Friday, March 19, 2021

A real mental patient Vladimir Putin serves Biden(just as he did to Barak Obama with pigeon/banana/) a cold reality on genetics of Biljana Plavšić - Serbian chetnik also involved in MK Ultra

There is no doubt Biljana Plavšić/ Radovan Karadžić/ Slobodan Milošević and other mental patients were affiliated via this very case with Vladimir Putin personally. I cite bored and insane Biljana Plavšić who repeated me words from MK Ultra(can be seen on Wikipedia as well) such as "genetics genetically deformed genes" which she attributed often to Bosnians and Croats "Serbian nationalists were unable to negotiate with Bosniaks due to genetics...It was genetically deformed material that embraced Islam. And now, of course, with each successive generation it simply becomes concentrated. It gets worse and worse. It simply expresses itself and dictates their style of thinking, which is rooted in their genes. And through the centuries, the genes degraded further"...

Russia I am afraid BALKANISED itself as I told Putin and others case will be - they wouldn't believe me when I told them what you hear today out of their mouths will happen(told them 22/23 years ago in Russia case will be one day)...

Country heading this way has a a future as seen here in front of then....or this or entire world turns into Kim Jong Un(Putin's even insaner than Putin proxy - used for Putin to see someone even crazier that he is despite fact that one is his product).

Once coming from Russian side you will get to see this signs along the Ukrainian/Polish/ Baltic border(roads and railroads), you will understand what I was trying to tell you 22/23 years ago...airspace above stated countries will be sealed too.

Only big country like Russia can afford itself a politic(actually a bill they pay for their patient who seats atop as president of the Russian state) like this - we can't....we are too small. Good luck

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