Thursday, March 18, 2021

In 1995 when brought from USA to Slovenia

 The torture at the memorials dedicated to partisans was done by psychiatrist from Novo mesto who came to home in 2011 - Cveto Gradisar. Cveto Gradisar and two other individuals whom he involved with idea to lie about me to neighbor Miro Berger...operation was done on behalf of Russian government via Ljubljana.

Over the  have course  if the years, Cveto have gone as far as involving even his own son in life threats/showing against me when subjected to MK Ultra.

Those who accused me of attempt to exterminate Slovenian nation once hospitalised in 2011, were all involved in MK Ultra procedure. They have in fact rehearsed procedure of hospitalisation when hospitalising me in 2011. This is how far things have gone.

Video already is recorded - was recorded last night.

Cveto bragged me about ruining quite a few Slovenian lives during Yugoslavia - something he pride himself with under MK Ultra.

His conduct as result produced several memorials removed from area as natives revolted against whole thing and even police lost control over the situation.

1995/1996 brought from us at memorials dedicated to national resistance front(partisans) and life threatened/ spit at - disallowed to answer with other than hatred. Treated as animal groomed for Putin and took them three years to gradually complete tape for Putin.

Russians begun to video record along violent brainwash lies produced which were then passed down according to ranks, so others from top down could also see themself in those lies....procedure for which Russians boasted was in mean while already well established in Russia where similar was already done to other victims...

This was written at 1220(the March local18th ,time 2021) at the parking lot of clinic where father was taken for teeth examination - while waiting him and mom ;)

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