Sunday, March 28, 2021

REMEMBERING VERY WELL: I was here(hijacked - abducted from Miami and brought to Bosnia and Serbia for terror) with these guys at the time of their totally fake incident near Sarajevo

 Brought from USA as US citizen to be a toy for criminal chetnik extermination movement against Croats and Bosnian people in Bosnia. Remember this incident very well(THEY FAKE ORCHESTRATED ONE) which however also didn't go without death threats - toward end of the video which portion is missing as one was cut out one of chetniks is talking about fascist, two commenced to concentrate on me on what Seselj redirected whole thing into goodbye but "kill blah blah" was about me personally. 

From there is no doubt Aleksandar Vucic will seat in Hague as a war criminal and a terrorist - right next to Donald Trump. Republican party might truly end its existence as was Donald Trump who befriended Serbian war criminals of which many were already convicted in Hague..
As far as Putin - Putin was in Serbian part of Bosnia at least two/three times for fact - during war indeed what means Russia engaged in most severe war against Croats and Bosnians. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal when considering Bosnia and Croatia alone - we don't have to talk even about Donetsk and other areas...

School where we were was just "liberated"(probably 14 days so earlier or so and ethically cleansed God knows about crime that went on in there - huge school)| and a major success for Serbian chetniks...

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