Friday, March 5, 2021

What boiled water in home looks like now - is this okay ?

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Tested for three days only - did what you see here had such a severe poisoning impact on a physically damaged gland nodes(I think one) ? I also boil milk and I commenced with water boiling due to milk(I would boil milk first and add cold water from sink, but now I even boil water along milk).

Father no longer buys any water from stores(it was strange ridiculous to observe him in the past buying all water from stores - he appeared to me paranoid, but seems knew very well what one was doing) - father(since my return from Poland) , however, gets tea only for which preparation water is boiled and same is with mom(its what raised suspicion in me in respect to milk).

I drank lots of coffee just to test new boiled water system and previous sound is almost gone to zero. 

#1 Water used to be packed with chlorine till year 2013 so bad that clothing would bite once one would shower with one - chlorine deposits stayed on skin and could be observed.

With chlorine gone - replaced by another chemical, still large calcium deposits still stayed on the bottom once water was boiled...

#2 2021 Even water deposits gone if water was boiled, but what you see appeared on water surface....must be chemical which replaced chlorine, but it appears to be tremendously lot of one.

Next day, only 1/5th of what I have encountered the day earlier was detected inside of boiled water.
Looks like milk as niece and her husband claimed me under MK Ultra is not artificially made and as such unhealthy. Drink lots of water with lime juice to drain gland nodes yes, but not with water like this before one is boiled. You can also walk all you want and that won't save you from most likely seen here along radiation.

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