Sunday, March 28, 2021

AUIDIO IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Identified clinic of dentist involved in MK Ultra audio recording in Slovenian Novo mesto

Video can be also seen at
Translation in English language with testimony coming next.

Audio recording at the Novo mesto dentist involved in this case since a student - she graduated sometimes in 1998. She has gone as far as to Belgrade per Aleksandar Vucic's demand who also took over control of her clinic by bringing in people from other republics from ex Yugoslavia involved in case whom he conditioned better life via job in Slovenia with precondition to turn against me - he demanded total compliance from them as well..

Translation coming next. I identified entire clinic along with tenants despite my being supposedly absent from Slovenia between 1995 and Sept. 2006(was officially in US, but unofficially brought to Europe time and again withing this 11.5 year period).

Its either(as was told by Aleksandar Vucic) collaboration with chetnik movement in Slovenia or suffering and death of my parents...and don't even think about mentioning truth about Vladimir Putin...

Those on West who embraced Putin were paid a lots of cash for the most part - but there also were those who embraced neonazi swastika to what Vladimir Putin pledged his support for the cost of technology(modernization) Russia obtained since 1995 from West.

In 1996/1997 this female owner dentist was my MK Ultra love in city of Novo mesto - I met her each time with every visit to Novo mesto where brought from US...she graduated as dentist and via loan father(both parents involved and how     I got to know her) bought land from neighbor next door with idea to build her house, but house turned into clinic and portion in rental property...she got married to another boy in meanwhile, but she did go all the way as she stated "for me" even to Belgrade city to learn more....

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