Tuesday, March 16, 2021

MK ULTRA: At state health center in Novo mesto(dentists department) was told by female dentist under MK Ultra how

 at the end I would come to them as everyone does I cite her, "small dentists do small jobs, but eventually everyone at one point and time when big job is needed comes to us". Yes, they had me at one point in there too.

Police claimed me on how they checked all dentists in Novo mesto as per politically correct, but found Matjaz Recelj as the most correct and taking father/ mother to others would place them at risk(one or two dentists that were extremely angry with me and consequently parents etc.). Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/03/father-insists-for-months-already-to.html 

Example of "angry" dentists was Lučka Selič Dr. Dent. Med. Floss zasebno zobozdravstvo who was mad, but I doubt any dentist or anyone else for that matter with EXCEPTION OF POLITICIANS WHO COOKED THIS CRIME FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR CAREERS AND AGENDA knew anything what went on with me during MK Ultra. Nope, I not supposed to know anything about Lučka Selič Dr. Dent. Med. Floss zasebno zobozdravstvo - supposedly we never ever met...police had me at each and every dentist, but it was two/three who caused physical harm.

Father was not mistreated by any dentist - he had his private dents done for the cost of new car 50 kilometres away from here where he would drive at his convenience...Matjaz Recelj did hired some Serbian staff, but they have nothing to do with my dental situation as far as I can recall with exception of Aleksandar Vucic who insisted me under MK Ultra on how they will screw my teeth and that parents exist only so they can take money to Serbian dentists...

The only help I ever got from entire Slovenian health system(state this at age 49) was "free pass into psychiatric ward" in Ljubljana Polje. Nothing other than that...Slovenia was and remains a super sick place which is unfit to seat inside of European Union or any other with exception of Russian or Serbian federation.

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