or otherwise - they basically had to believe in own lies and lie or simply DIE its how violent chetnik show with Ljubljana's assistance was in Novo mesto city in 1995).

With stated here, I hope to have cleared every suspicion about myself as per the type of person some tried to depict me as.

Slobodan Milošević

The Core Message of Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview: Racism Drove Us From the Royal Family

There was one clear thread throughout Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s dynamic interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night: They believe they were driven from the royal family because of racism.

It was explicit in perhaps the most shocking allegation: that a member of the royal family came to Harry while Markle was pregnant with their son Archie with “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born.” Meghan is American and identifies as biracial.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lets face it and be honest and admit that what started 75 years ago started in the past(before WWII) time and again and its what we have seen surfaced AGAIN in 2020

Nor would Austria, nor Hungary, nor Romania, nor Bulgaria, nor Croatia or Finland joined axis of evil during WWII if it wasn't for pressure from direction of Germany and Russia. Our human DNA is bound into Polish Ukrainian/Czech/Slovak category - and its what we are made out of and its what our existence depends on. I would go on to expand Visegrad group unto new member states in which I would include everything stated here to form economic military pact with whom nobody would dared recon with.

I LOVE AUSTRIAN VIENNA FOR WHAT ONE DEMONSTRATED: Vienna openly demonstrated not only against COVID19 lockdown, but FOREMOST neonazi Sebastian Kurz per whose agenda "lockdown" took and is taking place against normal society worldwide

Thank you Vienna.

IDIOT CULTURE IS STILL IN FASHION: After "Moon-landing" and "breastfeeding" hysteria conspiracy issues, we get to ponder about DR SEUSS KARENS - next wave of idiotic conservatism launched at US population

What would we do without stable geniuses who learned best for life from Dr. Seuss and self made conspiracies for which they hoped would led country(consequently world as even China was on the table) to its knees !!????