Wednesday, March 17, 2021

It became very clear to Polish IT crew and others from abroad in Slovenia, that niece's husband Mitja V/Weber was up to no good once he insisted me repeatedly(despite being warned by others NOT too) also on how to place hard drives high up on trees

 They had game going with test subjects known as "hide hard drive with data on it" or one will be taken away once you are either hospitalized or pushed into river Krka(if not pushed perhaps fall in it via broken bridge since leaving them inside the room meant only modification of software - problems to the degree impossible to operate windows).

According to MK Ultra, all the hard drives hidden just few meters from above the ground(they used dogs as number one tool to trace hidden hard drives and metal detectors) in a forest area, were blown up by thunder-strikes.

It was clear to me about this individual since day 1 who he was and what he was up to.

He insisted on my placing them as high as possible(into branches - top of the tree)...demonstrated with rope on how to....

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