Saturday, March 20, 2021

Russia Says It Will “Retaliate” against BiH If They Take Steps to Join NATO

I have no clue how Russia could retaliate against Bosnia(and other republics of failed Yugoslav federation) more than what already did as we all fought silent war against Russia not Serbia alone(Russia caused massacre in Bosnia and Croatia via military and in Slovenia via terror while Montenegro kicked one out to prevent Serbian coup d'etat on state), but now Russia threatens to retaliate directly against Bosnia - this time actually news is written about Russian threat from Russian embassy to Bosnian state in Bosnia

Must remind Putin due to threats to have his forces based very very very far away from Bosnia at present. Will have to cross Ukraine and Hungary at least to get here(I wouldn't bet on sea option as is even worse)....however, there already is a military base in Bosnia with US flag on it.

It was week earlier when North Korean lunatic Kim Jong Un(Putin's apprentice) threatened Americans with good night sleep... seems like some already are loosing sleep ;) It must hurt when you watch real time those who embraced you in the past as Slavic brothers/sisters shutting their doors straight into your face in Moscow and so it goes for those who embrace mass murderer Vladimir Putin.

Russia Says It Will “Retaliate” against BiH If They Take Steps to Join NATO

The Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has said it will “react to this hostile act” if the country moves towards joining NATO.

In a statement published on Thursday, the Embassy said that the purpose of NATO is to “fight against Russia” and will force Sarajevo to pick sides in the so-called “military-political confrontation.”

NATO and European Union membership are long-term strategic goals of BiH. Despite this, the Bosnian Serbs, led by pro-Russian Milord Dodik who chairs the country’s tripartite presidency, says BiH should remain neutral and stay out of the US-led alliance.

BiH, Serbia, and Kosovo are the only three Western Balkan countries that remain outside of NATO. North Macedonia was the latest to join in 2020.

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