Monday, March 8, 2021

A failed YUGONOSTALGIC Grandfather and uncle from my loving niece(on her father side) - Lojze Golob and his son Matjaz Golob - were first to welcome Slobodan Milosevic and his team of serial killers in Novo mesto, Slovenia since Slovenian independence and this in year 1995

These two were a ultra violent schizophrenics who didn't only incite in violence against me, but also engaged in one. So you can understand why niece was so prone toward chetnik regime in Belgrade all this time. The two changed mind about Milosevic/ Karadzic and all other serial killers(these are actually classified by United Nations as mass murderers who caused and incited in genocide of Kosovo, Croat, and Bosnian population) they hosted inside of their home after Milosevic was found guilty of genocide on international tribunal in 1999.

It doesn't get more disgusting, but this is truth which I hope will also find its way to Belgrade city/not only Moscow.

Aleksandar Vucic(now Serbian president) for story to be even more horrific as he will testify if caught alive, INCITED IN HATRED AGAINST ME IN YEAR 1995 IN CITY OF NOVO MESTO WHERE HE BROUGHT ME EVEN VIA MY EX GIRLFRIEND - not only community(God help you if you didn't see his way - horrified Novo mesto people had to lie or otherwise - they basically had to believe in own lies and lie or simply DIE its how violent chetnik show with Ljubljana's assistance was in Novo mesto city in 1995).

With stated here, I hope to have cleared every suspicion about myself as per the type of person some tried to depict me as.

Slobodan Milošević
So when you hear them open their filthy mouths next time(I left to USA in end of 1994 and arrived there for a New Year's date of 1995), remind yourself of what I stated one here.
When truth is uglier than any written fiction....when its not even about "With friends like that, who needs enemies", but instead about what should otherwise be family of your own....

In a house of Lojze Golob in Gotna vas in Novo mesto, Slobodan Milošević and his team collected payments from Krka pharmaceutical on at least one occasion...could be that other companies also contributed.

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