Tuesday, March 16, 2021

WAS IT INCREASED VOLUME OF EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS I SENT OUT THAT HURT BUTT OF LOCAL PSYCHIATRIST: I wonder what exactly hurt local psychiatrist(police/state employment office) for him to get at me today in a such a abrupt way

 Its not crime to submit employment applications to potential employers or is it !!?????

I do love to know what/where it hurts him...this way I can only guess - note than for at least 1/2 of applications submitted, I have not received any email confirmation as its how market works these days...
Who is normal and who is ill !!!????

Local Slovenian state employment office prohibited me from visiting one - they have used under MK Ultra and when appearing there even police with police cars to bully with issue of applying for unemployment - so why can't I apply for jobs out of my own place !!??? What is the problem !!????

Slovenia payed within 16 year period 1500 Euros of unemployment compensation - US during entire stay there not even a dime(they payed for ACDL license thats all).

What is the problem my applying for jobs !!!?????

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